Thoughts On Punk vs. Heyman, Cena's Random Title Challenge, Reliable Big Men, AJ's Health, Why Should We Believe In Daniel Bryan

I have enjoyed CM Punk's feud with Paul Heyman, it's almost like a modern day Steve Austin/Mr. McMahon feud with many of the same elements of realism. What are your thoughts?

The mic work and drama surrounding CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman has been top-notch. The program has been compelling with intricate twists that have clearly had influence from Punk and Heyman themselves. My problem with it, however, is that Punk hasn't had believable in-ring opposition aside from Brock Lesnar. Curtis Axel was such a big step down, WWE tried to downplay him and we all know what we are getting out of Ryback. The storyline itself has been great but it hasn't produced the high-tier matches to go with it and that's disappointing.

Why would WWE bring back John Cena early, especially to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship?

John Cena claims he's good to go and will be 100% healthy for his match against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell on October 27, 2013. As we reported here on, Cena says he has received three levels of medical clearance and it just isn't him wanting to come back. It's clearly safe to assume that his injury wasn't as serious as first thought and his premature return is welcomed with open arms by WWE. Not only is the roster ravaged by injury but it's ultra thin at the top with Rob Van Dam going on hiatus. As for Cena working Del Rio for the World title, Del Rio needed an opponent and Cena needed a main event level program. Del Rio is already heel so it was very easy to insert Cena right back into the mix.

What's your opinion on the Big Show and Kane? I think it's amazing that they've been able to stay in shape, and relevant since the late 90s.

Go ahead and add Mark Henry to this list and you have three guys that have been great reliable big men that can get over. All three have gotten over multiple gimmicks and proved they are rare talents that will be missed when they're gone. The fact they've been able to remain relevant and prove their worth highlights their God-given talent for this business.

What do you know about AJ Lee?

AJ Lee was in rough shape backstage at WWE Raw on Monday. WWE's medical staff checked her out and discovered that she had some troubling remembering stuff and she was subsequently diagnosed with a concussion. Given WWE's tough stance on concussions, they immediately took her out of the plans for Monday's show and ordered that she go him and get some rest. She'll probably be reevaluated over the course of the next several days and that will determine how much time that she'll miss. In order to receive medical clearance, AJ will be required to pass an Impact Concussion Test.

With the authority figures continuously reversing the outcomes of WWE title matches, how are we supposed to believe that Daniel Bryan can actually win the title?

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE title at SummerSlam… immediately loses it. Daniel Bryan wins the WWE title at Night of Champions… he's stripped the next night. Daniel Bryan appears to have won the WWE Championship at Battleground… he's "screwed" by the corporation. I'm not sure what makes WWE think fans will be interested in the third match in just as many pay-per-views. Obviously there is hope that Shawn Michaels will help the buyrate but I agree it's less than ideal given how it's been booked.

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  • BIG M

    Hope AJ comes back soon she’s the best thing to happen to the Divas division in years.
    Ok let the praising and condemning of my comments by The Pro and The Anti IWC’rs begin.

    • Randshot

      Cricket, cricket.

  • Rus

    Sticking Cena against Delrio for the WHC just seems random to me

  • Winnipeg

    Just a bunch of pointless questions

    • Comments complaining about questions are about as useful as comments that read who cares? If you don’t like the questions, ask a better one! Heck, ask it here and I’ll either answer or use it for tomorrow!

      • lsudude101

        Richard, what are the chances John Cena accually goes over at Hell in a Cell?

      • BIG M

        How about trying themed additions of ask wnw.
        Pick a theme or a broad subject and have us ask questions related to them.

      • Fandingo

        Richard, do you think vince will come back to boost ratings and in the big shows corner? A hhh and Steph backed orton and a vince backed big show programme?

        • I think it’s inevitable but probably closer to Survivor Series

          • Kris Mystery

            The only problem with this scenario is it is likely to end as all the rest have… McMahon will be with HHH and Steph the whole time.

      • Rus

        haha well done Richard not hard to see you deal with this negativity…….and Winnipeg you just look dumb taking notice of something your not even interested in and I bet you read all the comments too lol

        • winnipeg

          No sorry, I don’t.

