Thoughts On Damien Sandow, Defining Backstage Heat, Raw Returning To Two Hours?, Austin vs. Punk

What are your thoughts on Damien Sandow

I am very high up on Damien Sandow, who formerly worked as Idol Stevens. Sandow was trained by Killer Kowalski and has all the tools to be successful. The fact he's been in the business over a decade shows his passion and hard work in trying to make it to the top. The Sandow gimmick resonates with me and I feel he has a very high ceiling. I will be talking more about Sandow in today's Premium Mailbag.

When you say some has "backstage heat" what exactly do you mean? What exactly does that entail usually?

When we talk about someone having "backstage heat" it means they have upset their superiors through something they have done. When a worker gets backstage heat, it can result in anything from a stern talk to an outright termination. It's funny how we have our own lingo in this business and I often find myself using the terms in my every day life. Anyone ever accused their wife of turning heel?

Will WWE Raw ever go back to two hours?

I've said since WWE Raw went to a permanent three-hour timeslot on July 23, 2012 that the company would not look at reverting back to two hours unless the ratings took a significant step in the wrong direction. Given this week's 2.54 cable rating and disastrous viewership of 3,502,000 viewers, we look to be approaching that point if not already there. I will have more on Vince McMahon's reaction to the rating shortly, however, I believe one thing is evident in that viewer fatigue has set-in and the company has a problem keeping their audience for all three hours.

Is it possible Steve Austin makes an appearance on WWE television to "teach" CM Punk how to "earn respect"?

Anything is possible and I think all of the open dialogue regarding Steve Austin and CM Punk is done to set the groundwork for a possible Austin vs. Punk dream match at Wrestlemania. The company would like to do it at Wrestlemania XXIX next year but it depends on Austin's health and desire.

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  • Ellen

    Well, Leaping Lanny Poffo!

    • BigMike

      I have been saying that for awhile about this Sandow Gimmick I personally liked him in OVW when he was simply Aaron "the Idol" Stevens he had/has a good look, he gets it done in the ring and he has mic skills he does not IMO need PINK tights and the dumbass cartwheel

  • Richard: Do you think WWE wouldn’t let Punk go over Stone Cold because Cena didn’t go over The Rock?

    • rkodmr

      Sorry I’m not Richard but I personally don’t think Austin will win because Austin won’t want to. He is very smart in the business and I feel he will require Punk going over if he does the match. That’s just how good Stone Cold is.

      • Frenchfry

        umm im pretty sure if they offered him the chance to win he wouldnt demand that he lost, dont be ridiculous

    • Andrew Ace

      No because Austin is the best and no ones better not even precious little Dwanye The Rock Johnson

  • Xaq

    WWE should be used to losing viewers to MNF

  • I use wrestling lingo all the time in regards to everyday life. Thats because WRESTLING IS LIFE.

  • mathew30

    i tweeted this on the night, there was only 45 minutes of actual wrestling, some matches were between 1.30 min and 3 mins. but overall 45 minutes over a 3 hour period. which is just dreadful and they are wondering why people cant be bothered to stay and watch.

    the longest match was with Shamus at just over 15 mins

    • Joe

      Which that match was good. I think others are capable of good matches, but quite a bit of that time is story, but most of it is from McMahon building money from Commercials. MNF's commercials aren't as long, of course, they have a live game while Vince can keep the long ads between matches (and even during, i suppose).

    • snap

      I don’t know why people insist on using the amount of time actually spent in the ring as a sign of quality. I hear people singing the praises of UFC, but their fights don’t last longer than 5 minutes and many are less than 2 minutes long.

      I don’t watch UFC but how long are their PPVs when the combined time spent fighting in the ring is less than an hour?

      • mathew30

        big difference being that the ufc FIGHTS it doesnt spend 3/4 of its air time prancing about and talking to fill space

    • partyjereme

      I thought it was closer to 55 minutes last night from the match times I saw and added together, which by the way is almost twice as much wrestling then we used to get for a typical 2 hour Raw.

  • Andrew Ace

    And I call people heels and Jobbers in my everyday life

  • havoc525

    Sandow seems to be cut from the same cloth as Triple H, I could see a major character change down the road.

