Darren Young

The Wrestling Business Continues To React To Darren Young Announcing That He Is Gay

The wrestling business continues to react to Darren Young announcing that he is gay. Today is a day of celebration and we should all be very proud to be pro wrestling fans. The following is from Twitter:

  • Jack

    Glad for him, to be able to live his life, on his own terms. #Respect

  • BIG M

    The Divas have got that gay BFF they have always wanted.

    • jackkedx10

      why? are you now employed by the wwe ?

      • BIG M

        Just picking up on Rosa’s tweet.

    • Matt

      Really man? Please go troll elsewhere.

      • BIG M

        Could say the same thing to you mate.
        It was a joke people just picking up on Rosa’s tweet thats all.
        Everyone else was thinking it I just posted it.
        P.S. seriously Matt try decafe all this anger and frustration has to be the caffeine.