The Undertaker After Wrestlemania, Does The WWE Wellness Policy Reset?, CM Punk Hating On The Rock, Santino's Title Win

If The Undertaker ends up losing in his Hell in a Cell match against Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII would that be the end of his career?

I don't think anyone knows what The Undertaker plans on doing past Wrestlemania XXVIII and honestly it probably depends on how he feels afterwards. As far as I know no decision has made been on the outcome of Undertaker vs. Triple H but I oppose ending Undertaker's undefeated streak because I feel he's earned the honor for it to remain intact. With that being said WWE officials would certainly be interested in trying to get Brock Lesnar to face Undertaker if he can go next year.

How long does the WWE Wellness Policy last? I realize it one strike is a 30-day suspension, two strikes is a 60-day suspension and three strikes results in termination. However, let's take Evan Bourne for example. If he fails another Wellness test in let's say three years, would he still be fired? What about William Regal, who also has two violations? Is there a time when the policy resets?

The policy doesn't reset and even if Evan Bourne or William Regal were terminated and later re-signed, they would return with two Wellness Test failures. If a worker has three failures and they are terminated, they will remain terminated for at least one year. If WWE brings them back after their minimum termination of one year they will return with two Wellness strikes, must test negative during pre-screening and will be subject to strict random testing while they are under WWE contract. The entire WWE Wellness Policy is online at this link.

Why is CM Punk hating on the Rock? I really didn't think that Punk would have a problem with him being back. I think the boys in the back should stop all the hate and like you said, take notes on what he does to get over.

CM Punk explained his problem with The Rock at this link. For me to say anything else would be to put words in Punk's mouth which would be disrespectful and inaccurate. As for my own personal reaction, I can understand Punk's frustration, however, if I was a WWE wrestler, I would try to learn all I could from The Rock. He's an extremely rare talent that only comes around every couple of decades and anyone that criticizes him runs the risk of looking like a hater. The Rock earned his spot, it's time for some of the other guys to do the same.

Why did WWE put the United States Championship on Santino Marella?

As I noted in yesterday's WNW Premium Mailbag, my initial reaction was Santino Marella was being rewarded for stepping into a tough spot at Elimination Chamber and blowing the roof off the place. I don't know if that's the reason but it sure doesn't seem like a big stretch after Santino stepped up when WWE needed him too.

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  • Dojo

    Santino deserves his spot as us champ…… He is dynamite on the mic – in my opinion one of the best EVER – & is actually a good technical wrestler, I would like to see him in longer matches rather than 2 mins and a long running feud would be awesome!!!! Santino has had some classic spots in the WWE – remember his hilarious ranting towards Austin? Or his great turn as Santina? Even his glamorella gig was great!!!! A lot of talent that has paid his dues & deserves a push…………

    • Bill

      Not including his run with the IC title and the honk a meter

  • AntGilroy

    Richard you are missing the point of CM Punk’s comments I think. He is saying the rock doesn’t stick around for them to ask him how to get over. He isn’t a jerhico or Shawn or triple h he just goes from limo to ring then ring to limo and doesn’t give some of these guys the time of day.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I understand that. What I'm saying is every moment he is in that locker room people need to be trying to figure out how he does it. No complaining, no hating, just trying to figure out… how can I get to that level?

      • Bob

        When are they meant to talk to him on the walk to the locker room or his walk to the ring? or his walk out?

        • wnwdotcom2

          All they have to do is watch and learn… There's nothing The Rock can say to anyone that's going to make them a bigger star. How does he do it? Figure it out, get better… How does he walk to the ring? How does he get in the ring? What does he do differently? How does he capture the crowd? You can't sit around and wait on anyone, time to man up

    • tna

      to be fair i noticed that the rock actually commented on twitter to ted dibiase ,you can see on his twitter acount and the rock tried to give ted some advice about the injury and there was also a conversation with curt hawkins and colt cabana so to be fair things like that however small shows he is aware of what people think and is trying to help as much as he can …

  • john peeler

    i hope the undertaker can go one more year to wrestle at wrestlemania 29 that's what i am hoping for does anybody agree i hope so .

    • smoothjj7

      Absolutely not. I grew up watching taker and he was easily one of the my top 3 favorites. But the man needs to know when to hang it up. After their horrendous, yes horrendous, match last year it showed he still has a little but not enough. Taker is an amazing man and has done much but his body cant go anymore, he mind can, but his body cant. His knees are weak and it shows when he's in the ring. I respect and will always enjoy Taker but it is time for him to get one more WM victory and retire. Especially when the guy only does 1-3 matches a year.

