Time To Cut Bait With Michael Hayes?, How Often Talent Is Wellness Tested, Ricardo's Role In WWE, Ranking The Shield

With the recent suspension of Michael Hayes do you see the WWE finally firing him? I mean he has been suspended once before for a calling Mark Henry a racial slur, how many second chances is he gonna get before the head office release him?

Let me catch everyone up and then I'll answer the question. Michael Hayes was suspended for 60-days by WWE in April 2008 for using a racial slur in front of Mark Henry. I have no problem with that suspension as racial slurs should not be tolerated and I feel WWE acted accordingly by sending a message. However, I do not understand this second suspension and feel there has to be more to the story. According to former WWE creative writer Court Bauer, Hayes was suspended after being seen drinking with Rosa Mendes at a bar (See also - Michael Hayes Reportedly Suspended After Drinking With Troubled WWE Diva). What? I understand Rosa has a history of substance abuse but why should it matter if two legal adults are having an alcoholic beverage at a legal establishment? If they were making a scene and embarrassing the company, that's one thing but to suspend someone for having a legal drink makes no sense. There are plenty of people that shouldn't drink that still drink. This entire ordeal makes no sense. As for Hayes getting fired, this incident (from how I understand it) does not warrant a suspension, let alone present probable cause for termination. WWE will not confirm the suspension and will only say that Hayes is away for personal reasons.

How many times per year does WWE contact Wellness testing on superstars and Divas?

The WWE Wellness Policy states that all talent is randomly tested a minimum of 4 times annually. Due to the random selection process of the testing, that number could increase as the company does not announce when they're conducting tests. You can read all about the policy here on the corporate WWE website.

Can you see Ricardo Rodriguez ever being more than a ring announcer/manager in this "feud" with Alberto Del Rio?

Ricardo Rodriguez is a trained wrestler and actually wrestled at this week's Smackdown taping (See also - *Spoilers* Complete Smackdown Taping Results For This Week). Given the fact he is a trained wrestler and actually wrestled this week, of course I could see him being more than a manager. However, I will remind everyone that thinks he should immediately be repackaged into a permanent in-ring performer. Where is he better suited? As a manager for a top worker such as Alberto Del Rio or Rob Van Dam or another forgotten talent without a storyline? Ricardo has a good spot in WWE and is fortunate to have the role that he has.

Out of the three members of The Shield, who do you see having a successful singles career?

I think all three have the potential to be huge stars as singles performers in WWE. If I had to rank them, I would rank them in the following order - (1) Dean Ambrose, (2) Seth Rollins and (3) Roman Reigns, however, I wouldn't be one bit shocked if Reigns accomplished more than Ambrose. These guys have it all and just "get it." Their stars are very bright and I see all three having prominent roles in WWE over the course of the next five years.

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  • Splash

    I actually see Seth Rollins not being a star. He is awesome in the ring, but I just don’t see future world/wwe champion there. Dean and Roman I could

    • I compare Rollins to Punk. A lot of people said Punk would never be a star…

      • Nostaljack

        I see Rollins as the dreaded middle child. He neither has Ambrose’s mic and facial reactions nor Reigns’ look. His work is great but not better than Ambrose’s. He could fall through cracks at some point if he’s not careful

        • But one thing about Rollins is he’s been “the guy” before. Albeit on a much smaller scale, he’s been “the guy.”

          • Avalanchian

            Being the guy elsewhere doesn’t mean you are the guy to Vince. Vince’s type of guy is Reigns then Ambrose, then Rollins.

          • Not my point. My point is the guy who people are saying is the odd man out is a guy that’s already been a top guy. It goes to show the talent of the faction.

            In Vince’s mind, you haven’t made it until you’ve made it in WWE. That will probably never change.

          • Malboja

            I’d like to see the shield break and then regroup much later in ther respective careers like dx have done in the past

          • the arbiter

            Because DX reunions aren’t terrible?

      • Splash

        I hope you are right, I like the guy. dude can wrestle

  • BMGabe

    gotta love how he gets his wrist slapped for anything he does. Though Finlay comes up with one little idea for the Miz to do and he gets fired instantly. Everyone knows Hayes won’t be fired for knowing who knows how much dirt on Vince. If he were to, i’m sure he’d get cut a pretty big check for hush money.

    Plus how would this be different if say Jeff was still in the WWE and it was pills and drugs give to Jeff after rehab. Just because its a Drink doesn’t make it any less worse seeing its something a person WENT TO REHAB FOR.

    • What Finlay did took place at a WWE event, while he was doing his job. Michael Hayes was allegedly at a bar!! So what?!?! When I sit down at a bar to have a beer I don’t look around to make sure there aren’t any known addicts out there. I understand this is a little different with Hayes being an authority figure but so what… His job is to produce talent at TVs not control what they do when they get back to the hotel (or wherever they were). If anything, this is on Rosa not Hayes!

      • BMGabe

        Finlay just had an idea, something they didn’t even do and got fired for. I understand what you’re trying to say but look at the overall picture. WWE just spent however much money sending her to rehab. The last thing they want is for someone let lone an authority figure to piss all over that. With her just coming back to TV and to possibly ruin that for her is kinda dick. He knows that’s her vice, i’m sure if they were in a meeting about her current spot. He would know it would be easier to mix drinks into the conversation for whatever reason and she’d more than likely say yes to.

    • Also let me clear two things up. First of all, Court reported that Hayes was suspended for drinking at a bar with Rosa Mendes. He DID NOT report that Hayes gave Rosa alcohol. That is being miss reported by the NEWZ sites. Go back and listen to the original podcast.

      Second of all, if someone gave someone pills or a controlled substance, that’s against the law. It’s not against the law to have a drink with someone, even if they are an addict.

