Three-Hour WWE Raw Supershow Rating

Last night’s three-hour edition of WWE Raw Supershow did a 3.0 cable rating off hours of 2.48, 3.22 and 3.44 with an average viewing audience of 4,388,000 viewers on the USA Network. In the normal two-hour timeslot, the show did a 3.3 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 4,752,000 viewers.

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  • Matt

    Wow, Brock Lesnar doesn't equal ratings, I guess

    • H.M.

      Or maybe, you know, people might have forgotten that there was a 3 hour show and tuned in at the normal timeslot not knowing they missed an hour.

    • Jim P

      People can give you a thumbs down if they want, but the ratings are in and they're not good. Facts are facts (insert more redundant statements and tautologies here).

      • Bob

        At least the ratings improved.

        • XKonn247

          No they didn’t. Previous two weeks were 3.1s. Overall this is a drop.

    • Vince

      Did you feel like when you was watching it it was like cm punk mr mcmahon promo last tear before money in the bank

  • Dave

    TV Ratings don’t really matter anymore what with dvrs and the Internet, ppv numbers are what matter more so now than ever

    • Chopper

      Well said totally agree. VKM will still be getting the coin how ever much people tune in. And if i say it once i say it a million times there are more countries in the world not just America!!!!

  • Whammaster

    even though typically i hate 3-hr raw shows because its basically nothing. This time around it was solid all the way around.

  • LeBron James

    The show was extremely boring, I thought it was the draft, as soon as I found out it wasn't I stopped watching. Saw it on youtube and I'm glad I stopped watching. Only good thing about the show was edge talking sense into Cena (hopefully making him become Thuganomics Cena) and CM Punk acting drunk, it was hilarious ! Besides that, terrible show.

  • James

    I think VKM forgets that compeition got him enormous ratings. Competition brings the best out of the writers and wrestlers. But VKM has made SmackDown a boring show. He has to pay Brock Lesnar 5 million dollars to be on 30 shows. They get something great going then bury it fast.

    With all that said, at least Cena came out with his chain again.

  • nails

    Anyone complaining about Lesnar return or the "state" of WWE should just hang it up. The WWE product is the best and most exciting it's been in a very long time imo. I think it's going to get even better. If you look back on all your complaints over the last 5 years, you'll see a large percentage of them are being addressed now. Please embrace the product to encourage WWE to keep on the right track so we don't end up in another 2009-2010 fiasco.

  • Kleck

    With the last hour getting a 3.4, that is equivalent to the post WM show that got an average of 3.43. Overall, it really didn’t do that poorly. Brock brings the ratings according to the data.

  • Willie

    Rating not like they use to be with Dvr & etc!!!!