Tickets For Raw After WM29, Ken Shamrock Wants To Return, Booker T's New Book

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- While I'm aware some are reporting that tickets for WWE Raw the night after Wrestlemania 29 are sold out, I was just able to get pretty decent seats for a single ticket. You can still purchase at this link.

- Ken Shamrock told Ring Rust Radio that he's tried to reach out to WWE about doing some work for them.

- Booker T's second autobiography, titled "Booker T: From Prison to Promise," is currently scheduled for an April 2014 release.

  • Steve

    Hell yea, Bring back the World’s Most Dangerous Man!

  • Stonecold Benny

    I’d love to see Shamrock vs Lesnar. You could have them fight a real mma match.

  • Brandon Ceielo

    Haha. I can imagine Lesnar and Shamrock being held back by the roster like Lesnar and Cena a year ago, except have Ken yell out “Get outta my way!” to the guys holding them back.

  • karlos

    Definitely in favor of shemrock returning. feuding with punk … lesnar. or forming an alliance with lesnar. yes bring shemrock back. please !

  • karlos

    Shemrock vs Bryan ? I think so !!!!

  • karlos

    Shemrock and Jericho ! Oh the possibilities

  • sir-rusty82

    Ofcourse he wants to come back now that its the part time era were going to have lots of old names wanting to come back

  • Chris

    Shamrock vs. Swagger, battle of the Ankle Locks.