  • Scottyo614

    To me Santino has been a team player. Idk the backstage info on it, but he has done a comedy bit for a long time. Dressed like a diva for wrestlemania and put the common good of the company before his own interests. Instead of getting buried he made the best of a bad situation and situations many have failed in. That takes talent whether anyone wants to give him credit or not.

  • Dave L

    Hearing Santino blew the roof off of the opportunity presented to him makes me want to watch this DVD when it comes out, more talent need to grab the bulls by the horns when presented with an opportunity such as that. Great for him!

  • Stan smith

    I think everyone missed the point of Punk’s comments you cant learn from someone who isnt around to teach. I think The Rock is the hater because he says all these things about the stars of today yet does nothing to help them he only came back to promote his crap ass movies im wit Cena love The Rock hate Dewayne

    • wnwdotcom2

      It's not The Rock's responsibility to teach. Do you think the main event stars in WWE go out of their way to help the enhancement workers? This is a dog-eat-dog business and it's up to the guys below The Rock to work to that level. No one is guaranteed anything in this business and instead of feeling entitled it's time to get to work. Anyone accusing The Rock of cashing in and moving on is exactly right… but why do you think everyone else is there? It's time to put-up or shut-up. Stop hating and show us what you've got!

      • Bob

        Well on the Zack ryder interview he said that Edge helped him, MVP has said benoit helped him, HHH helped batista, orton and Sheamus, Cena and Ryder. It is common for the older wrester to help the enhancement worker….Hell they even had a show about that premise it was called NXT.
        If the Rock sticks about long enough after mania then he might help but if until then he shows otherwise he is only here for the money

        • wnwdotcom2

          You're missing my point entirely. Just because it's not The Rock's responsibility to teach doesn't mean he doesn't do it. A lot of veterans will help younger workers… just look at what John Cena did for Zack Ryder. My point is that no one is going to give anyone anything and they have to work to earn it. Rather than burying a guy because you feel he is prostituting the business, become a big enough star where YOU are the main event attraction.

          Also I was waiting for the "only here for the money" comment… I'm not saying there aren't people that work for WWE that don't love the business because you have to love the business to travel 300 days a year, however, everyone is there for the money. It's a job… the objective is to work to make money. No one is working for free, not even the developmental workers.

          • Mike

            AMEN to that.

          • AntGilroy

            I’m glad you interact with us fans about this. Whoevers right or wrong this is what wrestlings about! Thank you Richard!!! Even though I don’t agree with you cuz punk certainly doesn’t need help but guys like drew McIntyre might need him to help for the love of the business.. Listen yeah you get paid for all your insider tips and all but you do it for the love of the industry and this interaction is what makes it worth while.

      • Da KiDD

        Richard, this is the most amped up I've seen you speak. I could tell you're REALLY passionate about this subject. That's what the f*ck i'm talkin bout baby! Tell 'em!

        • wnwdotcom2

          I just like to see credit and respect given when credit and respect are due. The Rock has earned his spot, it's time for the other guys to take the hint and elevate. We're all waiting for the next Rock or Austin so it's time to make it happen. I guarentee The Rock wasn't worried about how he could bury Bret or Shawn, he focused on getting to the top. I'm tired of the entitlement mentality where everyone feels they deserve a push. Force WWE to push you!

          • AntGilroy


          • Hardy


          • Stan smith

            That may be the problem everyone is waiting for the next Austin or Rock or Hogan instead of the 1st Punk or Ryder it’s the same problem the NBA had trying to find the next Jordan. I think there are things that have to be looked at the stars from the attitude era had alot more freedom to do and say things so as long as Vince is watering down the product to help Linda attitude era guys will always shine brighter than the PG guys

          • Maze

            You know whats funny is some of those "younger" talent have been working longer then the top stars. Look at Danielson, hes been working loner the Cena or about the same amount of time and I feel Danielson has paid more dues and has more experience, its not always about who you know but what you know some of the main eventers can learn from the lower card. Think about it

        • So what do? you do if you’ve turned from a Punk hater into a Punk total fan, and then your old faortviue Jericho comes back . and they hate each other ???!!!:s

  • Gary

    Santino looked like he had tears in his eyes–real or job? What do you think?

  • Ricky Valdez

    Omg I forgot about when he dressed up as santina, santino marella the WWE HOF is waiting when you are done.

  • @jblack424

    If taker loses to 0-2 hhh I’m done with wwe. I admit when I first watched hhh taker 3 segment I was sick. I didn’t like it as if hhh wins he still has losing record vs taker at mania. I would officially quit on wwe so for first time ever I’m rooting for taker. I like hell in cell and hbk involved which makes it ok to me. I’m predicting hbk screw game and theyt have both their final match to end the who is better question.

