The Undertaker Not Out Of The Plans For Wrestlemania 29

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To follow-up on The Undertaker, he's still a possibility for Wrestlemania 29.

As we reported on Monday, he was in Nashville (the site of this week's Monday Night Raw) to meet with Vince McMahon and Triple H to work out a deal to get him on the pay-per-view. Undertaker wasn't seen backstage but that doesn't mean a meeting didn't take place.

At this point we do not have details of the meeting but are hearing that Undertaker is definitely not out of plans for Wrestlemania. There is still talk about him working a match against CM Punk at the show to defend his undefeated streak for a 21st time.

While most are reporting Undertaker working is contingent on his health, we've heard it's over money. Undertaker isn't 100% healthy and probably won't be for the remainder of his in-ring career but he's been holding firm over an amount he is seeking to work the pay-per-view.

  • Guest

    I still think he should sit this year out and they should focus on what they should do next year. I feel there is not enough time from now to Mania to build they hype around Takers streak. If I was Taker Id be pissed to about taking a backseat to Brock and Rock. The streak to me should be second main event.

  • Winnipeg

    I still think he should sit this year out and they should focus on what they should do next year. I feel there is not enough time from now to Mania to build they hype around Takers streak. If I was Taker Id be pissed too about taking a backseat to Brock and Rock. The streak to me should be second main event.

  • Doug

    there is still about 2 months till wrestlemania there is plenty of time starting with the ppv sunday.

  • Loren Goldstein

    The only downside I see to a Taker/Punk match is that would put Punk at three losses in a row at PPVs. Unless Taker was going to put Punk over, but I don’t even want to get into that mess of worms.

  • Chris

    I would have him sit this one out, keep building Punk as the top heel and have him get to an egomaniac level where he decides that he’s more important than any title that WWE has to offer any way, saying that he’s done everything in the business there is to do, and that he’s a Phenom unlike any other, he transcends the business, blah, blah blah. Then the lights go out…

  • The Breaker

    Taker/Punk would be cool to see, but with given The Undertaker’s health, he might be better suited for a brawling type of match to mask his deficiencies a little. Not taking anything away from CM Punk’s tremendous in-ring ability, but I’m a little concerned with how believable it would look with those two. For that type of contest the first name that comes to mind is Brock Lesnar. It doesn’t look like they’re headed in the direction of Brock/Taker, but a lot can happen in 2 months. And they might not need as much time to set up the feud, since there’s already a built-in storyline between the two. If they went the way of Punk/Taker, I feel the match would need a bit more of a setup. Undertaker would have to return by next week to get the ball rolling, otherwise Punk would have nothing to do and appear a bit less important with everything else that’s going on with the ‘Mania build.
    At this point it might be easier not to have The Undertaker compete. But he should still make an appearance. It can’t be WrestleMania without The Deadman. Maybe then they can plant the seeds for his final(?) match next year.

    • Joey

      The taker could not work Brock Lesnar’s physical in ring style anymore. It would truly be a retirement match because Undertaker would be sure to never wrestle again if they put him in there with Lesnar.

  • John

    Is The Undertaker still under contract with WWE? If so, how can he be playing hardball over money if he has a contract?

    • Benjamin

      I could be wrong but I figure they all get a WrestleMania bonus right? So I figure he’s probably looking for a bigger slice of a bonus.

      • John

        Yeah i guess that could be true. But still, not working a date that your contracted to work is surely a breach of contract?

        • WrestlingFan4Life

          I’m not an attorney, so I can’t speak to law, but I am in college to become a paralegal, so I can say this: we can’t say whether a breach of contract has occured unless we know exactly what the contract says. The wording of the contract is vital.

          • Lrgetrout6

            Given that workers are “independent contractors,” I highly doubt that WWE can make any wrestler work.

            An analogue would be the PGA tour. The PGA cannot require its golfers show up at any given tournament, but they can set a minimum number of appearances for various requirements.

            Sure, 99% of all wrestlers will gladly work EntertainmentMania for their normal payment. Taker doesn’t need to.


    isn’t he under a performer contract??? what’s to negotiate

  • I would like to see Punk V Taker, but isn’t there someone else that can go against Taker at WM? Austin, Rock? Not saying they should just suggestions.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Here’s an idea: Punk loses to the Rock at Elimination Chamber. Punk, being the heel that he is, isn’t satisfied with that, and decides to stick his nose into Cena/Rock at Wrestlemania. Between Chamber and Wrestlemania, Punk somehow finds a way to make the championship match at Wrestlemania a triple threat match. Punk wins back the title, and is now more arrogant than ever. At the end of the match, with Cena and Rock lying on their backs, Punk is standing in the middle of the ring gloating, spoouting how he’s the best in the world, and no one can beat him ever. The lights go out, the gong sounds, and when the lights come back up, UT is standing in the middle of the ring facing Punk. Punk falls back on his butt in fear, and UT, standing over Punk, simply starts spreading his hands across his waist, indicating that he wants a shot at the belt. The next year is spent building up to a Wrestlemania 2014 match between Punk and UT. Punk gets to keep the belt for the entire year, defeating star after star, with UT making periodic appearances on tv to hype the match. At Wrestlemania, to keep the streak alive, UT defeats Punk for the belt. Then, on MNR, UT shows up, retires, and hands the belt to Vince, who announces a tournament to name a new champ. It’s something we haven’t seen in a very long time, and it makes everyone happy.

    • -|AZ|-

      I can totally dig this…


  • Bazza78

    I think they should insert Taker into the HHH/Lesner match and make it a triple threat at Mania. As HHH has history with Taker (3 Mania losses) and with Lesner (Summerslam lose and to avenge lesners attack on Vince). And everyone knows about the bad blood between Undertaker and Brock (UFC faceoff). Also and this is the killer, Undertaker could loss his undefeated strike without being pinned or submitting!!! Therefore the match would be the biggest threat ever to ‘The Streak’. And as an added bonus having it as a Triple Threat will help protect Undertaker. This is l think the best solution by a huge margine

    • Jimmy

      No its not the best solution.

  • Pluto

    The Undertaker is a joke. He can’t even wrestle and is completely overrated.