The Undertaker's Return, Confidence In Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston Being Elevated, All Is Well With Kharma

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Do you hope The Undertaker loses at Wrestlemania or should he retire at 20-0?

I've been very consistent with the fact that I think The Undertaker should retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. We should also be careful that while many have assumed this will be Undertaker's final Wrestlemania, that's nothing more than speculation as he hasn't come out and said that. I am in agreement with WWE doing Triple H vs. The Undertaker again. I wasn't at first, however, after analyzing the field there are very few people that would be able to lose to Undertaker without looking weak. It needed to be an established main event veteran and outside of Hunter, things were very limited.

Do you think WWE finally sees Daniel Bryan as a legitimate main event talent? The Champion vs. Champion match with CM Punk was awesome, despite the dirty finish and Chris Jericho's interference.

WWE is booking Daniel Bryan with confidence as a top heel on Smackdown and it's been a nice surprise. The way he was booked prior to "cashing in" at WWE TLC was less than promising and I expected his World Heavyweight Championship reign to be over in a blink. The company went with the babyface to heel transition and it's worked out well. Smackdown is pulling in good ratings and the brand has the best worker in the company working exactly where he should. Anyone that isn't sold on Bryan should be after last night’s outstanding match against CM Punk.

What is your take on Kofi Kingston being added to the Raw Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship after spending the past few months on Superstars? Is he being rewarded for his Rumble performance?

Kofi Kingston is in the midst of a push which became even more evident with WWE putting him over The Miz clean on last night's Raw Supershow. Kofi was close to making it to the main event a couple years ago and is getting another chance. This is great news for someone that has worked hard and was left for dead by Evan Bourne's bizarre behavior.

What can you tell us about Kharma and her return to WWE?

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Kharma gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Jamie on December 31st. I had heard very little from Kharma since she announced she was pregnant in May and couldn't enjoy her return at Royal Rumble because I had not heard she had given birth. The dates didn't seem to add up, however, all is well and Kharma is back.

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  • Matt Scott

    A friend asked me earlier why Kofi was getting this push and to me it feels somewhat apologetic. after Bourne managed to throw away the tag titles with his own ignorant debauchery it left people wondering what would come of Kofi.

  • @RatedMKD

    Bryan was the absolute man in his match against Punk last night. He's developed a very interesting character in such a short space of time, too. I laugh every time he comes down to the ring. "World… Heavyweight… Champion! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Brilliant!

  • Jackson

    I am absolutely thrilled that my boy D-Bry went over Punk last night on Raw! YES! YES! YES! YES! lol I love that!
    Anyway I realize it was a dq victory but they could have ruled the match a no contest because I remember many times before when this scenario took place and instead of awarding a wrestler the win they just threw the whole match out. Anyway D-Bry is making the heel character work but I feel the only thing left to make it complete is for Michael Cole to start praising him in some way instead of bashing the guy! I mean if Michael Cole is heel, and he favors the heel then why in the hell isnt he favoring Daniel Bryan? Also I am hoping that Bryan walks out of the Chamber as champion because I would LOVE to see Bryan vs Sheamus at Mania for the World title, a match that at last year's Mania was bumped off the main card!

    • @RatedMKD

      The bell rang as soon as Jericho laid a hand on Bryan, so even though it wasn't announced until after Punk was attacked, I guess the official decision had already been made. You're right, these circumstances are usually no-contest, but giving him an official victory, DQ or otherwise, is probably going to add to Bryan's character even more. I'm all for it! Totally agree with you about Bryan vs Sheamus too!

    • Jim P

      I agree with you completely. I think Daniel Bryan works well as a heel and it was a creative way to extend his title reign without pushing the "heroic underdog" angle too hard. As for Cole, well I agree with you there too. It's one of the things that bugs me about Cole. It isn't that he's a heel-announcer, it's that he's not a very good heel-announcer. I feel like the moment Bryan started showing signs of a turn, Cole should have been saying things like, "he's finally showing some personality etc…"

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I'm loving Daniel Bryan's Heel turn ….only one thing to say "World Heavyweight. Champion! Yes! Yes! Yes!" LMAO I just love when he does that.

