This Week's Raw Rating - Did They Keep The Hype With Vince McMahon's WWE Title Decision?

This week's WWE Raw rating is in and WWE may not be too happy with it. The show got a 2.7 cable rating with an average audience of 3,989,000. The first hour got over 4 million with 4,067,000 while the second hour dropped slightly to 4,013,000. The third hour took a nose dive as it went below 4 million viewers. The third hour got 3,886,000 viewers. The third hour was built around Vince McMahon's decision on who would face CM Punk for the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell.

  • Austin

    Maybe 10:00 is “bed time” for some parents and that could be some kind of explanation for the viewership drop. Three hours is still too long for a wrestling show, considering this particular wrestling show isn’t really compelling television.

  • Looptown

    Richard just read an article about shows like revolution only showing 8 million viewers the next day, but once DVR is taken into account weeks later its actually 14millions, whilst the nfl is 22.7 million but DVR only increases that to 22.82. Surely it would be interesting to know Raws numbers with DVR? I do it so I can fast forward through commercials and can watch football

  • Dude love

    What's funny is that the final hour scored the highest rating, even though it had the lowest amount of viewers.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    They will be screwed next Monday as football the president debate and MLB playoffs are all on..

  • Paul

    They keep getting lower and lower!
    It really is a task to watch raw for 3 hours with a commercial what seems like every 10 minutes.
    They either need to cut back to 2 hours or really up the quality of the programming, I would more decent matches and not so many stupid segments.

  • JonnyL

    In uk our version of DVR sky+,simply allows us to cut 180+ mins of BS down into 90ish mins of what might be worth watching. Absolutely no chance of me sitting through a live Raw without turning over!

    • Ken

      Downloads of questionable legality do the same thing, except someone's already cut out the adverts for me, and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than Sky+.

    • England87

      Totally agree, god bless sky +!!

  • smithmiester

    They say wwe is pg and is built around entertaining kids, but who knows of any young kids that stay up late enough to watch it?

  • ou812

    Looks like the chargers weren’t the only ones who couldn’t compete with peyton on monday.

  • ou812

    If next weeks presidential debate ends like a typical WWE contract signing does then I’m watching that.

  • PainOfDemise

    It's just too much. Three hours is long, but I can watch it. I think they just have too much wrestling on. We have almost one show every day of the week; Monday Night Raw, Wednesday Main Even, Thursday NXT and Superstars, Friday Night Smackdown, Saturday Morning Slam…'s just getting to be too much. I love me some WWE, but I also want to be able to watch something else.

  • ted

    the third hour of raw is down because the nfl game was great in the second half.when the football season ends, the third hour wil increase and the dirt sheet writers will try to figure out why.

  • H.M.

    I say it again…the only way you can watch the whole program without getting worked up is if you watch it DVR'ed. Even then one starts feeling fatigue setting in. Yesterday's Raw was pretty good – the midcard was pretty entertaining.

  • Nick b

    You people realize that they added an extra hour at the beginning of the show, not the end right? RAW has always ended at 10:00…..

    • Bigbdawg

      Raw ends @ 11:00 here and I was thinking the same thing. I have dvr’d raw for the last 5+ years I can’t remember the last time I watched raw live after you fastforward commercials,tensi matches b-clay matches cena trying to be a comedian twice a night and all the what happened earlier segments they show 3 hours turns into about 1 1/2 hours s

  • A fan

    WWE should be called weeeeeeeeee it more like cartoon than wrestling waste time to watch it , TNA is much better to watch a lot more exciting.

  • Lex Darksyde

    Three hours is way too long for a wrestling show. Especially a wrestling show that doesn't want to call itself "wrestling". Especially when much of the time is wasted on people mouthing off rather than any actual wrestling.

  • Bryan

    Do they take hulu into account as well? Just dropped dish for hulu. 3hours condensed into 90 minutes.