  • Nick

    I’ll tell What Richard, when my girlfriend turned heel on me, there was some nuclear backstage heat between us. Her desire to be with me was no longer there and she chose to future endeavor me. But I’ll tell you this, I had myself a shoot interview with her and I busted her heart open the hard way much like she did to me. But then after a while the dust had cleared and I tried to get over with her by apologizing and now we seem to be on the same page. Sometimes I over-sell my emotions towards her but that’s only because I want her back. Furthermore, it’s been a tough road and I take a few bumps here and there but I want to be the babyface in this tag team by always putting her over and laying down once in a while. Just gotto watch out for her mom because she’s a monster heel and she flat out thinks I’m a jobber and that I’m no good for her daughter.

    • Ken

      I hate to say but she might be right, you know…

      I jest.

      • AceV

        Amazing!!!! 10/10.

    • fan

      Great job sir

    • kevin

      Fantastic 🙂

    • sweeeeeet

      Lol… All of that wrestling lingo that related to you and, your ex girlfriend was just too….

    • H.M.

      This comment has to be saved and remembered for ages to come.

    • -|AZ|-

      You sir just had your 'WNW moment' m/

      "Feed me more!!!"

    • Kevin

      Dude, that was AWESOME!!!!!

  • Borgi83

    Accusing my wife to turning heel? Hilarious Richard and absolutely brilliant!!!!

    • leemcevoy

      I agree with Borgi83 the comment about your wife turning heel was hilarious Richard

  • The Breaker

    If WWE can put out a consistently entertaining product for three hours, then there wouldn't be such a drop in viewership. Plain and simple, people are changing the channel. You can't just sit and blame Monday Night Football.

  • Ken

    I've never accused my GF of turning heel, but I used to find myself saying LOL and ROFL and OMG out loud to people, not as letters but as actual pronounced words – 'ohmmg' instead of 'oh em jee', for example – or using gamer terms in conversations with people who clearly hadn't a clue. It's easily done.
    It took a lot of self-corrective theraputic slapping to stop doing that.

    • themcdangler

      Calling someone a randy in RL is fulfilling isnt it?

  • Bault16


  • TheBops

    I work nights and DVR Raw. I still can't watch the whole thing in one sitting most of the time.

  • Einar

    I download Raw every week via torrent, cause I live in Norway, and the people who upload these episodes edit out all commercials. So the Total run time ends up at around 2 hours and 5 minutes. And to top that off I skip the stuff telling me what happen last week on raw and smackdown. So the "3 hour" episodes of Raw I finish in about 1 hour and 30 min. And way to much of that is not actual wrestling…

  • J-Dub

    Turning Heel! My wife was a heel when I married her. Hope she don't read this!

  • H.M.

    Sandow is one of the best heels WWE has put out in the last few years. Everything about him – his in-ring work won me over on Monday with his excellent match against Sheamus – his look, his wardrobe, his mannnerisms and his mic work. He's really the total package and it's obvious that he's really worked on his craft. I really can't wait to see more of him.

  • Stoney

    Sandow is just the heel that you love to hate, he reminds me of a young Triple H

    • kevin

      Reminds me of bob backlund

  • partyjereme

    If a 2.5 is considered a bad cable TV rating then tell that to the thousands of other cable TV shows that can't anywhere near a 2.5 rating. I guess the rating is bad if you are comparing it to Monday Night Football but that's one of the highest rated shows on TV, not just cable TV.

    • Kevin

      2.5 isn't all that bad when compared to all the ratings of all the shows on television. But Vince isn't concerned with all the shows on television; he's only concerned with his own. A 2.5, when compared to his past 3.5's, is a hard number to swallow. I agree with Richard; sooner or later, Vince will have to admit his mistake and take Raw back to a 2 hour show. Hey, the good news is, at least he won't be losing Millions and Millions of Dollars with this bad venture (XFL, anyone?)

  • LeBron James

    Instead of calling someone a loser, I call them a jobber.
    I always catch myself calling the Charlotte Bobcats "jobbers" lol.