This Week's Impact Wrestling Rating

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This week's Impact Wrestling did a 0.99 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,270,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • ted

    once again a "massive" 1.0 vcable rating for tna, brother.

    dixie carter is a stupid redneck bimbo who is not fit to run a lemonade stand . her dad just keeps tna alive because he does not want his bimbo daughter working in his company.

    has been hogan is nearly 60 years old and this bimbo thinks he will take tna to the next level with steroicrippled arms, a shot back and fake hair extensions covered by a stupid doo rag.

  • bettysteve

    l watched TNA yesterday and saw a very young wrestler with a pepsi tattoo, dunno, looked remarkedly like a twenty something year old CM Punk in a tag team match against Raven…even had the same name?!!!! and the very next match was Bully Ray against Aces and Eights?… so it wasn't a "vintage collection" show.. Dixie, can l borrow your time machine please?