The Undertaker Returns To WWE To Help Kane Take Out Jobbers

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The Undertaker returned to WWE on the 1000th episode of Raw, assisting his "brother" Kane when he was surrounded by Jinder Mahal, Camacho, Hunico, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks, and Curt Hawkins. Kane and Undertaker worked together to take out the jobbers and celebrated as the Brothers of Destruction.

Undertaker hasn't been seen in a WWE ring since he went 20-0 by beating Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

We confirmed Undertaker was in the building earlier this afternoon here on Richard's Backstage Blog. If you are not yet a WNW Premium Member you can sign-up now at incredibly low prices at this link.

  • George

    Favorite moment of the night!

    • eric

      Hell yea no Austin yet

  • Josh

    Anyone else still get goosebumps when you hear that bell tolling?

  • Matt

    It was the point in the show where I honestly thought it wasn't going to happen, Taker returning. I heard that bell toll and I felt like I was 13 again at the Raw in Detroit in 1999 when I heard that live for the first time. Nothing beats it!

  • Donimetre

    Everyone was good

  • ricardovgv

    Absolutely nothing is more bone chilling than the GONG. The Undertaker = RAW, Smackdown and WWE.

  • Paul

    Best moment of the night, the return of the undertaker. Shame about Austin.

  • Tna

    Is this a one off ? Or permanent ?

    • Blake

      Hopefully pregnant but best moment I the whole shoe no doubt hands down the brothers of deduction are back but I would have like to see Paul bearer since he is the father of destruction and I thought he was in st Louis

      • Poop

        I see that your spell correct works but the words are all wrong. You sound hilariously silly.

  • Craigscool88

    Richard, do u reckon wwe could do for taker at wrestlemania 29 or 30 have him face all of his past wrestlemania opponents in an elimination handicap match ending with hhh and hbk teaming up to either end the streak or keep it going. I thought that mite be good due to undertaker is getting pretty old it could be he’s last if he don’t take on lesner
    Also it could just have the older ones come in and get choke slammed or tombstones eliminated quick to lower the team I do get that it’s 17 on 1 but it would be a real “test” for the undertaker

    • Joe O.

      First off that is a very out of the box suggestion for a match and that’s putting it lightly. Second, think about how weak that would make all of his opponents other than HHH and Michaels. A 17 on 1 match with the magnitude of wrestlers he fought should take an entire PPV alone but in the grand scheme of things thus match would have to last 20-30 minutes. It would hurt the streak in every way.

  • Patrick Peralta

    YES YES YES was great to see the Undertaker return

  • I wish I could c the brothers of destruction in action once again

  • Perry Borden

    Who cares about the Underfaker? Or The Big Red Retard? At least the LOYAL fans of Drew McIntyre got to see our hero.

    • Mike

      Dont you mean the loyal FAN of Drew McIntyre? Lol

  • Brandon

    Just like everytime I use to watch him from the everyday smackdown days, my body was in chills when the music hit… that guy!