This Week's Impact Wrestling Rating

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This week's Impact Wrestling did an average audience of 1,250,000 viewers on Spike TV. The show got a 0.97 cable rating.

  • LeftyTosser

    Gotta' get off Spike TV and get out of Orlando. If TNA is going to have a permanent home, why not Atlanta, Charlotte or Dallas? Get to a place that has a wrestling history, not the home of Mickey and Minnie.

    • jdl

      Getting off of Spike won't help them, as it's just about the only hospitable channel for a show like Impact Wrestling. Where else would they go? On just about any other network, the ratings they draw would get then canceled in a month. Spike has national coverage, so it's not the problem.

    • I disagree to both. Having TNA in Orlando is very useful because they will get both Orlando fans and those who are coming from all around the world to visit Universal Studios. Unless you can get something just as good as Universal Studios in Atlanta, Charlotte or Dallas, it's not worth it. And "being on" Spike TV isn't the problem, the problem is Viacom not promoting TNA on any of their networks.

      • Nostaljack

        Disagree totally. It's *TNA* not promoting TNA. They've never done a good job of that and look where it's gotten them. I also disagree that being in Orlando is useful. They need fresh crowds to work in front of. Orlando is tired. I'm not suggesting to never work in Orlando again. I'm merely suggesting they go elsewhere at least sometimes to give them fresh crowds to work in front of.