    If I was a wrestler in the back I would be that annoying little brother taking every note I can. When it comes to wwe its about egos. I think punk looks at rock like I’m the next you on mic and you should want to make me better. I think rock feels he owes no one anything. If someone wants to learn something keep asking. Rock owes no one and work hard for his spot. Punk is a top 3 face of wwe now but rock is top 3 face ever in wwe maybe the greatest ever

  • Jg

    Cm punk is 100 percent accurate!! His feelings r those shared by a lot of people in the back.. They all can’t b wrong

    • Hardy

      It’s not really a right or wrong argument. Like Richard said, the rock as earned his spot in the business. He fought for his place, he also learnt of others. He didn’t rely on other wrestlers to carry him to the top. What the locker room should be doing is watching and taking notes, they then need to take that away and need to work out how they are going to fight to the top themselves.

    • Razmos01

      Didnt the rock go on tough enough and help out there for an episode? I swear the rock chats to many other wrestlers on twitter, didnt this site post a comment from the rocks twitter to cm punk putting him over aswell??

      • AntGilroy

        Guys your missing the point of cm punk I’m sure he doesn’t care if rock stays and helps him or gives him ideas or even wants to learn from the rock. Punks comments were even if the guys in the back wante to get help from the rock or even say hi to him they cant cuz he goes from limo to ring cuz he is to big for wwe now. Guys like ric flair who I agree shouldn’t be wrestling but they want to see wrestling go on for years the rock can care less about it. Cm punk said in a promo with jericho wrestling is his life cuz he chooses it and by all means the rock can go else where and make money but it comes to respect!!!!!! Jut cuz you get paid to go talk doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stick around. There is a thin line between making money and GREED and the rock is greedy he wants to get paid for people looking at him and don’t tell me im wrong cuz it’s the truth. Go try and talk to him lol he is gods gift to earth or so he thinks. I give the man credit as a performer but not as a person.

  • The Breaker

    Punk's comments on the Rock were mostly directed towards the discrepancy between his spoken opinion about the WWE (it's his home and he loves being there), and his actual attitude towards the guys in the back. Punk doesn't blame Rock for leaving to make more money, but takes issue with actions which could be interpreted as disrespect. It could be a reflection of his feelings towards the new product, as opposed to the way things were in the '90s. Sure, the product has drastically changed since Rocky's heyday, but that doesn't mean the guys aren't working just as hard as he did.

    We all know WWE has been hard at work trying to make the "next Rock". But like Richard said, he's the type that only comes along every couple of decades. It's a mistake to focus so much on that, especially when you've already got such a talented roster.

  • steve2

    Didn’t santino get his start in wwe by winning a championship? And wasn’t it the same championship?

    • Big D

      Santino did have his first match in the WWE by winning a title. However, it was the Intercontinental Championship. I'm just wondering if he's had a tag title reign yet.

      • Mrpopandlock

        Yes he has. Quite a lengthy one in fact with Vladimir Koslov

  • boots2asses2012

    santino first won the I.C. championship in his wwe debut.


    I hope Undertaker can keep his undefeated streak at WrestleMania,because he does deserve to have it undefeated.

  • Steve

    yes but it was the intercontinental Championship

  • Abe

    Richard get your lips off Rocks ass

  • Sami

    I dont agree with your answer on the wellness policy that people leave and return with the two strikes… Lets take JEff hardy for a perfect example…. in 2002 he was released according to the press for failing a welness policy?

    then when he returned I think in 2005? or earlier he had two strikes…. where he sat out both 30 days and 60… so surely if that was the case then when Jeff hards 60 days suspension would have been he would have been fired? as that would techniqually class as his 3rd strike.

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you about Taker not losing the steak… it would be so stupid of the WWE… the undertaker is 19 – 0! he should get his well deserved 20 – 0!

  • Nick/UK

    HHH helped countless guys, Benoit – MVP, Cena/Edge – Ryder. Yeah they all helped younger guys but they all worked full time for the company. The Rock doesn’t therefore it’s not his job to develop talent. I am attitude era through and through and Rocky was part of that amazing period of wrestling.
    When The Rock turns up on Raw now he is pretty much a celebrity guest, the guy is a top draw movie star… not a wrestler. That being said, who doesn’t want to see Cena v Rock along with all the other awesome matches on the card at Wrestlemania.

    Oh and Cena to win!

  • Jaryd

    To be fair I don't think Punk needs to learn from The Rock. He's already dragged himself from relative obscurity to one of the company's big 3 guys just like Rock did but they did it in differfent ways as there are many ways to skin a cat. The lower card guys that are not over and are bitching, however, haven't got that leg to stand on.

  • Bic

    The wrestlemania match h has been done already and the streak is 20-0 i think the undertaker is having a good long rest now