The Undertaker's Future, Dislike For Rock & Brock, Wrestlemania Abroad, Lesnar Not Liking Cena

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What are the chances for The Undertaker to be in the Hall of Fame next year? Is he going to retire now that he is 20-0?

WWE is playing up the fact The Undertaker is "finished" because there is nothing left for him to accomplish. You can watch a compelling video of WWE stars discussing his outstanding Wrestlemania 28 bout against Triple H at this link. Behind-the-scenes I can confirm WWE is already making plans for Undertaker to work Wrestlemania 29 next year in New Jersey. I don't know where Undertaker stands on working/retiring but the company is making plans like he will work. As for the Hall of Fame, I haven't heard any names mentioned for induction next year.

I know a lot of the boys dislike Brock Lesnar and The Rock based on issues highlighted in yesterday's Ask WNW but at the same time I feel like Brock & Rock have earned this type of treatment. It seems like to me the boys in the back don't know what it means to pay your dues. What are your thoughts?

I do not feel it's an issue where the boys don't understand what it's like to "pay dues" as one could argue there are boys in the back that have "paid their dues" more than both The Rock and Brock Lesnar. It's a situation where Rock and Brock (I love how that rhymes) are very rare and talented individuals that still draw. There is obviously a lot of jealousy and resentment towards guys that can come in part-time and earn huge 7-figure salaries for minimal work while the boys working 300 days a year are making significantly less. My argument is that it's up to the "full-timers" to step up and force WWE to take notice of them and there won't be a need to highlight part-time talent. With that being said I can also understand how frustrating it would be to hear Lesnar is reportedly getting $5 million for a limited amount of dates over the next year. However, from a fan's perspective, I want the most entertaining programming and I welcome the addition of Rock and Brock.

Do you ever see WWE holding Wrestlemania abroad? I would think Wrestlemania in England would be huge.

We get this question a lot and while I have heard WWE has looked at parts of Canada to hold Wrestlemania, the big detractor on holding it in England (or anywhere in the UK) is the time difference. As popular as WWE is internationally their top priority is still their core United States fan base. I love the fans over in the UK as I feel they add a unique aspect to WWE programming and would like to see WWE bring back a pay-per-view held across the pond but I would not be in favor of Wrestlemania due to the aforementioned time difference problem.

You mentioned that you found it ironic that Brock Lesnar was working with John Cena because in the past Lesnar didn't like Cena. Why?

I do not know the specific reason Brock Lesnar didn't like Cena but it's clear in many circles they didn't get along. Lesnar was a main event talent while Cena was still "coming up" and I don't know if Lesnar saw Cena as a threat or just didn't like him personally. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out but it's very different now as Cena is the face of WWE and no one is going to push him around.

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  • Andrew

    WWE should Hold summerslam at wembley stadium in London again like they did in 1992 (I think that was the year). Although a major sell that year was the British bulldog in the main event, I think a big main event such as Cena v brock would be enough to ensure a sell out. Wembley stadium is newly rebuilt and has held NFL game amonst other various sports that sell it out on a regular basis.

  • Joel

    The only thing I can think of that the Undertaker hasn’t accomplished is a grand slam. But saying that I really don’t know how they’d be able to get the IC belt on him without making it look like a demotion.

    • Lee

      That's true He could win it in a triple threat match with the ic and the world title on the line

      • urnemystic

        Undertaker is done working a regular schedule. He will never hold a title again in the WWE. He's done so much he doesnt need any more title runs anyway.

  • Brandon

    It's because Lesnar can see Cena as the future Fruitty Pebbles and it makes him sick.

  • JP_Killings

    I miss thuganomics Cena, he is better than the Cena we have today just by watching his old matches and I reckon they need to change him gimmick completely or go back to old Cena the one we loved

    • Mr.Love

      Does anyone besides myself remember that cena and Brock had a fued and that’s how cenas aa was originally named f-u for Brock and that’s when cena was a little edgey… Ah good times

      • Andrew D

        Damn, that was a looong time ago. I believe they fought for either the wwe title or the undisputed title at backlash. Cena FU came about in a promo with Brock that went something like this " You might have the F5 but I will give you the FU ". Ah, the good old times.

      • Jeremiah

        I do, I do! He stole his finisher (the FU) from Brock. He said you call your finisher the F5, I call mine the FU. Then they went all PG, and called it the AA. BARF!!!

    • HATER

      Forget gimmick he needs to learn some more moves. But he would still suck especially if he went back to his stupid rapper gimmick

      • Toby Tyler

        He has as many moves as the rest of the talent .. you are a "hater" – good name choice.

