Thoughts On TNA Hall Of Fame, Triple H's Rise To Power, "Smack At Smarks," Big Show's Run In The Main Event

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What are your thoughts on TNA introducing a Hall of Fame at Slammiversary next Sunday?

A lot of people are up in arms over TNA announcing their own Hall of Fame, feeling it's too soon and there hasn't been enough success for the company to be enshrining people in glory. I look at it just as I do the WWE Hall of Fame; a promotional mechanism to create hype for one of their biggest pay-per-views and sell more tickets. Obviously any Hall of Fame that's created by a promotion with no objective form of voting is a work to create excitement. I'm not saying it isn't an honor to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, as workers clearly feel it is, but it's not a third party Hall of Fame based on a strict criteria of voting. There are plenty of names that are in that shouldn't be in and plenty of names that should be in that aren't in. I don't know the plan for the TNA Hall of Fame but it's more or less a way for them to create more hype and make people care.

What are your thoughts on Triple H and what is the backstage opinion of him now that he is the boss?

Triple H mastered the art of backstage politics early on, forming alliances with those in power and gaining the favor of Vince McMahon. As a result, his career has flourished and he even ended up in a martial relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Obviously there are a lot of people jealous of Hunter's influence, control and power but who wouldn't be? He started out just like any other worker and one day will be head of the world's largest pro wrestling empire, even beating out Vince's biological son Shane McMahon. Triple H is a guy that "gets it" and has a very close relationship with his father-in-law who sees him as the son he never had. A lot of the younger workers could learn a lot from Hunter, especially how he angled himself behind-the-scenes to gain influence.

In Friday's Ask WNW, you used the phrase "smack at smarks". What is that?

A "smark" is wrestling-slang for a smart mark or an educated fan that understands what is kayfabe (a work) and what is a shoot (legitimate). So when I said Kane was inserted into the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan feud as a "smack at smarks," I was saying that it was WWE's way of telling informed fans that their poster children aren't bigger than the federation. If you still don't get it, you will in time. Just keep reading.

Why is it that Big Show has gone so long without a main event run until now?

There are many factors that lead to a worker getting pushed to the main event but ultimately it comes down to the right situation. Big Show, like Kane and Mark Henry, is a long-time reliable WWE veteran that is someone that isn't a massive draw on their own but in the right situation, can handle main event story lines. When WWE lost confidence in Tensai, Show reaped the benefit. It'll be up to his crowd reactions to determine where he goes from here but I personally feel Big Show is booked much more effectively as a "giant heel" rather than a comedic babyface.

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  • Patrick_Peralta

    "his father-in-law who sees him as the son he never had." you know that is sad in regards to Shane… so Shane wanted to move on to other projects instead of staying in the family bussiness WWE. so what I mean he did his time there and it isn't as if Vince himself hasn't tried to branch out into other things besides being known as a Wrestling promoter..

    Being known as a Wrestling promoter looks to me as if it is something Vince is a shamed of which explains his need to get into thigns like Movies, football, bodybuilding and other projects over the years..

    just seems insulting to Shane when his Father thinks of another HHH as the son he didn't have…

    • WyFo

      I don’t think Vince is ashamed of the millions of dollars he gets from being a wrestling promoter.

  • Travis

    I’m pretty sure you have no idea how Vince feels. I’m also sure that Shane is well taken care of.

    Big Show might be hanging them up soon. We’ll see. Mark Henry would be a much opponent for Cena, I believe, because Henry is supposedly the best shape he has been in for a long time. Regardless though, we need new stars. Henry is older and so is Big Show and a few more years and John Cena is right there with them.

    • Matt Scott

      Best shape he's ever been in? He's just had more knee surgery and is planning on not coming back.

  • Frenchfry

    vince himself never used the words "son he never had", so its not an insult lol

  • Terry

    I think Shane saw that is was starting to to to HHH and so he just bounced .

  • Doug

    No worker put his body on the line with more reckless abandon than Shane-O-Mac with the possible exception of the ECW originals. I like Shane.

    • Wainwright

      I still remember that spot with Angle, VIVIDLY, of the repeated suplexes thru the glass something (like a window or the stage decoration) because it wouldn’t break!! Wasn’t he the first person (that I remember at least) going corner to corner (usually with a chair or “trash can” covering the person)? Shane-O-Mac was the F’n MAN!!!

      • Terra Ryzing

        Rob Van Dam was going coast to coast well before Shane. It was called the Van Terminator. But don’t get me wrong it was also a sight to see with Shane doing it since he wasn’t a wrestler.

      • havoc525

        RVD did it before Shane, but Shane did it on a larger stage. I remember Shane’s bump from the SummerSlam set still. The man was insane.

        • Okay My friends and I used to do this (and soteimmes still do) at our local A W/KFC. Since we started high school back in 2004. And the song was What’s New Pussycat by Tom Jones. Before this video or act was even put together. I am creeped out now.

  • Richie

    I agree I miss Shane-O-Mac! I remember all the crazy stunts he did! My favorite was the elbow off the TitanTron on Big Show! I wish he would come back!

  • Dave L

    I'm all for a TNA Hall of Fame, some great talent have come and gone, and both Hulk and Flair will eventually leave, Once they leave they might not be able to use their likeness but with a Hall of fame they can certainly remind new fans that they were once on the roster.

  • Chris K.

    I think it is great that TNA (Impact Wrestling) is starting their own Hall of Fame…maybe at long last alot of Wrestlers will be acknowledged that WWE is refusing to…WWE has had thousands of Wrestlers come and go and about 85% of em were greats and Icons and they overlook them every year…So Thankyou TNA…hopefully you will exceed my expectations of your Showing of TNA's Hall Of Fame.After All TNA is where Wrestling Matters!!!

  • _JIM_

    “The son he never had?” OUCH if u happen to be Shane Mcmahon…

  • MVP

    I don't know what Shane was like on the business side, but if HHH is the "son that Vince never had", then what a shame. Shane had the entrance theme, the charisma on the mic, the ability to play to the crowd, and the ability to perform in the ring. I for one miss Shane-O-Mac a lot and still wish he was on the show.

  • Nightmare

    Wouldn't surprise me if Hulk hogan and Erich bishof the biggest douchebags in wrestling are the first inductees into the hall of fame.

  • marcus

    You “smarks” are a little arrogant always thinking everything is about you. Couldn’t Kane be inserted to bring something new to the feud so it can last longer.

  • Adam

    I like HHH and Shane, they would work well together, font you think