The Wyatt Family's First Victim Is Kane, Photo Of Production Error During Raw

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The Wyatt Family Debuts

The Wyatt Family made their highly anticipated debut on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. After Kane beat Christian, Bray Wyatt was featured for one final promo on the big screen before coming down the ramp with a lantern. When the lights came back on, Luke Harper and Erik Rowan were attacking Kane in the ring.  Later into the attack, Bray Wyatt joined the two on the outside, kneeling over Kane to send the broadcast to commercial.

Production Error During Raw

There was a production error on Monday Night Raw when Christian came out for his match against Kane. The screen showcased "Michael McGillicutty" when Christian came out. You can view a photo from my Twitter:

  • Ainsley

    It was a great debut. The entrance was nice and eerie and they looked strong against Kane. If the crowd wouldn’t have crapped all over the debut by chanting Husky Harris, it would have been perfect.

    We get it. He used to have a different gimmick. But we have something actually entertaining and full of potential. It was no big loss when Tensai kept getting the Albert chants, but now I’m going to be dreading the inevitable Husky chants whenever the Wyatt family comes on.

    Sometimes I really hate wrestling crowds.

    • Villy

      It was just a bunch a d-bags who went into business for themselves because they craved the attention. I wouldn’t even consider them wrestling fans, just know it all neckbeard smark losers. Real fans wouldn’t ruin a great debut.

      • Chris

        As a “smart mark,” I resent that statement. You had it right originally, they’re ignorant douchebags.

        • jdl

          If you refer to yourself as a “smart mark”, you’re not actually a smart mark. There’s a difference between a “smart mark” and a person like you and me who are more aware of the goings on in the industry. We’re fans who are aware, a smart mark is just a douche bagel who knows more than the casual fan.

  • Alexi

    Loved the use of the lanterns, the idiots in the crowd not so much. Who cares if he had a different gimmick all wrestlers do that’s how the business survives. Idiots can at least give the gimmick a chance

  • Patrick

    I’ve seen the Wyatt Family on NXT as a whole I do not find them interesting to watch. Luke Harper is the only one out of the group worth watching…based on being a fan before he arrived in WWE. .to bad he didn’t debut as a singles wrestler………the other two I can do with out.