Three Participants Announced For 30-Man Royal Rumble

Randy Orton and Sheamus were announced as entrants in the 30-man Royal Rumble match at Sunday night’s Smackdown taping in Richmond, Virginia. John Cena was announced as an entrant the night prior.

There are now 27 spots remaining.

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  • Dougan83

    Great opportunity to push Some of the mid card boys and elevate them, Swagger or Kidd for my picks. Long shot but a fan could dream of having a proper entertaining technical wrestler as champion. Ah, those were the days. Sigh…..

    • Predictable wwe

      Sorry a** cena is gonna win rr and wm so dream on

    • AnacondaVise

      I love Tyson Kidd but have lost hope that the WWE will ever use him for anything more than he is right now.

  • Pinkie Pie

    Calling it now: Ryback wins the Rumble, fights Big Show at Wrestlemania, Show does something cheap to retain, Ryback beats him up, Ziggler cashes in and leaves Wrestlemania as champ.

    • Michael

      Na I have a feeling Ziggler will be going into WM with the WHC.

  • Ant

    I liked in the old days pre attitude era when they used to have all of the 30 wrestlers cut a mini promo before royal rumble talking about how they were going to win.

    • Adamtrace

      That was one of my favourite things, I love all the old coliseum ppv videos

  • Kyle

    I wonder who Big Show will face then at RR.

    • Christ 4 Life

      the way it looks, possibly del rio

    • Luke

      I just hope it isn’t Sheamus.

  • kkk

    ^^prolly adr

  • Aaron

    I think Ryback will win the Rumble and then finally win the WWE title at wrestlemania after being robbed so many times before.

  • Wwe4L76

    Super Cena will win. We all know it…

  • Randy

    This could be Randy’s comeback