      Jackson, to answer what you said. "I feel the only thing left to make it complete is for Michael Cole to start praising him in some way instead of bashing the guy"

      I do not want Cole prasing Bryan. But it looks like Cole did start prasing Bryan a bit.

      I just finished watching the Bryan /Punk match again and Lawler brought up during the comercial brake that Cole told him he is starting to admire certain things about Bryan.. like Bryan being a Vegan and hating the slaughter of innocent animals for food. Cole admired that.

      Then later in the match Cole went back to his bashing of Bryan and criticzing his heel ways.

      Lawler pointed out to Cole that is stuff Cole admires about other heels… Cole agreed but not when it came to Daniel Bryan. Because Bryan untill recently was coming across as a fair and honest guy and now is a hypocritc and cheating.

      • Jackson

        That’s exactly what I mean, Cole has said like a couple of things about
        Bryan that were positive but like Jim pointed out, he could have Bren praising him a while back by saying Bryan finally shows some personality and begins working from there. But he keeps calling the guy a nerd a geek, he needs to do his job right, if he’s a heel announcer and he favors the heels, he needs to starting favoring D-Bry also. I realize that in reality they probably have no heat towards one another ad this whole thing started because D-Bry was the ” Internet darling” and Cole used it to get himself over as a heel back in the NXT glory days. It’s been a couple of years. Maybe they need to cOme up with something to have Cole say good things about Bryan in order for Bryan’s heel character to go further.

        • AceV

          I totolly disagree with that. Everyone argues about wwe not being consistent with storylines and stuff, so why should come start praising him because he is a heel. let’s try something new. I like the way it seems that d-bry and cole got this relationship that wont change regardless if either is a heel or face. That would make cole seem like hypocrite and then people will complain about that.
          Sn: people do not give Michael cole enough credit. He is a great announcer and he plays the heel announcer very well. He is very entertaining to listen to.

          • FrankTheTank

            I was going to say the same thing Ace. I'm glad Cole still hates Bryan, its the first time i've seen some continuity in awhile

  • drhaase

    how awesome was that match between DB and Punk last night. talk about high expectations. even King made it a point to say that the match was going to be something special. i also like that Cole didn't go over the top with his commentary and ruin the match.

    i also agree that the booking of DB has been cool. of course you couldn't have a clean winner last night, but it was cool that DB got the "victory." add to that the fact that he won the steel cage match at the Rumble clean, and you get one of the few things that WWE did right in the past few days

  • thatguy

    I still think its very very stupid you think that someone losing to taker would make them look weak. Right now they should have Ziggler vs taker. He is hot right now and on his way to being one of the biggest stars. He can put on an amazing match thats ALL it takes. if you can put on an amazing match with taker even with the lose it will elevate you to crazy heights. I'm sick of hearing that it will bury a person and to think only Triple H is the only one who can do the match.

    Wake up and watch the match again. The taker/hunter match from last year was NOT good. its not as good as people think it is. rewatch it. Its one spot then laying on the floor for 5 mins over and over. This is the chance to take another performer to a whole new level. Not rehash the same thing again that was boring in the first place. I'd say ziggler would be the best person for this spot. it needs to happen.

    • Agree that match sucked balls big time, massive let down. Who better to put ziggles in his place than taker! Plus Vickie would get tombstoned and swagger would probably get involved and take a last ride, wouldn’t hurt at all and could be built up as teaching him some respect before possibly turning him face?

    • FactionZer0

      I agree on The Taker/HHH part. That match was terrible. I sat there at the end and was like, "I paid 50 bucks to watch them lay on the ground for a good 15 minutes?" Ziggler does need his push though, he is an amazing competitor and I've seen it since last year(when I started getting back into WWE). He's always been one of my favorite new generation heels, and deserves a solid WWE Champ run.

