The Undertaker Undergoes Surgery While Away From WWE

I can confirm The Undertaker had surgery on his shoulder and hip since working Wrestlemania XXVII last year.

Undertaker is reportedly feeling good going into his Wrestlemania XXVIII match against Triple H this year. It's unknown if Undertaker plans to retire after Wrestlemania this year and is believed to be more of the "wait and see" approach.

  • Bertie

    Great man, great career, never repeated, it’ll be a sad day when the dead man calls it a day, better to do it right than do an embarrassing hogan/flair career suicide!

  • Tjones

    As mush as it pains me to say it. Its time to lay the Dead Man to rest. The things his generation have done for the business will carry on forever. He has been my families favorite since his debut. Just wish if this was his last match it would be more a passing of the torch.

    • So Miz is totally out of the Dog House now right? I mean, it was R-Truth, and I’ve seen a miillon people miss a catch Big Show THREW Dolph Ziggler INTO the Announcers Table.. AND hurt Wade Barret in the process I’m not being sarcastic at all Something has to give here

  • Karl

    If the Undertaker retires after this match as much as i would hate it, but I’ll always respect his career and Mark Callaway as a man since his longevity did not go to his head and push his weight around. Unlike Flair and Hogan, Mark does not have an ego and is more of a private person but genuine.

  • Cyn

    When Taker leaves, I don’t see any reason to watch WWE or Wrestlemania anymore. With that being said, I think Taker will retire after Triple H. Hunter doesn’t deserve to be the star from the Attitude Era.

    • I agree It is a horrible story. In fact, I would even say that I’m a ldboerrine horrible person. I do not, however, think I hung her out to dry in this case. What you don’t know is that she had a history of doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. And despite her maverick style of working, I tried to protect her by telling her to come back with me, as mentioned above. She blatantly ignored me and thus paid the price. That’s all on her at that point. In fact, I had to take a minor slap on the wrist because she ignored me. If anything, she owes me an apology.

  • AJG316

    I wonder if effects from the surgery will linger in his wrestlemania match against HHH???

    • XKonn247

      Better that than the state he was in after 27. He’s a broken man.

      • Mac Danzig smart and focused and a lleray interesting person outside of just his in the ring personality. A talented photographer, dedicated animal rights activist, lleray not your average thug stereotype.Anderson Silva has got to be considered the best right now he’s as close to unbeatable as one can be in MMA.

  • Karl

    Undertaker has beaten Evolution, Rated RKO, HBK/Diesel, Big Show/Kane and DX twice at wrestlemania

  • CaseygarnerPDX

    I will be very disappointed if They have taker lose this match. I think Mark should retire with a perfect wrestlemania record. Having him lose the last one and retire or “pass the torch” would be a bummer.

  • Lars Nimmegeers

    He should retire with the Undefeated title at Wrestlemania. He deserves to be "The Unbeaten"
    A true icon.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    A sad day it will be when Undertaker retires no matter if it is this year or not. I've been a Fan of Undertaker since his debut and Have allways believed he should be undefeated when he retires. His streak at Wrestlemania will never be dublicated.

    He deserves to be undefeated when he finally retires. I am glad he finally desided to finally have surgery on his shoulder and hip and is feeling better.

    He is a true legend who didn't have a big ego and let the fame go to his head. no matter when he is finished with Wrestling I will miss seeing him in the ring.

  • Bertie

    He won’t lose ever at mania people, he’s earned that right

  • Paul

    I hope he does 1 more year, he deserves to headline his final wrestlemania and go out undefeated and in the spotlight.
    The undertaker is for me the greatest wwe superstar of all time.

    • Bigbdawg

      I agree %100 could not have said it better

  • john peeler

    i agree with you paul i hope he does one more year so he could face john cena or kane next year at wrestlemania 29 then after that he can finally retire .

  • joe

    he'll probably retire after wm30 if he can go that long i saw this real life interview with john cena and he said Taker would be his dream opponent in the garden at wm30 so wwe would be stupid not to cash in on this


    I hope Undertaker does one more year in the WWE,and at WrestleMania29,he can face John Cena,and Kane in a triple threat match,and Undertaker should win,21-0,he should not lose to HHH this year,and shouldn't lose next year at WrestleMania29,so his streak shouldn't be broken.And his record at WrestleMania should be recorded in WWE books.Undertaker is already really legendary,and I have a feeling once Taker retires,he will be probably in the 2013,or 2014 Hall of Fame.He has been my favorite since his debut,U ROCK TAKER!!TAKER TAKER!!

    • XKonn247

      That match would be an awful way to end his career…

    • can you WATCH mathes? like if you dont wanna play in WWE uvsrenie, and you wanna see how your create fighter dose on his own, can you actually WATCH a match, or only Simulate?

  • hunterkhan

    Its Probably time for the Game to end the streak of the greatest wrestler of all time as much as it hate me to say good bye to Undertaker the character on WWE i m happy to see the guy Mark Callaway to have rest to his body which have taken so much ovr the years just entertain his fans ………. as streak should end triple h deserve this thing as he is the only one who knew taker professionally and personally after HBK over a time of 15 to 16 year …………. so guyz hate me or love me i m saying it Rest in Peace Undertaker ……… ALL HAIL TO KING THE KING OF KINGS TRIPLE h KICK HIS ASSS BRO

  • sean

    I grew up watching the Undertaker I have been watching the wwe since I was 3 and I am now 17 I will truly miss him when he is gone but would not like to see his legacy tarnished by being unable to perform to the standard he has been performing at because his body can't take it anymore. He has sacrificed so much for the fans and pro-wrestling will have lost the biggest legend in it's history when he hangs it all up. But if not this year then it has to be done next year he deserves to be able to enjoy his Retirement In Peace.

    • Punk went all meta you guys, Buck Zumhofe is the link to Undertaker and Triple H He was the first wetrelsr to be put in a body bag by The Undertaker and was also the wetrelsr that Triple H faced in his WWF debut. Thank you Wikipedia- the bastion of information on the internets.