The Shield's Interview From SD, Ziggler & Swagger At Grapple At The Garden, Saturn At NXT

- For those that missed The Shield's interview from this week's Smackdown, you can watch it in the video embedded below:

- Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are scheduled to appear at Grapple at The Garden next Sunday from Madison Square Garden in New York City. The show will feature top notch collegiate wrestling teams at 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM.

- Perry Saturn spent the past week at the NXT Wrestling facility in Tampa, Florida.

  • AntGilroy

    Awesome promo

  • James88

    Dean Ambrose…he just gets more impressive every time I see him!! That's how you cut a promo!!

  • Pizzaman

    Is it me or does that look like that they are backstage

    • _JIM_

      I think that they aren't trying to hide that they are backstage. I definitely like how this promo was shot, and the execution was fantastic. Reigns has the look, but I don't think he is anywhere near Ambrose's league on the mic. Rollins seems to be pretty good also from what I have seen of him. But Ambrose is definitely THE guy out of the group and IMO will be the one that has the best career. The way this vignette was shot it reminds me a lot of the original nWo spots that were shot back in the WCW. Only differences that I can see are that those were in black and white and were shot by a camera man. While The Shield promo was shot on a handheld camera held by Ambrose and in color. It was different from anything we've seen lately and was a nice change of pace that really makes The Shield stand out IMO.

  • Chopper

    Roman reigns saw him wrestle on nxt for first time this week and wasnt that impressed to b honest really hope more to come as seth and dean are excellent in all i have seen so far.

  • No

  • that_one_guy

    Seth Rollins do remind me of a young cm punk im starting to like the sheld it will be interesting to see how they do individually