      • wnwdotcom2

        Throwing someone like Dolph Ziggler to The Undertaker would be a very risky move and I don't see the payoff on either end. If they were to pick a younger worker, which they aren't, they would have to pick someone that has been established as a prior champion. Even then, the worker runs the risk of becoming an afterthought at the expense of "the streak." As for your thoughts on Hunter vs. Undertaker, I couldn't disagree more.

        • Jay

          Taker vs HHH 2 was aweful. Takers body is clearly too beat up so the opened with power moves so the could spend a load of time recovering. It was aweful. I was expecting big things but they didn’t deliver. I really don’t see what the hype was all about

        • Jay

          Care to explain why you disagree?

  • Jason

    I think Undertaker should face Triple H and have Triple H to the point of winning. When Triple H goes for the cover and win, have the lights go out and Undertaker disappears from the ring. This would still keep him undefeated and would an element of awe to the match. Just something I have been thinking about over the years to avoid him losing the streak.

    • XKonn247

      He would then be counted out and lose… How would that maintain the streak?

    • I always thought they may end it like that but with taker diss appearing through a hole in the ring taking his opponent with him, technically I don’t think you can be counted out that way plus if they both were it would be a draw, streak intact

  • outkazt09

    I have being following Bryan Danielson since ROH and I hate when he says “yes ” all the time. its rather annoying and it he makes it seem like he has limited mic skills. I know he can do better than that (he did in ROH), he just needs to find that trademark saying that is catchy. Other than that am happy he is champion.

  • Monty

    I love all the promos and stiff before or after matches but one thong I think that is missing is actual wrestling. Bryan vs punk was a great match. Orton vs ziggle was a really good match too. Last nights raw was a lot if fun. I can’t wait to see how Vince will develop undertaker was trip, I also believe hbk will also somehow get involved into this.

  • Pork Chop

    I'm glad to see they're pushing Kofi again instead of leaving him by the wayside because of Evan Bourne's stupidity.

    I hate to say it, but I don't see a Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan feud at WM. I see Big Show going over at EC and feuding with Sheamus.

    And last but not least, The Undertaker is NOT WEARING A WIG. The picture that everyone saw months ago with a shaved headed dude was not him. There's more recent pictures taken of him with long hair. He just didn't have his hair pulled behind his ears. Maybe he used some herbal essence or something too, I dunno.

  • Pork Chop

    I'm glad to see they're pushing Kofi again instead of leaving him by the wayside because of Evan Bourne's stupidity.

  • Jaryd

    With Kofi getting a singles push I can very realistically see Bourne being wished all the best in his future endeavors in the post WM clearout… and somehow I don't think he'll be saved by Undertaker's gong!

  • @jblack424

    @richard vs taker at wrestkemania has done nothing but elevate guys to main event stars minus henry but was due to injury. Orton after that was a star, Edge,and batista. They been doing vshhh vs hbk for 3 years. Need something fresh I would be a lot more excited for foley taker hiac2. A young guy like delrio miz wade can make excuse why they lost or if they won would be instant top heel. Hhh with win is 1-2 vs taker I’m sorry he doesn’t deserve 3 shots. If hhh faces taker I’m not ordering wm and if he wins I’m done with wwe. Wrestling at all time worse state and if the wrestling before all of this wasn’t so awesome I don’t know if ill watch. I finally come back fully to give it one last try but. Wrestling is losing a fan. Hhh vs taker 3 makes no senses what so ever. Also 1 last point hhh losing makes him look bad no matter what. He would be the buffalo bills of wm and no one thinks they are all time great just saying

    • XKonn247

      What about A Train?

    • Jbreed

      "Wrestling at all time worse state". I couldn't agree with you more.

      • H.M.

        You're just a pessimist though. This is the stuff fans have been saying ever since the end of the Attitude Era.