          • Rus

            No sorry, you do 😛

          • Winnipeg

            Actually I just scrolled all the way down to see if Richard answered my question, then I seen your comment & replied to it. But whatever makes you feel good, man. Keep fighting the good fight.

          • Rus

            HAHAHA for all these pointless questions that you obviously waste so much time on why are you still commenting 4 days later

          • Winnipeg

            cuz I get a notification when you reply to my comment. Only takes me 30 seconds outta my day to reply to you. It’s hardly anything really.

          • Rus

            That’s more pointless than anything written on this page

      • Winnipeg

        I always wondered why Chyna was referred to as “the 9th wonder of world” rather then the 8th.

        • Snap

          Assuming it’s not just a joke question, the answer is simple: WWF billed Andre the Giant as the 8th Wonder of the World.

  • Xavier

    The Punk/Heyman angle was doomed from the minute Punk/Lesnar ended at Summerslam. There was just no way that fans would buy into Axel being any sort of threat to Punk considering that Punk had just fought Lesnar tooth & nail at Summerslam. Axel has been booked like dog**** this entire feud and on top of that he’s very average in the ring and has the charisma of a door knob. And to be honest, Ryback wasn’t the right choice to be the next Heyman guy. Ryback should of never been turned heel to begin with but I’m really to tired to rant about that lol. But hopefully this angle ends at HIAC, it’s time for Punk to move on to bigger and better things.

    It’s been reported from various sources that Cena’s injury wasn’t as serious as Doctor’s first expected so that pretty much explains everything regarding Cena’s early return. Why anyone would complain about Cena fighting the WHC is beyond me. What else should he be doing instead? I mean correct me if I’m wrong but I thought everyone would be happy to see Del Rio lose the title. Cena/Del Rio makes so much sense on so many levels. Cena beats Del Rio for the title in a hard fought battle where Del Rio really does damage to Cena’s elbow/arm, afterwards Sandow cashes in and beats Cena for the title. That scenario fixes do many things, for 1.) A win over Cena (even a dirty one) instantly builds credibility back to Sandow after all the losses he’s taking 2.) Cena involved in the world title picture brings prestige back to that title and instantly gets people to care about it again rather they love or hate Cena and 3.) A feud with Cena establishes Sandow has a top heel in the company; just look at what the Cena feud did for Edge back in 2006 and what a title feud against Cena did for Sheamus’ career in 2009.

    I 100% agree with Richard. Big Show & Kane will be sorely missed when they are gone I’d go as far as to say that Big Show & Kane are probably the most versatile guys in the company. They can fill any role as needed within the company, rather it be as the big monster heel that destroys everyone, the lovable gentle giant, the comedic big guy, the badass babyface big man or as part of a tag team. No matter the role they given they excel in it. It took Mark Henry a lot longer to get to the level that Big Show & Kane are at but Henry is pretty versatile and excels in a multitude of roles.

    • Patrick

      as much as I am a fan of Punk it’s been ages ( so it seems ) that Punk has done anything with out Heyman involved one way or another. I’ve never been a Heyman fan and since his return and being teamed with Punk I’ve lost interest in anything Punk has done no matter who he faces.

      That being said I agree I can’t wait for Punk to move on to other things with OUT Heyman involved.

      • Xavier

        Good point, it has been awhile since Punk wasn’t involved with Heyman in one way or another. I’ve lost all interest in this Punk/Heyman storyline as well. I just don’t find it interesting anymore. since Lesnar left, it almost feels like that feud is on some island out in the middle of nowhere away from everything else going on in the WWE. Where WWE creative goes with Punk is a tough call, especially with Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Big Show are tied into an angle with the Corporation and with Cena set to return to feud with Del Rio over the WHC with Sandow laying in wait. I mean do they add Punk to the corporate angle making it even more crowded or do they move him into another feud not involving the Corporation at all (Wyatt Family anyone?)