  • thatguy

    lets correct this. Yes its ok for the rock to return and do what he did cause he DID pay his dues. Worked for years and was the top guy for a long time putting the company where it is.

    Brock on the other hand. Straight up left after a couple years cause his name was getting hot and went to run to the NFL. He had the biggest names in the industry job to him to put him over and left. Brock is ONLY a draw cause he made a name for himself in UFC. What he is getting paid is ridiculous when you compare his time in the company and how he left it high and dry, regardless of how much of a good "business" decision it is

    • robert

      stone cold triple h all the other guys it was a group effort angle,lesnar,guerrero,benoit,batista, etc if it was just the rock and dolph ziggler the rock yould be nothing, you have to have other people in addition, but stone cold almost single handedly won the monday night wars not the rock.

    • Scottyo614

      Ever read Lesnars book? While I understand it's one side, you can tell he didn't like where things were going.

    • John

      Like it or not, Brock is getting paid based on his drawing power! Vince McMahon is not just throwing $5 million down the drain here, he knows he's going to earn it back over the course of the next year with the drawing power of Brock Lesnar.

      You obviously have an issue with the way Brock left, but at the end of the day, with his success in MMA, he's the biggest name out there & will draw alot more money & viewers than The Rock did in the past year.

    • H.M.

      What's interesting to note is that Lesnar won his first WWE world title just 3 months after his debut in the WWE at Summerslam. I don't know where he was prior but it doesn't look like he had many dues to pay.

      • Luke

        2 X NCAA Champion do anything for you?

      • Rob

        Brock will draw more viewers and money than the rock…. Really..? Really…..? Really….?
        The rock is much more of an International star than Lesner will ever be.

    • Tien

      Ironically, he was a draw in UFC only because of his time with WWE.

  • Patrick_OToole

    "… Cena is the face of WWE and no one is going to push him around." Except the Rock… and Brock.

  • Kris Hardy

    I say bring back Insurrexion and Rebellion for the UK. Get rid of some of those dumb PPV's like "Fatal Four-Way" and "Bragging Rights" and replace them with those.

    • The arbiter

      Both Fatal 4 Way and bragging rights have gone. Fatal 4 way happened once in 2010 and never again. Bragging rights was 2009-2010 and never again.

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    maybe Year 2025, Cena will comeback and do attitude adjustment to the top face of WWE that would be Alex Riley (The A-Ri)

  • John

    The Undertaker will forever be remembered for going 20-0 at WrestleMania… However, as much as it would be universally hated by many, i expect 'The Streak' to end at the hands of John Cena next year at Wrestlemania 29.

    The reason why i think this, is because The Undertaker has always reportedly been willing to lose the streak to the right opponent (Kurt Angle & Randy Orton are two names that Undertaker wanted to end the streak) however Vince McMahon has always been the one that has decided against ending it. This time however i think all the stars are lined up for Cena to be the guy to end the streak & solidify his status as the top guy in the WWE.

    It would be a true passing of the torch moment!

    • Eddie

      taker passing the torch to cena?????????

      hulk passing the torch to cena would hav been appropriate because both of them are similar in terms of hype and in ring talent…. but taker passing the torch to “cena”….. something that should never happen…

    • Eddie

      its show business….. what u are saying would hav worked for ROH where in ring talent is given more importance… a place where people like hulk and cena wouldn’t have been the biggest names…. rather punk or ziggler or bryan would hav been world wide names…..

      the guys in the back feel jealous? they shouldn’t…. they would be treated like rock, brock and jericho when they start entertaining on the same level these guys do….. take example of stone cold, rock, jericho and edge…. as faces they were the best… as heels they were the most hated people……
      the day the guys in the back who work 300+ days start bringing out the emotions of the fans like rock, austin, edge and eddie did…. they won’t feel the need to be jealous…

  • Snaps

    I've been saying since last year that I hope Taker's last WM match is against Mick Foley. He is one of the few people who can actually be considered a legitimate threat against the Undertaker, as he has a decent record against him and is one of the people who have "taken taker to his limits" in a manner of speaking.

    It would of course require Foley to get back into ring shape, and I don't think he has much of a desire to do it, but it would be awesome for one of taker's greatest rivals to be the last person he faced.

  • Ian P.

