The Undertaker's Hair Featured, Randy Orton's Botched RKO On Raw Supershow, CM Punk & Stroke Backstage, Hating The Babyface In 2012

Please note: This was written before news broke of Randy Orton's injury.

Was there any significance in showing The Undertaker cutting his hair in that vignette on Monday's Raw Supershow?

The Undertaker cut his hair off last year. Apparently WWE was hoping by the time Wrestlemania came around that it would be long enough to fit the "deadman" persona. His hair wasn't quite long enough so the decision was made for him to wear a wig. Now it looks like WWE is using the hair as part of the storyline leading to the third Wrestlemania encounter between Triple H and The Undertaker.

Was there any heat over Randy Orton's botched RKO attempt on Monday's Raw Supershow?

The spot was completely blown. It looked like Randy Orton lost his balance when executing the RKO, causing the weird/botchalicious landing from Big Show. I don't know what the reaction was like backstage but given the fact it was two reliable veterans it will probably be water under the bridge. Had it been a younger worker or a mid-card talent, it would have been a much bigger deal. I will ask around and see what I find out about what was said backstage.

Now that he is on the same level as guys like John Cena & Randy Orton, how much stroke does CM Punk have backstage?

CM Punk has accumulated a large amount of stroke backstage in WWE after his run last summer. Not only was Punk able to negotiate a new WWE contract but he was able to convince WWE to buy the rights to "Cult of Personality" by Living Color to use as his theme song. While that may seem minimal to a lot of people, getting to pick your own entrance music in WWE is no small thing. Randy Orton did an interview several years ago complaining about workers not being able to pick their own entrance music.

Why do fans constantly scream for heel turns (Randy Orton, John Cena, etc.). What do you think is the psychology behind today's preference for heels and where does that leave the faces?

I agree that most Internet fans tend to favor heels over babyfaces in today’s WWE. If I had to pinpoint a reason why I would have to blame it on what the PG initiative has done to babyface workers. It's much more difficult to work as a babyface than a heel but when you throw in the fact workers have to abide by the PG guidelines, it can be very difficult to get over. Take The Rock for an example. In returning to WWE he’s been more over than any babyface we’ve seen since his heyday with Steve Austin in the Attitude Era. However, he hasn’t toned his character down to corny and toes the line by using profanity. It’s not impossible to get over as a babyface in today’s WWE, as we’ve seen with CM Punk, but it’s much more difficult. The babyfaces of today tend to cater to WWE’s younger audience while leaving the Internet/older male audience out to dry.

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  • Jaryd

    I'm not referring to readers of this site as I like to think we're a cut above the average smark, (however much of an elitist douche that makes me sound.)… But there are a lot of "NEWZ" reading smarks around that seem to only like heels because they like to get jollys over how "smart" they are because they like the bad guy.

    • kbunyon

      I have to agree with you on this one Jaryd. When I have gone to events a lot of the IWC and older male fans seem to like the heels because they think they know how everything goes down.

      I also am not referring to this site as we have some of the best wrestling fans as readers. BTW, I might call you that name, but only in jest!


  • mark3man

    R truth is the only face i enjoy at the moment.

    • AJG316

      I agree And disagree cm punk and r truth r awesome

  • Keenan Mumma

    Give Orton a break, the guy has had some of the best spots in history with the RKO. Nobody can hit a finisher like Orton can. He missed it one time, and everyone is freaking out. People botch moves way more often than Orton, and nobody freaks out on them.

    • ChromeyDaniels

      People are mad because he can botch something and get away with it when a mid card performer can not.

      • Keenan Mumma

        Orton has earned the right to botch a move. Kofi and Kennedy had not yet earned that right. Wrestling is like every sport in that aspect, in basketball if Kobe Bryant has a bad game than he can get away with it, but if Lin played terrible on his debut night he would have been "depushed" to the bench. Kennedy and Kofi are both extremely talented, but Orton gets too much crap for those two occurrences.