      • BMGabe

        Ok ok true. Though you promptly ignored the part where I later wrote, That the WWE prob wasn’t happy that an authority figure would go out to have drinks (regardless of the circumstance) with someone they just paid to have in rehab.

        • They’ve paid for a lot of people to go to rehab. It’s their policy. Now because they pay for someone’s rehab everyone in WWE has to avoid the person if they’re seen at a bar? And it’s confidential who goes to rehab so it’s not Hayes’ responsibility to know it anyways. It’s just hogwash. If anything, suspend Rosa not Hayes. It’s not his problem.

          • jack whittle

            Hey Richard any idea when the next premium mail bag is coming out I really look forward to those

          • Soon. I said Thursday then Friday so hopefully today.

  • Rigel

    Gotta love Michael Hayes’ Pic at the top… i think i might use it as my background pic…

    • So fitting… I wanted to make a Meme but a pic that good needs no words.

      • Tim

        Here you go

  • smark calloway

    michael hayes dad, the late great wwf announcer- lord alfred hayes wouldnt be happy with him

    • michael


    • Kevin S Lehman

      LOL… you think Lord Alfred Hayes is Micheal Hayes father… Really?.. Lord is from England and Micheal is from Florida

      • smark calloway

        dude calm down!..it was a joke

  • jdl

    If they go with the masked wrestler gimmick, what’s to stop Ricardo from pulling double duty as a manager and wrestler? Not that I advocate over working the man, but he is beyond solid in the ring and if they kept him masked I’m sure most regular viewers would never notice.

  • Jay El Bee

    I ‘m just wondering why anyone would believe that a guy who hasn’t worked for the WWE in almost 7 years would know the “truth” about a story like this. I’m guessing that if Hayes really was suspended that very few people other than the McMahon & Triple H would know, and I doubt they would be talking to a guy like Court Bauer about it.

    • From a guy that is able to get plenty of exclusive insider information, it’s very possible. Court is still well connected and I trust his story.

  • Batman

    Question; Richard. If your child grew up and had a drinking problem, a serious one at that, you’d have no issue with your child going drinking with his/her superior? You don’t think the higher up should have some duty of care?

    Nonsense. He is enabling. This isn’t about the law, this is about him contributing to the detriment of a worker. Of course they won’t stand for that.

    • I’m not saying it’s OK to have a drink with an alcoholic. I’m saying WWE is no position to make this call. Two legal adults drinking at a legal establishment. From what we know, they weren’t embarrassing the company nor were they breaking any laws or causing a scene. If anyone gets suspended here, it should be Rosa. She’s the one not taking the rehab seriously and letting WWE light their money on fire. Which, by the way, is WWE’s policy on rehab.

      • the arbiter

        I disagree as there is a power dynamic in play. The idea of the “boss” going out drinking with a younger, vulnerable women with addiction problems is more than a little shady.

        I don’t know the details and neither do you, but you must admit that in order for WWE to suspend Hayes there must be more to the story.

        • WyFo

          But he didn’t make her go to the bar. She could have easily said no and not gone.

      • Batman

        “I’m saying WWE is no position to make this call”

        …except they are. They are the employers. If Hayes is enabling it, he is just at fault. Alcoholism is a disease. You think it’s perfectly fine for you to say Rosa should be blamed for “not taking it seriously”? Are you kidding me? Do you have a clue what you’re talking about? If she has a problem, she has a problem. If she is with a guy who is enabling it, HE is to blame. That you can’t see this says a lot about you. Your attitude regarding Rosa not taking it seriously says even more about you. For shame.

        • Bigrushy

          But if this really is all there is to the story, then, how is he enabling? If he wasn’t with her then we could just as we’ll say that she would still be drinking? People spend too much time on a wrestling site judging others even tho they are clueless as to the truth. So can we please keep the dramatics to the WWE?

  • Philip Thompson

    I think it entirely reasonable that Hayes is on forced leave. He’s a senior member of staff at a corporation and that corporation has invested a lot of money on the sobriety of the impressionable young lady he was drinking with. If a producer was found to be complicit in a worker doing something WWE didn’t want them doing then that worker would have been gone. WWE places more responsibility on those that can control themselves and wants to protect those that haven’t got the maturity to do so or have addiction problems. That’s why JR took the fall for Flair and why, if Jack Swagger got another DWI and Dutch Mantell knew he had taken drugs then it’s more likely that Mantell, as the one they expect ‘more’ from would be punished. WWE expects more responsibility from some people than others. They don’t see all adults as being equally responsible for their actions – Flair would get away with something that IRS wouldn’t – not because of relationships and not because of Flair being a legend but because IRS is trusted and Flair isn’t so he’s more accountable.

    • So now WWE is allowed to play moral police and even if what their employees are doing is completely legal they are still allowed to revoke pay? This is a very slippery slope here. And let’s not even get started on the 2KSports panel. That was another ridiculous WWE overreaction. They have an event where literally everyone is entertained and fly off the hinges for no apparent reason. The event was sponsored by Grey Goose vodka and now they’re going to get upset when one of the biggest partiers of them all – Ric Flair – has a little too much. Ridiculous.

      • Clint

        Richard its about image, you have a high executive drinking with someone that just completed the company rehab, of all the people he could have drank with he chose the one that completed rehab

  • Scott Davies

    From what I understand listening to a shoot interview (Forget who). WWE have a 12 hr alcohol ban between events. It could be possible that it applies to all employees & not just wrestlers. Michael Hayes is known for drinking & partying, maybe he was suspended for that to set an example to everyone else. Since Michael Hayes was a star in his day & well known they suspended him. I remember Sean Waltman saying on the plain ride from hell. He almost P***ed on Linda McMahon