Three People Know The Truth About CM Punk's WWE Departure & They Are...

Paul Heyman was on The Steve Austin Show with Steve Austin in an interview that was taped before Wrestlemania.

In regards to CM Punk, Heyman reiterated a story he's told before in that the only people that truly know Punk's WWE status are Punk himself, Vince McMahon and Triple H. Until one of those three tell it, it's all speculation. You can listen to the interview in the player below:

  • Patrick

    IF this issue proves anything it shows you have 2 different people who have different ways to handle things. Vince will try to talk the wrestler into not leaveing or get them to come back if they left.

    With HHH he just seems to not care and is willing to wash his hands of the matter and not bother to see if he can get them to Stay / or Return.

    • Bon Crue Fadley

      But then look at it this way

      Vince couldnt convince Bruno or Warrior to come back

      and Triple H Did

  • Xavier


    • Patrick


    • is that for the news on Punk, or Austin’s podcast?

      • Ashley

        I’ll go with news on Punk. I just don’t care anymore about him.

      • Xavier

        The countless coverage of Punk that has no new info of any kind

        • Agreed. That was a bunch of nothing. Heyman didn’t say anything we don’t already know so why bother with it?

    • Nick k

      Like it or not he’s one of the most popular people in the business and people still care.

      • Xavier

        Like it or not, Punk doesn’t care about the people who care about him. Until his fans figure that out I’ll go back to napping

        • Tom Lee

          This is the only truth I agreed : “Punk doesn’t care about the people who care about him “

  • Mysterion

    Paul Heyman covers news we all know and it gets a WNW post; I reveal Austin is interviewing Rock and it gets nothing. Nice journalism.

  • Brandon Warner

    Everyone here is talking about the title of the article and whether Punk is relevant still, but I think everyone is missing that Austin said a match with Brock interests him. That said, this is a great interview. Heyman’s Austin impersonation is dead on.