Title Plans For Lesnar, WWE Destroying Daniel Bryan, Surprise Rumble Entrants, Job Of Producers

How does Brock Lesnar facing the winner of Randy Orton and John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after Royal Rumble effect his planned Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker?

I want to open by stating that plans are always subject to change before they are announced. WWE has even been known to change things even after they have been announced (remember Survivor Series 2012?). With that being said, Paul Heyman stated in a promo on this week’s “Old School” episode of Monday Night Raw that Brock Lesnar would challenge the winner of Orton vs. Cena after Royal Rumble. We also found out at this week’s TVs that Lesnar will be on the Rumble card. In other WWE World Heavyweight Championship news, Triple H named the following workers as the top guys in 2014 in last week’s kayfabe Michael Cole interview – Batista, Randy Orton, CM Punk, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar. Was he teasing the main event of next month’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view or was it purely a coincidence? The only thing I can tell you is Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker is a match Vince McMahon has wanted to do at Wrestlemania since last year. It’s Undertaker’s preference as well.

Do you think WWE is trying to destroy Daniel Bryan huge fan base by making him join the Wyatt family to officially take him out the main event picture?

No, I do not think WWE is intentionally trying to destroy Daniel Bryan. The concern from many, including sources within WWE, is by aligning Daniel Bryan with The Wyatt Family that it detracts from his appeal as a singles superstar. The argument is Bryan won’t get any hotter than he is now, so WWE should ride him while he’s hot for as long as they can. The angle with Bryan “joining” the Wyatt Family was something booked last-minute and seems to be counter to that. In other news, I’m seeing a Daniel Bryan revolution.

With Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ return to WWE on this week’s “Old School” Raw and his goal of entering the 2014 30-man Royal Rumble match, do you see it happening? Does WWE utilizing past legends in the match take away opportunities from their current stars?

When one of my sources heard of talks between WWE and Jake Roberts prior to Monday’s “Old School” Raw they were under the impression it was for him to make a surprise return as an entrant in the 30-man Royal Rumble match. However, it ended up being a surprise return on live WWE television. The company could opt to use him again but I haven’t heard if there are plans as of this writing. No, I do not think WWE utilizing past legends in the 30-man Rumble match takes away opportunities. In fact, I think it’s a good thing that adds to the nostalgic value of WWE’s most historic match.

What is the role or job description of a “producer” in WWE?

A producer (formerly called road agent) in WWE operates as a liaison between the creative team and the wrestlers. They communicate plans for matches and talk to talent about what is planned for them. At live events, they’re in charge of the talent backstage and work the show to make sure everything goes as planned. If something goes counter to what is planned, they have to answer to Vince McMahon and/or Triple H (who are not routinely backstage at live events).

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2011: In yesterday’s Ask WNW you mentioned that Vince McMahon is not high up on the Survivor Series gimmick. Why? – Survivor Series 2009 did 235,000 buys which was sharply down from 319,000 buys from the year prior. While I loudly maintained it was because UFC had a show the night before, Vince McMahon said in an investor conference call the concept was no longer over. I don’t know what or who changed his mind but he was ready to nix the pay-per-view because of the decline in buys. Last year’s Survivor Series buys were up but only slightly at 244,000 buys.

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  • John

    The Jake “The Snake” Roberts return on RAW was incredible, however it’s clear that he doesn’t belong in the ring. A return at the Royal Rumble would be a mistake.

    • Avalanchian

      Nah him alone just walking to the ring would get a huge pop. Then they have him eliminate just 1 person. Let’s say Ambrose from The Shield and people would go crazy over it. Then they could have Reigns or Rollins eliminate Jake after.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I was thinking almost the same thing – after what happened on Raw, have the Shield all in there when he comes in at number 30 and they gang up on him. There are a tonne of cool things one could do with him as a surprise entrant – they’ve had much worse entrants before. When you’ve got a lot of guys in the ring it is easy to hide someone’s weaknesses. And like you said, a return from Jake would get a huge pop

      • John

        No doubt it would be great to see him feature in the Royal Rumble match, I don’t disagree with that.. My point is that it would likely be pretty embarrassing watching him even attempt to work in the match, no matter how limited it would be.

        Bret Hart is my favourite wrestler of all time and i was horrified watching him in the ring against Vince McMahon a few years ago… Don’t do the same with Jake.

  • King A sshole

    With rumors of a possible Goldberg Vs. Undertaker match, and WWE basically teasing the Batista is going win the Rumble, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did do Lesnar Vs Batista at Wrestlemania… its Wrestlemania XXX, go big or give up.

