The Winner Of Dixie Carter's World Title Tournament & New TNA Champion Is...

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TNA Wrestling crowned their new World Heavyweight Champion in the finals of Dixie Carter's tournament to "crown a new champion" at Tuesday night's tapings in Orlando, Florida. The match, taped for the Final Resolution episode of Impact Wrestling that will air on December 19, 2013, featured Magnus going over Jeff Hardy.

We'll have complete TNA taping results online shortly. Once online, they'll be available at the link below:

Impact Wrestling Spoilers

  • Patrick

    YES! YES! YES! 3 Cheers for Magnus.

  • _JIM_

    I just don’t see what everyone else seems to see in Magnus. His mic skills are less than impressive and so is his in-ring work in my opinion. There are quite a few people in that tournament more deserving of being champion. Especially if this champion is to work with AJ at some point soon. I would’ve much rather seen Roode if it had to be a heel than Magnus who is basically a tweener at this point. If it came down to deserving it rather than storyline progression Somoa Jow is a one time champion. Which is almost criminal as far as I’m concerned. Like I said, I’m just not as high up on Magnus as everyone else seems to be for some reason. I must be missing something when it comes to him. I just don’t have any idea what that could possibly be. He would have zero chance of main eventing in the WWE, but someone like Joe or Roode I believe could do that. The only positive I see from this is that Hardy or Angle didn’t win the title again, and they went with somebody new.