    • wnwdotcom2

      You can't compare The Undertaker in 2012 to Undertaker in years past. He's clearly at the end of his career so the argument that a younger worker would benefit from an Undertaker loss is incomplete. What would a worker gain to lose to a guy that may not work another match until Wrestlemania next year, if at all?

      Furthermore, I disagree with your sentiment that wrestling is at an all-time worse state. Not only has WWE weathered the storm in a very weak economy, they've continued to grow and expand their product across diverse revenue streams. From a creative perspective workers such as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are getting their due. You may be losing interest in pro wrestling but to argue the business is at an all-time low is a pretty ridiculous and unfounded claim.

      • @jblack424

        No its not. Is todays better than 90’s no its not. It has became so predictable where you know results before they happened. Royal rumble actually had 1 thing I didn’t call is sheamus over jericho what I popped for. Is bryan jericho, beniot,or eddie no. Brock lesnar no. I think these guys deserve credit but to act like right now wrestling is great is false too. To taker vs hhh debate I can’t see anything good. Hhh legacy will be hurt losing 3 times in the biggest event. As a fan you want to have someone to root for and I want the streak to end so ppl have a mark to meet to earn best record and hhh already 0-2 winning does nothing but hurt taker and not really help hhh as you can say taker beat him twice. Wake barrett face him since nexus buried him and with right writing you can make this the most hyped taker match. If the write correctly the could be a better watch like you say they got the talent. The problem is writing makes problem as you are happy about dbry but after he was a jobber to everyone he now can lose? They need to make clearer pushes. Also to make point at lowest its not wwe as 1. Tna blows for most part and roh has no storylines.

        • @RatedMKD

          I'm pretty sure Hunter's legacy is established enough at this point to survive another loss to Undertaker at WrestleMania.The guys you mentioned in your first comment? Del Rio, Miz and Barrett? Not so much…

          • @jblack424

            Yes hunters is a top ten all time guy arguebly(if that’s how you spell it)but when you think hhh you think at a point could argue he is the best ever when evoulution was around to losing 3 times at wrestlings biggest stage to same guy will have him looked differently. Look for better example. Tom brady is one of top quarterbacks ever and was compared to joe montana when was 3-0 at superbowls. Now if he loses to eli twice in superbowl eli has to be considered better than brady in a way right? So if hhh is 0-3 against another top alltime guy I believe it puts taker way above hhh then.I get you don’t forget what they did but you also count flaws too. Why isn’t brett farve compared to montana cause even though he has most tds he has most ints. Things don’t matter as much but once a year wrestlemania. Its supposibly the super bowl treat it as much. Treat it as wrestling top card each year. Most fans as I read agree hhh is old boring and leaves you nothing really to root for. The one thing you say is young guys can’t take a lose they do on televised matches against guys all the time that don’t have the legacy taker does. Taker only having one match a year makes every match now must see as it could be his last. A lose I guareentee that it wouldn’t hurt only help as now taker isn’t gonna face this next generation so he is bigger then a title match or rock vs cena match even though that has me excited. Taker can only elevated 1 or 2 if he wrestles next year. I think miz is former champ and listed as undefeated at wm fo that would sell? Christian if heel tell edge he will outshine his hof induction by winning takers streak. If face gonna do it so they can go out on top. Gives the hbk hhh tension a lil bit when edge comes outdecides if he will help or betray christian. Just a couple that would be better

    • RKODeadman

      Dude your overexaggerating!! not going to order WM?? yeah right.. I bet you like al the haters of this match will order WM..

