The Undertaker No Longer Advertised For Monday's Raw Supershow

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WWE has removed The Undertaker from the list of advertised talent for Monday's Raw Supershow from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Rock, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are still advertised to appear live.

  • Glen

    Wow the Rock is gonna be in Boston? Two consecutive appearances, that’s a record! Hopefully that shuts Cena up about Rock not caring.

    • AJG316

      Am I the only 1 wondering why u have negative votes ?!?!?!???

      • sean


  • Coopapalooza

    Thats because he’ll bust out from under the ring, chokeslam HBK and vanish. BOOM.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Good 1 coopapalooza

  • To be honest, having Taker attack HBK wouldn't entirely surprise me

  • Batch-pz101

    I just left the garden with two tickets for Monday all because I want to see the story play out with HBK – HHH -TAKER and then I come in here and read this I should have read it this morning . I really hope it’s just a ploy

  • joseph

    maybe taker overstretched going down some stairs lol but seriously i hope it is just wwe playing some games when Taker came back on 20th Feb they had some of thier best ratings in over a year

    • Dangerous Lee

      Breaking news: undertaker dislocates his shoulder from brushing his teeth. Cannot make it to Raw.