The Wrestling Industry Reacts To The Death Of Whitney Houston

Iconic singer Whitney Houston was found dead on Saturday, February 11, and several personalities in the wrestling world gave their thoughts via Twitter. Some tweets are compiled below:

  • havoc525

    First, shocked Hogan didn’t claim he passed up being Costner in The Bodyguard, second, almost seems like more wrestlers responded to this than when one of their own passes.

  • Pizzaman

    RIP Whitney Houston

  • Patrick_Peralta

    RIP Whitney Houston

  • Brandon

    I just want to know how Hogan can claim to meet someone twice?
    It’s always sad to see someone just throw their life away, because they can’t face life without a vice.

  • Frenchfry


  • [email protected]

    I’m sorry she passed, but where are the tributes to Jun Canomaso? he also passed yesterday at age 46….

  • stage at the Apollo. I don’t know why she became famous to start with.

  • performances consecutively and then an award from time to time. It’s laughable they televised 8 awards IN 3 AND 1/2 HOURS. U really needed everything that time for that? I do not think all those performances for a long time

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