This Week's Raw Viewership Dips Below 4 Million Again

This week's WWE Raw received an average viewing audience of 3,821,000. The show was hitting above an average of four million for the past two weeks. Not only were they against stiff competition, NFL game receiving over 13,000,000 viewers, but Raw was also taped a week before. Below is the hourly breakdowns:

  • Hour 1 - 3,959,000
  • Hour 2 - 3,893,000
  • Hour 3 - 3,610,000

We will have the final cable rating once it becomes available.

  • BIG M

    Wonder how low the ratings will get before VKM or HHH decide to do something about it.
    I mean I know us fans who keep saying this sound like a broken record here but WWE’s ratings were very rarely this low before PG.
    In other words enough with the kiddie stuff WE WANT WRESTLING.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Yeah the wanted PG comments are just boring now. It’s clearly not going to happen any time soon, if it happens at all. They’re clearly making more money now than they did before and they’re getting more recognition.

      Instead of trying to compare PG and the Attitude Era, enjoy what WWE brings and what talent they have.

    • Bob’s Diner

      You can’t blame the lower viewership on the PG rating. I am pretty sure the viewership for Raw is effected by things like filling the 3 hours with numerous recaps, ads for the WWE App and terrible creative decisions that have nothing to do with being PG rated.

      People forget the Attitude era was actually a departure from a wrestling-based product

  • eskymi

    NOt that i have any affect on ratings, but I admit I read the results and stopped watching. When ORton won at TLC I stopped watching and just read the results. I dislike Orton and will not pay too much attention until probably WM and he drops the title. Although I will probably get Royal Rumble as it is my favorite PPV unless Orton is in it and there is a chance he could win the Rumble. But I digress from the Orton hate.

    The last 2 RAWs and SMackdowns I just read about. I do not believe I contribute to the ratings, but I know I have stopped watching.

    And from reading the results, the shows do not sound that good anyway, so!!!