Thurs. Update: Giant Swing Saves Cesaro, AJ Lee Taking Time Off, Young Out 4-6 Months, Cena In Saudi Arabia, AJ Styles Brutally Honest About TNA, Dixie Carter Makes Executive Decision Regarding Creative, Samoa Joe Update, Former TNA Worker Unloads About Late Pay

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WWE started a three show tour in Sadia Arabia on Thursday. The Thursday show is over as of this writing so if you attended, please submit a live report.

Legends' House premieres on WWE Network at 8 PM EDT tonight and we're having an "Open Thread" to discuss the show as it airs. Click here for more.

This week's episode of Impact Wrestling airs on Spike TV at 9 PM EDT. We have our "Open Thread" starting at 8:30 PM EDT featuring streaming results and live discussion right here at If you don't want to wait to find out what happens, click here and here.

Alex Barie, who hosts our Impact "Open Thread" and is one of the leading TNA writers online, previews this week's show at this link.

TNA will run a live event tonight in Florence, South Carolina. We have the details at this link.

Onto the WWE news…

- Cesaro credits his giant swing for helping him get the attention of WWE officials and ultimately his push as a Paul Heyman Guy. Remember, he had some failures, including the yodeling gimmick. Cesaro talked about being like the mailman because he always delivers at this link.

- The word going around is that AJ Lee asked for some time off. As we noted on Wednesday, she's listed on the internal injury report. Tamina Snuka gets the nod to challenge Paige for the Divas Championship at next month's Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

- Darren Young is expected out 4-6 months after tearing his ACL on Saturday night in a match against Fandango. Young went as far as trying to discredit our report with the "SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET IS FALSE!" mentality but he just didn't want to lose his spot.

- Vickie Guerrero is believed to be finishing up with WWE but is still with the company as of this writing. The word over Wrestlemania 30 weekend in NOLA was that was finishing up after the show but that turned out not to be the case.

- Cordell Walker, who worked in Ring of Honor as Vordell Walker, worked a dark match against Titus O'Neil at this week's Smackdown taping. He went under in the bout.

- John Cena Tweeted the following from Saudi Arabia:

TNA headlines…

- AJ Styles thought he would retire in TNA Wrestling and while he left the door open, there's someone there that only thinks he's worth a small amount, these comments made to the Baltimore Sun. Styles said he doesn't know the state of TNA but they're doing things that make people think they're going out of business. He doesn't want them to go out of business but has heard it's been a horribly mismanaged company. Click here to read his full comments.

- Dixie Carter and "Big" John Gaburick have started to butt heads, mainly because Carter trusted Big to handle AJ Styles, only for him to end up under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Carter recently made an executive decision regarding an addition to the company's creative team. We have more at this link.

- Samoa Joe, who hasn't worked a match for TNA Wrestling since March 28, is advertised for Thursday night's show in Florence, South Carolina. He's booked against Magnus.

- Both Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are accepting independent bookings through Bill Behrens at There have been a lot of questions about their contracts but they are still under deals with TNA. Daniels is also taking bookings as Curry Man.

- Speaking of Daniels, he worked today in Japan at Wrestle-1's show in Tokyo. He went under to Sanada. We have more at this link.

- Jesse Neal says he makes more money working at Walmart then he did working for TNA Wrestling and they pay on time.

- While some former TNA workers are not happy, the company has added Rockstar Spud to the list of talent that have signed new contracts. He joins James Storm, Gunner and Robbie E that have recently signed extensions.

  • Nick K

    Next show is elimination chamber? Man time flies by…lol

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I hated Cesaro’s yodeling gimmick. Thank God for the King of Swing.

    • Danny_Boy

      He got stuck with that gimmick after Punk wore his shirt at a Wrestle mania press conference. Another example of Punk trying too bury someone and get them in trouble. He’s even making AJ take time off now, she gets engaged too Punk then a week later she gets buried by Paige on TV. What’s the common factor there

      • kurt

        How does wearing anothet talents shirt equal getting them buried? The yodeling gimmick didnt click with the fans. It was stupid. Plain as that. Plus, how do you personally know punk us making aj take time off? Actually, it was her connection to punk that made mcmahin decide to have a.j. go over at wrestlemania. He thought it would make her happy and more likely to entice punk to come back. She asked for some time off, so with the ppv right around the corner, they put the belt on paige so it could be defended at extreme rules. Just like years ago when steamboat wanted more time with his growing family so they put the ic belt on honkytonk man so it could be defemded as per scheduled . Why dont you blame punk for undertaker deciding to end the streak while you are at it, since you are so gung ho to blame punk for everything you mentioned unless you were there in person when a.j. took the time off then you are just guessing and throwing blame wherever you see fit. Cesaro is like anyone relatively new to wwe, they like him, and are throwing gimmicks at him to see what sticks. When a gimmick fails, he leaves the limelight for a time period to have another developed and see if that works. From what all I have heard, punk, cena and several others were very high on cesaro. Punks main issue was with a lack of his involvement in main events and poor storylines.

      • SandeepBains

        First of all, losing one match does not = getting buried. If you’re gonna throw lingo around like you’re in the industry, at least get it right.

        Secondly, all you ever seem to do here is fly your hateboner for CM Punk. Are you just a poorly executed troll or did the guy steal your girlfriend in high school or something?

  • JakShowtime

    Walker: Texas Ranger wrestled Titus O’Neil? Crazy.