Three Announce Tables, Triple H Busted Open, Family Of The Rock & Cena At Wrestlemania

– The French commentators were at ringside for Wrestlemania 30 as there were three announce tables, with the infamous Spanish table taking a bump in John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. Speaking of Spanish announce, Ricardo Rodriguez assisted in that department.

Triple H bled from his nose after a spot in his bout with Daniel Bryan.

The Rock’s mother and John Cena’s father were both at ringside for Wrestlemania 30. I’m sure there were many other family members in attendance, those are just the ones I immediately recognized and thought I would note.

  • Lu Fa

    Well deserved for the French team (Christophe Agius & Philippe Chéreau) as they have been carrying the French broadcasts for at least 13 years now and they played a HUGE part on the French wrestling boom 5 years ago !!!