        • Gary

          He didnt botch the move anyway! It was all on Show.He fell down when he was supposed to shove Randy off(which was what they did after Show botched). Orton ahters will reach for anything they can to bash him,whether it was his fault or not.

          • Maze

            If you watch Botchamania you will see Orton has messed that finish up several times. This stuff is live and shit happens. Not a big deal.

    • T-Boy

      Orton has botched the rko many times not just once. Search on YouTube 'botched rko'

  • #heel

    I’m gonna call the main event at wrestlemania now.john Cena is gonna lose to the Rock then turn heel after that to end the show..u heard it here first

    • Cena will win Wrestlemania against The Rock. Sure there problem friends but there pro wrestlers and they will give us fans a great show but don’t think it’s staged. Cena is gona win. U heard it first!!!

  • AceV

    Damn, that’s the worst rko botch since the one he tried on Jericho in 2003!!! Lol

  • Da KiDD


    • Da KiDD

      Why the thumbs down people? lol….you all are Linsane! I guess u must have had a bad va-LIN-tines day! Lin fever is everywhere! Even on a wrestling site!

  • Dufus

    When I first saw the undertaker cut his hair I first thought he was going back to the short hair he had as " Mean Marc Caras " when he was in WCW. I still wonder.

    • Paulio_j

      Mean mark callous

    • no michael cole was their but also john cena has made both of them tap out an biionet never made cena tap out angle did but cenas leg was hurt and his ankle was as well

  • Clint

    I think is the one that botched, i think that ddt knocked him loopy, because the way orton jumped up it looked like he was supposed to be pushed then come back and hit the rko

    • Clint

      sorry messed up "I think show is the one that botched, i think that ddt knocked him loopy, because the way orton jumped up it looked like he was supposed to be pushed then come back and hit the rko "

  • Coopapalooza

    Personally I “like” a wrestler mostly based on their work. In my opinion the top talent just now is, in no particular order, Punk, Ziggler, Bryan, Rhodes, Truth and Jericho. Now looking at it there’s only really two faces there.

    It’s a known fact it’s a lot easier to get heat than to be liked and that’s always how it’s going to be. Fans don’t like things forced down their throats and will naturally cheer an underdog. Cena has been booked to make money, not to satisfy the fans desires. Orton is getting stale in my opinion. Good worker but is a better heel than a face. Personally I am a mark for Ziggler and Punk. Ziggler is becoming the best bumper in the business and punk is just a fantastic worker. You can actually see how much he enjoys his work.

  • Dirk Mingler

    I don’t like some wrestlers as heels such as Christian, Edge, Jericho, Santino, The Rock, hogan, Sheamus, and Undertaker, I’ve always enjoyed their work as faces more.

  • Jim

    IMO people, like me, prefer heels because they are more real. Baby Faces all seem to have super powers and their characters seem to get stale a lot quicker. Most likely due to them being shoved down our throats at every turn. This isn’t something new to me either. I’ve always found myself more interested in heels because I’ve alwayws found them more entertaining. Ric Flair and The 4-Horsemen are perfect examples of this for me. Yes they went back and forth from heel to face, but they were prodominantly heels over the years and I definitely preferred them as heels. Same goes for the nWo. I hated when they split into the 2 groups with one heel and one face. I couldn’t stand the face red and black. It really ruined the whole gimmick for me. Basically I think heels are the more talented workers, and I’ve always been way more entertained by them.

  • Ahmad

    Randy didn’t botch the RKO. It actually wasn’t suppose to happen. Big Show should’ve countered the rko just like he did after the botch when Orton was going for the second rko.

  • sami

    A simple scenerio really…. get rid of PG! … Create it into a 12 if need be so their can be a bit more violence or turn it into a 12A … but PG I believe is stupid for a wrestling company… Everyone knows that the attitude era was where the WWE really pushed itself… I admit last summer I was very impressed because CMPunk to me and the rocks return was like a feeling of the attitude era… (much like the return of KANES mask)

  • bntafa

    cm punk is not as big as cena/orton