    I don't feel as upset about Brock returning because he never tried to re-invent or remove himself from the WWE like Rock did. When Rock was changing back to Dwayne Johnson, there were many interviews where he would steer clear of the wrestling questions all together almost as if he was ashamed. Now I know he is not ashamed of being a wrestler, but the possibly for trying to forget it all together is what really bothered me. Now all of a sudden he is the Rock again. It is almost as if Cena was write in that particular promo, which guy will show up. Brock was always Brock and will always be Brock, whether it was in the WWE, NFL or MMA. He never changed who he was, he was always a tough, rugged individual looking for a fight!

    • Eddie

      i think why he dodged those question was because he had no answer to them… the most common.question was when are u returning to the ring…. and he couldn’t hav said ‘never’ straight up… would hav been bad for his image….

      but i agree that the way he totally parted ways with the wwe was wrong….

  • Roy!!!

    Mcmahon will always do whats great for business first…Only us silly fans would take into account a bruised ego's of the locker room when we have the chance to make millions…The guys in the back have the same opportunity the Rock and Brock had. Look at what they became…Get a clue, watch some film, learn something…

    Brock was one of the best heels of al time…Watch his matches on youtube…All classics…You think Brock is a draw because of this time in the UFC, your an idiot…The UFC moved him up the card so fast because of his success in the WWE. Believe or not, their fans are the same people.

    Vince should be getting a standing ovation for putting the most entertaining program he can for us fans on TV, not just a crybaby wrestler who can't draw a picture more/less a million PPV buys.

    For all the critics out there, who think Mcmahon is out of touch, tell me this. Why are you still watching?! Yeah, I figured. Because if he is out of touch, that don't say much about the remainder of other promotions.

  • joe ross

    Croke park in dublin can hold over 100'000 people, and with having someone like sheamus in wwe has only increased the irish fanbase ( i know much more wrestling fans personally that werent fans say 3 years ago) i think it would be great for wwe to have a B ppv in Ireland at least

    • Paul

      With wade Barrett challenging sheamus for world title would get a few people all over the u.k.
      Was happy to see sheamus win the www title a few years back and now it’s time for an englishman!
      I don’t think the time difference is that a deal if it was on. At say 7pm-11pm in the u.k then it should be around lunchtime in America, that’s not a big deal!

  • Jason

    Didn't Toronto, Canada host WrestleMania X8

    • The arbiter

      And Wrestlemania 6 I believe

    • Paul

      And wrestlemania 6

    • Paul

      And wrestlemania 6, was held in Toronto

  • ryder

    "However, from a fan’s perspective, I want the most entertaining programming and I welcome the addition of Rock and Brock." summed up Rock and Brock coming back perfectly thats exactly how i feel

  • Bryan

    Richard, I always hear you talking about full timers needing to step up and prove that they are deserving of a top spot…but they already are. Guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and The Miz can already work WAY better in the ring than Rock or Brock ever could. As a fan, I am glad to see Brock Lesnar come back cause I was a big fan of his when he was around several years ago. But if I could put myself in the shoes of the full time workers, I can understand the resentment. These guys are busting their butts on the road for 300+ dates a year, and then some alumni comes in, only works a few days and gets paid significantly more. Think of this in the context of an every day job…you get hired on at a company, do your job good and do everything you can to make a good impression on your boss, and then your boss brings back somebody who USED to work there and pays them more than what you are making when you have been there longer. I think I would be upset too.

    • ryder

      I agree with a couple a guys you said that can work better than Brock and Rock but The Miz? Miz cant even wrestle

    • Mylo

      I'll agree with Punk, Bryan, and Ziggler, but Kingston? Come on, now. The guy can leap really high, but his moveset is bland for a wrestler in the cruiser weight division.

      Ziggler, Punk, and Bryan are all great ring workers, with Bryan coming out on top and Ziggler last, if for his sporadic botches that don't seem to happen to Punk often. That being said, only Punk and Bryan can get a good reaction out of the crowd, but nowhere near the level Austin, HBK, Taker, Rock did in their respective areas, or as The Rock just did with his latest stint.

      Ryder got over with the fans, but in all honesty, he wouldn't even make a credible IC champion at this point. These guys need to really hit it on all corners. That botch from Swagger on Monday was brutal, and almost every show has a botch now. The Rock botched a kick at SS, but aside from that, his moves flowed on a level rarely seen nowadays in the WWE.

  • jordan mac

    hey big fan of this app. i was wondering, what are the chances john cena fights undertaker at wrestlemania 29? what is brock lesnar’s next role/rivalry? and is the rock really done already?

  • Sebastian

    Bring a PPV or even a Raw/SmackDown taping to Australia, all we get is house shows over here, needs a change!

  • KendraGavin

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