The Undertaker Now Involved In Raw Speculation, WWE Touring Central America Next Month, more

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- Not only are there "airport" photos of Chris Jericho floating around but now there are ones of The Undertaker. This is getting out of control and for my final word on the who is behind the cryptic videos, click here.

- WWE has announced Central America tour dates for next month. They are as follows:

  • February 23, 2012 from the National Engineers Coliseum in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • February 24, 2012 from the Roberto Duran Arena in Panama City, Panama
  • February 25, 2012 from the Zone 13 Dome in Guatemala City, Guatemala

- WWE has also announced a show from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts on Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 5 PM.

  • MsMojoRisin

    y2j vs taker at mania lol

    • Ricardo

      that might just happen :L

  • jdl

    The videos aren't macabre enough to be the Undertaker.

  • Vin Sidious

    The videos are TOO macabre / creepy too fit anybody else (except maybe Papa Shango, which I'd say is a long shot…) but Undertaker. I mean, they definitely aren't Jericho's style. Who else could it potentially to be? And the videos say its a "returning force" or something like that, so it shouldn't be anybody new. Outside of Y2J and UT, other realistic possibilities I can think of include: Batista, Mankind AND….. Vince McMahon, come back to take what is rightfully his – control of WWE. Which would be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge letdown to everybody watching. (Or, I suppose, it could also be any of the other three McMahons, as well.) But seriously, the video is so clearly UT's style – and nobody else's – that if it ISN'T UT then whoever it is will pretty much have to have some explicit reason for using a creepy, cryptic video to forecast their return. For a returning wrestler, the only logical reason would be if they planned to return and challenge UT at WM.

    • @RatedMKD

      Jericho's always said that if he was going to return, he was gonna do something new. With that in mind, I don't think any return video can be too *anything* to be Chris Jericho, because we don't know what he has planned.

    • brennan

      maybe shane and Stephanie will return or vince and and stephanie

  • Kris B

    I just saw the pic of McCool and Taker, its not them in Memphis. Its an old pic. I saw it on youtube last year I think or the year before.

    • TakerMania

      xD You're High

      • TakerMania

        Ok sorry just ignore my Comment @[email protected]

  • Kris B <—–look at 2:43. The picture is old(seeing as this video was posted in 2009)

  • Wayne

    My guess is undertaker, as in the video at the end it says “the end begins”, and my first thoughts when it first aired was undertaker for his last return. The end begins tonight and ends at wrestle mania.

    My guess anyway

  • jon

    …and what if it's both of them? Has anyone considered the scenario that BOTH will return tonight?

  • Joe

    Taker vs Brock lesner WM 28

  • wesley

    Does anyone think its Shane returning to take back what is rightfully his,which is heir to wwe empire?

    • joe

      ive always thought that just because of how the kid is dressed in the videos

  • Chris

    I'm still backing Jericho returning to claim back his 'best in the world' moniker from punk. And that has awesome potential for me

    • Martin wright

      Spot on

  • there are photos of Taker in the airport some where but who knows who it really is the photo of Jericho i could of sworn i seen before

  • lee

    ive seen the taker picture and its an old photo taken last march

  • t0m

    Imagine this undertaker redebuts says something about ending the world Chris Jerichos music hits Y2J will save us at wrestlemania (Brock lesnar just retired from UFC so I doubt he will be at wrestlemania)

  • Ubereem

    Its 100% Chris Jericho.. He has made it obvious with his tweets over the past few days! He should've just kept off twitter. His showboarding tweet that he posted recently was a pathetic photoshop attempt!

    • Matt Finnie

      i Agree! Just one Question… What's "Showboarding"? 😉

  • Vin Sidious

    If UT comes out tonight to make his "dramatic return" (for the 80th time), and is then interrupted by a returning Jericho who wants to challenge him at WM, then it will be a complete re-hash of last year's UT 'Mania angle, which will be pretty weak. That said, I'd rather see Jericho v. UT at WM this year, than HHH v. UT again, which would just be stupid and lazy.

  • Silkysmooth

    OMG… Ive just thought and it could be a long shot; a very long shot; but hasnt there been rumour of a brand returning in 2012; this brand threatened to put WWE out of business countless times and it could return in a WWE-gise and be part of the long awaited WWE Network; threatening once again to end WWE; could put Shane O'Mac in it; Drew McIntyre and Nash in it for a start; then add to it

  • WyFo

    Anyone else think it’s a double return like Undertaker and HHH last year? Only this time Y2J and Undertaker.

  • kbunyon

    Just to throw this out there – I DO NOT HAVE ANY INSIDER INFO, WRITING AS A FAN – I doubt it would be Shane, Steph, VKM, Andy or Brodus.

    – I just don't see Shane coming back.
    – Steph and VKM returning would not warrant these videos.
    – Andy, well, just, no. They wouldn't put this much on his shoulders with his first WWE run.
    – Brodus doesn't have much to return to. He wasn't a big star, even though I think he will be in time.

    I do hope it is someone interesting. I'd prefer if it wasn't Jericho or Taker as those two are very predictable.

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    • kbunyon

      Just to throw in a name I haven't seen yet – STILL, JUST MY IDEAS AS A FAN, NO INSIDER INFO FROM ME – what about JBL?

      Just throwing it out there for the fun of it. Stacy says, "Not a chance!" very loudly, but it was just a thought.

      I don't see it being Foley as he's been in and out recently. I also don't see it being SCSA as he said this WM belongs to Cena & Rocky.


  • Alex D

    Kevin Thorn!

  • Faron

    It’s the fat dude that was Alberto Del Rio’s bodyguard for a long time that grunts like a hog that they built up for 2 months and then dropped like a bad habit!!