This Week's WWE Raw Draws Lowest Audience Of The Year

WWE Monday Night Raw lost its audience this week, setting a new yearly low with an alarmingly small viewing audience. The show averaged 3,917,000 viewers on the USA Network. Below is the breakdown by hour:

  • Hour one - 3,970,000 viewers
  • Hour two - 3,870,000 viewers
  • Hour three - 3,910,000 viewers

Raw ended up with a 2.9 cable rating.

  • Eric

    Sick of raw. Fuck pg and Cena!!

  • I seem to recall a week or 2 ago someone said that RAW was drawing perfectly fine ratings without the likes of CM Punk around… What say you now?

    I’m not saying punk is the main reason, as WWE has been lacking interesting main event talent for a while now, but surely this helps to show how little people care for the current crop of talent and the way they’re used.

    • Chris

      Or maybe it was because the NBA playoffs where on.

  • Harlie Boucher

    Still interesting to see that TNA and WWE has had their lowest ratings of the year, and WWEs lowest ratings is still triple that of TNAs.

    • Is that you, Pain?

      • Harlie Boucher

        Yes it is.

        • I thought so based of the picture! The name was throwing me off.

  • After the way they opened Raw, I’m not surprised.

  • Thomas M.

    The only reason why the ratings are so low is because Punk is champ. Oh, wait…

  • Robinson

    HA, and they said CM Punk didn’t draw. Charge up those batteries Punker the WWE desperately needs you.

    • Terry

      That’s because CM Punk doesn’t draw.

  • All the current storylines seem to be either boring or repeats and there is nothing new/fresh. Cena vs Ryback is boring, we have seen tripleh vs brock 2 times already and the mid card champs are nothing but jobbers to the mainevent guys. sheamus vs henry and orton vs big show are just fillers to the extreme rules ppv card.

    what more do you expect? wwe really needs to wake up and start giving quality product or else this trend will continue.

  • John

    Last week we had a triple threat match with Big E Langston vs. Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Zeb Colter.. A dance off between Fandango and The Great Khali.. And a tug of war between Mark Henry and a bunch of jobbers..

    Why is anyone surprised that people aren’t watching?

  • I thought Raw wasn’t actually as bad as what it’s rating were.

  • Cubed56

    Where are all the Cens fans to defend this? Finally they and the wwe get proof, people are absolutely sick and tired of his lame ass gimmick. It also doesn’t help all the other story lines are complete garbage.

    • Smart Mark

      The 1st time since Punk has lost the title that they did lower then a 3.0 When Punk was champ they were doing ratings of less then 3.0, not once as champ did they ever do a rating higher then a 2.9 even in the summer when RAW wasn’t competing with the NBA or the NFL. RAW is competing with the NBA playoffs right now. If Punk was champ RAW would be drawing probably a 2.3 right now.

      • Cubed56

        My comment has nothing to do with punk, as I agree with you he wasn’t drawing high either. My point is there is a clear indication that viewers are sick of cena’s gimmick and him being the top guy along with the other same 2 or 3 guys. Along with that goes the frustration of any good or logical storylines being written by creative. As far as going against the nba playoffs, that’s a bad argument, as most wrestling fans will tune into raw unless its there favorite team playing. Besides by the numbers the only team in the playoffs that’s drawn over a 3.5 is the Miami Heat. Overall the nba playoffs are averaging a 3.2 viewership rating, so even if they were stealing fans, they aren’t stealing enough to be the biggest reason for the dip in ratings.