The World Debut Of "Hoeski" Music Video By Zack Ryder

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Friday is the typical release day for Z! True Long Island story with Zack Ryder. Ryder's latest is now available on WWE's YouTube channel but it's not the Web series that apparently ended last week at 100 episodes.

Below is Zack Ryder performing "Hoeski" in his first music video:

  • Kleck

    Roses are red, violets are blue if you listened to this song, sucks to be you.

    Listen to the song once, shame on you. Listen to the song twice, shame on me…

  • steve pritchard

    This Guy will do anything to get attention! Wwe needs to finally give this guy his walking papers! Woo woo woo you’re fired!

    • Dangerous Lee

      Yea you’re right. He should just sit back, not do or say anything, disappear into irrelevancy, and just get fired, right? I don’t know about you, but if I loved my job and felt my skills were being overlooked, I would speak up.

      • steve pritchard

        If he’s so tired of his talents being overlooked! He needs to change his gimmick! He’s had his 15 minutes with this one. He just likes being infront of a camera!

  • Kenneth

    It’s a new video but the *cough*song*cough* has been out for a while already, right? I don’t really pay attention to Ryder these days but I’m sure I’ve heard it before. Something that bad tends to stick around in the old noggin.
    I really hope my brain’s not playing one of those there deja vu tricks on me. It’s picked a really sucky subject if it is.

  • sir-rusty82

    REALLY!!!!!!!!REALLY!!!!!!!REALLY!!!!!!!!! Id rather buy Justin Beiber and 1 Direction music than listen to that,Ryder has turned into the WWE joke which isnt funny getting more boring in everything he puts on the internet no wonder he doesnt get much TV time

  • Effing goof