The Wrestling Industry Responds To Paul Bearer's Death

After news broke of Paul Bearer's death, the wrestling industry began to speak out about the legendary manager. Some such tweets are compiled below:

  • Rambo Commander

    RIP Paul Bearer. Good to see Michelle McCool’s tweet here. Surely that tweet also has the words of the Undertaker, who does not come out in the open or on social media to show his emotions. But it is a known fact that nobody is missing Paul Bearer more than he is. A one-of-a-kind relationship, a one-of-a-kind manager, an integral part of our childhood growing up, you were the greatest manager of all time despite what anyone might say, and you made the Undertaker bigger than ever. We wanted to see you get inducted into the Hall of Fame along with the Undertaker (inducted by Kane). Alas that day might not come, but hopefully this will be the one time that the Undertaker comes out at a Hall of Fame event soon to induct you.

  • Jake

    Undertaker is probably torn up. RIP Paul :'(

  • soulfool

    Being Manager for Icons such as Undertaker , Kane , Mankind , as well as Ultimate Warrior , Koko B.Ware as Percy Pringle , Bill Moody aka Paul Bearer is truly etched in PW history !!! RIP

  • Ken

    Such an intergral part of the Attitude Era and beyond, William Moody aka Paul Bearer was one of a kind and will be missed. Rest In Peace, Paul. This one’s for you: OOOOHHHHH YYYYYEEESSSSS.

  • King of Smoke

    RIP Paul Bearer I have watched you since your days at WCCW as Percy Pringle you will be missed. Time to add him to the HOF Vince!