      • @jblack424

        For 1 hater funny word aint you kinda hating on my comment hater. 2. I have the will power not to order because I can save 70 bucks wait 4 hours and watch it free which allows me to skip undertaker vs hhh match smart guy who knows everything. Called youtube buddy. is not a hater do you even know al

        • Gary

          you'll order it either way, lol

          • @jblack424

            Lol the thing about todays worlsd if your patient things come free. I never said I wouldn’t watch wrestlemanina ordering it is a whole different thing. You wait a couple hours and you save 70 bucks so I won’t be ordering if that happens ill wait watch it on youtube then be 70 bucks richer and still watch a show everyone else did. Besides a handful of my friends besides cena and rock they couldn’t name a wrestler so I don’t really have to worry about one of my friends spoiling it. I just relax maybe watch some nba then watch matches I want to not hard to not order. Maybe a couple of you guys no matter if its santino vs foley the main event will order I on the other hand will maybe go out and so something that night as I have options

  • Paul

    I don’t think that a main eventer losing to undertaker at wrestlemania would make them look weak? It’s the undertaker! One of the greatest superstars in wwe history who has beaten almost every big name in his long career, it’s an honour to face him at wrestlemania.

  • Don

    What about Kane? I mean, nobody has more "history" than them two. Being "brothers" and considering they contested WrestleMania two times and have had more matches. The last time they fought at WrestleMania was at 20 when Kane took off his mask about 9 months before and Undertaker "returned from the dead", so to speak. Now, Kane gets his mask back. It's interesting and this should have been the year to do it considering it is 20-0 and the last time they fought was at WM20.

  • Einar

    Iam a huge undertaker and triple h fan. And I loved the return of undertaker. But when it comes to this match I realy could not care less.

    It was a weak match last year and there has been no build for it. The fact that Undertaker had to come out and "ask" for it makes me think of him as weak. At least HBK had to fight for another match.

  • Doug

    Good for Kharma! I hope she enjoys parenthood. Wasn't she starting a feud with Lay-Cool right before she left? I wonder if they will be coming back.

    • H.M.

      I believe she was starting it with the Bellas but who would want to see that right?

  • jonathon212

    im sorry richard i mentioned this before and ill mention it again…..youre telling me that ziggler could lose clean in a 10 minute unadvertised match on raw or lose 4 times at the royal rumble but he cant lose at wrestlemania against the undertaker ??

    going up against the undertaker even if they lose ( which they should ) would give guys like ziggler, cody rhodes, sheamus the biggest rub of their careers and legitimize them as main eventers more then anything else possibly could …

    i do not understand why you keep on saying that undertaker has to go up against an established main eventer . it makes no sense to me and im sorry but you are wrong

    • Da KiDD

      Yea Richard, why aren't you responding to this comment? He made an absolutely valid point about the other loses that ziggler has sustained. If those aren't making him look weak, then how is a match with a legend (whether he's on his last legs or not) going to make him look weak? Just being anointed the opportunity to be the undertakers opponent is a huge rub. I really want you to respond to that specifically

  • Bruce

    I think Trip should stick to his guns and refuse the match. Then have Taker go around the Locker room looking for someone to accept but everyone says no, all claiming there is no point since he is unstoppable at WM. This can then lead to Taker vs Kane once Taker has basically asked everyone BUT Kane. I wouldn't be opposed to Kane actually winning either, if anyone has the storyline credentials to stop the streak it would be Kane. Having Kane finally stop his Brother at WM would be the perfect way to Retire the Undertaker Character. Of course, a Taker win would be fine also, just saying Kane is the only one I feel would deserve the win due to the storyline history between the two.

    • H.M.


  • #heel

    The undertaker came out at the wrong time,was i the only one mad that he came out before hhh got to fire johnny laurinitis

  • Tony

    HHH vs Taker was outstanding storytelling. I don’t see the issue with it. Hunter dominated Taker and pushed him farther than anyone physically has. Undertaker squeaked one out if you will and feels like he got bullied last year. It’s personal this year for Taker and I am completely for it.

  • The Breaker

    It's interesting to note that during the CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan match, Cole actually complimented Bryan and said he was a good role model because of his vegan lifestyle. Maybe that was the beginning of Cole's conversion to a Bryan supporter.