    • -|AZ|-

      All in favor of having a guest edition of AskWNW with Xavier as host, say I…


  • Charles

    John Cena is still entitled to his rematch with Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship.
    Clearly there are no plans for him to defeat Del Rio and have a meaningful WHC reign.
    WWE creative is surely aware that fans could care less if Damien Sandow cashes in the MIB briefcase on Alberto Del Rio and the fact that it would be the second time this year Del Rio gets cashed in on.
    The World title is almost completely useless at the moment so instead of piling Cena on to the main storyline they’ve decided to use him to try and make the WHC somewhat relevant again.
    This should definitely be a good thing.

    • Mark

      How do you get that fans don’t care about Sandow cashing in. Did you not hear the chants for Sandow during the WHC match at Battleground?

      • Charles

        It’s who Sandow is cashing in on. It would mean absolutely nothing in the long run if he wins the belt from Del Rio (see Dolph Ziggler) it was just done a few months ago. Bringing the golden boy Cena temporarily into the World title scene so that Damien Sandow can cash in on him is a brilliant move that should give a huge boost to Sandows career and the WHC itself.

        • Jbreed

          Even Heath Slater would probably get chants from the fans to cash in if he held the briefcase. The thing is once it’s over nobody is gonna care about Damien Sandow because I doubt the WWE is gonna see him as a long term main eventer. Besides Edge did anybody ever become a major star because of winning the briefcase? One could say CM punk but it actually took Punk 3 more years and threatening to leave the WWE to become a solidified man eventer. The MITB contract is basically just a short term opportinity to main event not to create future stars.

          • TheBigKing1

            D. Bryan. But it can create future stars, but the horrible WWE booking makes it difficult so create new main event superstars, rather than a short term main event opportunity…like Ziggler for example.

  • David

    I just dont think Cena returning alone will boost the ratings as long as its 3 hours. 3 hours is too long for RAW and its evident by the poor storyline booking. WWE needs to go back to 2 hours or they will continue to see poor ratings against Monday Night Football.

  • Jason

    Given the fact that Shawn’s Best friend HHH is the COO and a Heel yet alone have control of this company the twist i see is a HBK heel turn

  • Jbreed

    What else was there for CM Punk to do after the Brock Lesnar feud. John Cena gets hurt, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and The Shield are involved in the main event program and whoever else is left is nowhere near Punk’s level. The rest are either jobbers, lower midcarders or guys like Ryback and Curtis Axel who are trying to reach the next level. CM Punk is a main eventer and find me another main eventer or an even an upper midcarder who’s not involved in the Corparate angle. Maybe they could have put him in the world title picture but they couldn’t end his feud with Paul Heyman so quickly. But the problem is they couldn’t find anybody anywhere near Punk’s level to be a Heyman guy so they went with a guy who’s been given a second (and probably final) chance and another guy who obviously the WWE is already starting to give up on. It’s bad when there’s a numerous roster with so much talent but about 70% of the guys on the roster right now are basically irrevelent.

  • Jay El Bee

    I’m not sure why you think Ryback isn’t believable in ring competition for Punk. The guy has been booked stronger than almost anyone else in the company in the last year and a half, and dominated his feud with Punk last year even though he came out on the losing end of the feud.

  • Mr. Wrestling III

    Giving credit to god for those three’s hard work and diligence is blasphemous!!

  • Tim

    Kane needs a wrestle mania main event match before he retires. He has impressive records. He should have won a royal rumble by now aswell.

  • -|AZ|-

    Kane has always been one of my favs ever since his debut. He might not be on the same level as Bret Hart or DB in terms of in-ring skills, but he is certainly a guy Vince and WWE can trust for getting any gimmick over.

    Be it his return against Un-americans, unmasking, crashing weddings, embrace the hate version, Team hell no, Kane has always been able to connect and draw reactions from crowd consistently.

    If he isn’t included in the WWE and Pro-wrestling HOF, I will be very very surprised…


  • JJ

    Cena already coming for the title is a fucking joke, he should actually have to put in more time, I mean sure he comes back form injury early, but they happen often enough. What about all those wrestlers who’ve worked hard, a complete slap in the face to every one of them.