Thoughts On Sheamus, Christian's Return, Elimination Chamber Taking Away From Royal Rumble, Has WWE Given Up On Zack Ryder?

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I'm just curious about your feelings towards Sheamus. I was brought up watching the Attitude Era and I haven't found somebody that I really get excited about since The Rock: until Sheamus. I think his in-ring work is great, his mic work is pretty good and his look is great. He seems to be working at the mid-upper card level, is there any word about him getting a main event push soon?

Sheamus is working in the upper mid-card to main event level on Smackdown as he'll co-headline Wrestlemania XXVIII in a match against Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship. WWE has a lot of confidence in Sheamus as Triple H has been behind his push since 2009 and now he's won the Royal Rumble and will take center stage at Wrestlemania. As for my thoughts on Sheamus, I'm high up on him. I feel like he has everything to establish himself as a top name that can help carry the company for years. Sheamus has proved he can work as both a heel and a babyface and that he can handle adversity when his push fizzled before being elevated back to where he is now.

What are the plans for Christian going forward on WWE television?

As we saw on last night's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Christian is back and is still a heel on Smackdown. I expect him to work in the top of the card although I haven't heard potential Wrestlemania plans for him as of this writing.

Do you believe the Elimination Chamber takes something away from the Royal Rumble? There's better odds of winning the Elimination Chamber than the Rumble.

WWE had long looked for a way to make the pay-per-view in-between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania relevant as it had by large been a throwaway show that fans simply skipped. The company found the solution with the Elimination Chamber matches which is why they re-branded the pay-per-view from No Way Out to Elimination Chamber in 2010. Since becoming a staple of the pay-per-view in 2008, the Chamber matches have been used in different capacities. In 2008 and 2011, there were Chamber matches to determine who would challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania with the World Heavyweight Championship contender determined at Royal Rumble. In 2009, 2010 and this year, the Chamber matches were used as actual title matches. I don't think it takes away from Royal Rumble because it gives people a reason to order the show in-between, however, I would rather see one of the Chamber matches used to determine the other number one contender for Wrestlemania rather than both titles being defended in them.

Is Kane's continuous assaults on Zack Ryder, the US championship being stripped of him and the incident with Eve and John Cena, all signs that WWE isn't behind Zack Ryder anymore?

There were rumblings that some of the higher-ups in WWE as well as other top WWE stars were not sold on Zack Ryder as a title holder. When the company had Jack Swagger go over Ryder for the WWE United States Championship, some assumed this was a sign the company had abandoned the push of Ryder. However, if you go back and analyze the programming since Ryder dropped the US title - who is getting the bigger push, Swagger or Ryder? Ryder is clearly still being highlighted but they are selling storyline injuries. I have also heard rumors Ryder could be nursing a legitimate injury although I find that hard to believe considering the bump in the wheelchair off the ramp he took a couple weeks ago. I don't see anyone that is legitimately injured agreeing to do a spot like that.

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  • @jblack424

    I wanna start with chamber and rumble convo. This year rumble was watered down minus kofi and end. Every other year and including this year the rumble match is biggest and most fans are more excited for rumble than most other matches. This year rumble just didn’t do it. Now this chamber was great for most part. Raw chamber best ever til jericho being took out. I understand why but it took away from greatest chamber ever. Sd was solid and cena and kane was pretty good. 3 matches that I thought was done well besides santino and khali actually making chamber. Only thing is switch order or matches presented. Sd chamber , divas match, cena-kane, swag gabriel,then raw. Only real issue with chamber.

    Christian being a heel suprises me. I feel like there will be no mitb but a team long vs team johnny ace. Christian delrio otunga and some one else facing team long. I’m just happy they both are back and interested in seeing delrio and christians road to wm.

    Ryder is in part to cena’s mainevent character. He is tech hurt and will be a big player in 2012 and I feel he will have a huge fued with cena after wm.

    Is sheamus getting a push he won the rumble. Dumb question. I don’t think he’ll ever be rock or austin but a big show type career. Multi hw/wwe title. Mid card titles and tag titles but not a all time top ten.

  • @RatedMKD

    Completely agree about the Elimination Chamber ideally being used to determine the "other" number one contender. There's fewer participants than the Royal Rumble, but it's a more physically gruelling environment, and unlike the Rumble, the competitors have to actually be pinned or submitted to be eliminated. The Rumble is more difficult to win in the sense of a much wider field of opponents, but it's easier to eliminate the competition than it is in the Chamber. I think having the Rumble determine one challenger and a Chamber match determine another is a pretty fair way to go about it.

  • W.N.W. Stalker

    Personally, I feel that Zack Ryder is slowing getting pushed to the "Main Event" Status, or at least "Upper Mid-Card" , however, you have to deal with his PG Gimmick, only because he's not "over like Cena / unover like Centa."

    I'd take this recent spur of events, especially with Kane, to intentionally "backfire" , and "hit Ryder" instead of Cena, therefore maturing his character with anger, thus giving a more realistic vibe to his new direction with the company.

    I don't think they could properly sell his current character as a Main Event with the gimmick he's treading. A slight tweek is all he needs at the moment. That's my thoughts.

    • Brian

      I agree with the Zach Ryder comment but more importantly is I just had Burger Kings buy 1 get 1 free chicken sandwich deal. They were absolutely amazing.

  • Jbreed

    After last night's John Laurinaitis segment it's obvious they're setting up a match involving Christian and the rest of the guys who were out there to form team John Laurinatis vs. team Teddy Long and the winning team determines who becomes general manager of both Raw and Smackdown.

    As for Sheamus let's hope with this recent push he finally becomes a legitimate long term main-eventer instead of it being just one of those Miz-like runs from last year before being demoted back to mid-card hell. If they keep him away from Randy Orton he should be fine.

  • Marc

    Wouldnt it just make sense to move the elimination chamber to January and have the royal rumble in February?

  • Tyler

    I think the opposite of the Elimination Chamber. I think that since it is such a "barbaric" match the winner should ultimately win the championship, and not a championship match.

    • Jbreed

      What they should do is get rid of the EC PPV this way they get all the WM feuds started right after the RR to give the programs heading into WM more time to develop.

  • Clint

    I think if they are going to bring back money in the bank to wrestlemania, maybe they should make the ppv about filling the spots for the money in the bank, that way they make money in the bank more relevant for wrestlemania

  • BigMike

    true about Ryder ULESS that spot is what caused the legit injury U never Know