The Storyline Search For Abyss

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- TNA Impact Wrestling put out the following in conjunction with the Joseph Park storyline:

Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV saw the arrival of Mr. Joseph Park, Esq. It seems Abyss has a brother - and Mr. Park is determined to find his whereabouts. Unfortunately, Mr. Park was unable to uncover any information on Thursday, but he promised to continue his efforts and is planning to return this week.

Joseph Park has requested that anyone with information regarding his brother Abyss (Chris Park) to please send him a message on Twitter @Josephpark_esq

Mr. Park stated he will post updates as information becomes available on the search for his brother, Abyss.
Watch footage of Mr. Park from Thursday below:

  • Steve

    is that abyss playing his brother????

  • Dufus

    Abyss played his own brother – lol

  • MonstaHeel 450

    maybe Abyss shoulda kept the mask on. lol. Like a fatter Penn from B…… s….

    • john

      I knew he reminded me of someone and that's who it is. Thanks for the help.

  • Maze

    of course its Abyss…

  • kbunyon

    Before he even got through saying Impact Wrestling I knew it was Abyss, but Stacy didn't get it until he heard the last name.

    I'm loving this storyline and think that Abyss should stay masked. I'm just worried about the fact that he cut off all his hair. I don't want to see another monster being stuck wearing a wig.