    But Cole's hypocrisy infuriates me. Didn't Cole maintain Bryan was a nerd/loser because of the fact he's a vegan?

    • Doug

      Cole praising DB only goes to support his heel turn. Cole is pro-heel, anti-face.

  • Jbreed

    Let's just hope there's more to this year's match between The Undertaker and Triple H than last year's match. Last year the match was sold with just a staredown, cut-throat sign and crocthchop, followed by a bunch of the same old back and forth promos. I wasn't intrigued last year and I definitely won't care about Undertaker/Triple H this year if there's no angle to back the match up. I was actually hoping The Undertaker's return on Monday night would lead to a heel turn and he would align himself with John Laurinaitis. It would make things a lot more interesting.

  • @jblack424

    1 more thing @richard what do you enjoy more matches that you know who will win or a one you question who could win? I like not knowing and hhh vs taker again you know who will win and if hhh beat taker wwe would lose a lot of fans. If wade miz ziggler won ppl wouldn’t care as much and even a lot would be excited. No one would be happy if hhh won. And if you think just being in a match with a legend you say wrestles only at mania would tell you how big of an accomplishment that is just to face undertaker at a wrestler rather beat taker or win a wwe title at mania I’d say taker match

  • Mr C

    WORLD…… HEAVYWEIGHT…… CHAMPION…. YES YEA YES YES YES YES YES YES YES……….. Annoying after about the 40th time, love the man, love his work, but SHUT UP on the way to the ring!!

    • Dangerous Lee

      You mad? That’s the whole point….

  • Tom123

    Why has nobody mentioned Randy Orton vs Undertaker at WM28.That would be much better.He could say he was still young when he faced him in 2005 but now he can beat him.Undertaker wins then faces cena in his last match next year!

  • BigMike

    I was hoping that HHH would have put Dragon in a match with Cole and him introduce his "new" finisher the Cattle Mutilation on Cole THEN let him go full heel

  • @jblack424

    My problem with kane or orton is taker has already beaten. Need someone fresh that maybe taker never faced. Facing taker at mania is now in his late stage will elevate that wrestler. That’s why a up and comer like miz (former world champ for richard)wade barrett nexus took him out nothing from it. How about a daniel bryan,jericho or cm punk vs taker match wouldn’t that be awesome. Delrio comes back and says its his destiny and just book a hard fought lose or victory for taker opponent. A angry don’t quit barrett has size to take taker out like hhh did. Especially if its a no dq and barrett has a stable with him to make spots for more taker finishers. I think that would be awesome cause richard was right its not at all time worse in wwe and have possibilty of best mania ever if booked right. Beth vs kharma. Rock vs cena. If you want punk austin wm29 austin special ref wwe title punk vs jericho. Hw title bryan sheamus orton big show. Taker vs barrettwstable of mason ryan ejack. Elimination match for title shot of choosing at extreme rules of summerslam however you want that to go. dolph kofi swagger delrio miz truth christian drew who turns it around so they all have match and wouldn’t hurt too bad if lost more elevated one from bunch. Henry vs brodus clay to keep him hot and foley vs kane hardcore match. That would be awesome would be my favorite ppv no matter any result of all the matches

  • Adamtrace

    Please slow down and type carefully guys, it hurts my eyes to read some of your responses…

  • Jean

    I wish you guys would learn to use proper grammar and punctuation! Geez. It isn’t that difficult.

    Concerning Taker, one can only hope this whole Mania actually surprises us. I’m more concerned with Cena defeating The Rock than I am with Taker’s streak. Remember how The Rock faced off with Hogan? Remember how Rock won? Just replace Rock with Cena, and Hogan with The Rock. =\

  • Chris

    Why not change it up a little have DX vs. The Brothers of Destruction to add some of the past to the present?

  • Bertie

    How bad was takers wig on raw lol!! How are they gonna run with the fact he’s bald?! American bad ass anyone?

  • william

    Richard I just don't see why you are so high up on Daniel Bryan!