THQ Reports That WWE '12 Has Shipped More Than 2.2 Million Units

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THQ reported financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. In the official release, the official video game maker of WWE '12 noted the following about the series:

WWE(R) '12 has shipped more than 2.2 million units since its launch in November 2011. The successful rebranding of this annual franchise has led to higher sell-through to date, which is up approximately 20 percent on like-for-like platforms in North America versus the year-ago title.

  • Matt

    That's awesome and if they release it on games on demand, the numbers will soar again!!!!

  • Alex P

    There are still kinks that could be worked out…but this was definitely an improvement over the previous title in terms of gameplay.

  • thatguy

    I hate when companies release shipped numbers. they should post the SALES numbers

  • Sjt

    2.2 million x 59.99 u reject

    • jdl

      You are aware that of that $59.99, most doesn't return to WWE, Dimps or THQ, right? There's the store's cut, the production costs, the shipping costs, the packaging costs, licensing fees and a lot of other aspects. When things are divvied up, of that price roughly $10 goes back to the companies that made the game and due to the massive costs of video game development it takes a lot to make a game profitable.

      Furthermore, those are units shipped, not units solid.

  • James

    Don't love the online play they need 2 fix that!!

  • jdl

    Shipped is not the same as sold.

    • Alex

      My thoughts exactly.

  • kok

    Thats a good number hopefully more to come

  • Alex

    There's a major difference between Shipped & Sold. How many of those 2.2 millions has been sold?

  • msuth

    It's a tragically awful game! 11 was better