    • Gary Robert

      This is the first time I’v heard this “rumor.”

    • thepowerserge

      That’s the only plausible way I see Batista in the main event at Mania this year. Somehow, I’m just not convinced by Cena vs Batista or Orton vs Batista for the umpteenth time. Making it a title match would be a mistake though. As much as I think Lesnar has earned a title shot, Batista seems to have come in using his stroke with Triple H to bitch his way into a title match. That, as Carlito would say, is “not cool.”

      • Steve pritchard

        I totally agree . We need a fresh face or faces in the main event mania . Not the same recycled crap over and over.

    • Bob’s Diner

      They tease everyone is going to win the Royal Rumble.

      And Goldberg? Please, he isn’t coming back anytime soon. He wants way more money than WWE will ever think he was worth – he wasn’t a WWE made star, so doubt they ever consider him all that relevant

      • Tim

        Goldberg isn’t worth anything he was the john cena back in the day. Except the corny kid crap.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Goldberg? Here I thought it was Lesnar.

    • Steve pritchard

      When Goldberg was asked if he would be at mania his respone was HELL NO!!! So that rumor is just that. As far as Bautista / lesnar is concerned . Anything can happen . Between now and mania. Let’s wait till after rumble before we get too carried away with mania predictions .

  • thepowerserge

    No matter what they do with Daniel Bryan, he still seems to garner the same reaction from the fans. If any proof is needed, just listen to the commentary on this week’s Old School RAW. I forget if it’s JBL or Cole who comments that the fans are still chanting for Daniel. Don’t really remember the last time this happened.

  • Jbreed

    It could be what they’re doing to Daniel Bryan is sabotage.They’ve been doing it for years every time they realize a guy is a threat to take over John Cena’s spot. Or maybe, let’s face it, with all those past legends and part-timers being brought in for WM there isn’t really any room for Bryan at the top of the card right now, so they really had no choice than to demote Bryan to the mid-card just to give him something to do at WM. It’s sad really when a guy who’s depended on all year to bust his ass to make the company money all of a sudden becomes irrelevant at the most important time of the year, until he’s needed again when those old pricks decide to disappear again

    • Steve pritchard

      I highly doubt it’s sabotage . The thing is Bryan is hot right now. . But what about down the road. . I just don’t think he has the staying power of Cena , and ratings proved that while Cena was absent. I’m not saying Bryan isn’t great. . I’m just saying he’s not at the level of Cena and probably never will be.

      • Padres4life

        he’s already surpassed him..thank you, come again!

        • Steve pritchard

          How has he surpassed Cena? Please inform me. He’s great don’t get me wrong . Sure he’s hot now, but whAt about down the road. Ziggler was hot last summer , but now he’s upper mid card . Same with Bryan. The iwc can moan and groan all they want . But in the end Vince will do what’s best for business . And if he thought that was Bryan . Then Bryan would be champ. He’s very talented but I don’t see him having the marketing power Cena has . That point was proven when Cena was absent. The ratings were total garbage until he returned . WWE is a business . So they’re going to do what makes them money . They could care less who the internet wants as the no 1 guy.

          • Padres4life

            Bryan has been hot for two years….so you have no idea what you’re saying. so you’ve never heard of Duck Dynasty huh? so those guys aren’t marketable?…go away! and when Cena was gone, how exactly was Bryan given the ball? Triple H and Orton took over all the time and they beat down Bryan and belittled him the whole time..you’re just a troll, go back to your bridge!

          • Steve pritchard

            Who’s trolling? You still have yet to tell me why Bryan is bigger than Cena . Like I said the ratings while Cena was absent prove my case. I like Daniel Bryan . I actually like him a lot better than Cena. But that doesn’t make Bryan the no 1 guy . He doesn’t sell as much merchandise or draw better ratings than Cena . No matter who we on the internet think is no. 1. Vince is going to go with who makes him the most money . And right now that’s Cena .

          • Snap

            Ratings from week to week are not definitive proof of anything as overall television viewership at any given time isn’t a fixed or guaranteed number and, most importantly, not everybody who watches TV is included in those numbers.

            Cena wasn’t involved in the main event of Old School RAW in any way and, while viewership dropped through-out the show, it wasn’t a significant drop. Last week’s RAW also held above 4 million viewers without Cena or Orton on the show.

            Basically, if WWE books other hot talent as strong as Cena then it’s very possible the audience could get behind them. In the case of Daniel Bryan, what are the viewers supposed to do when WWE kept having Bryan win, only to screw him over either immediately (SummerSlam) or the following night on RAW (Night of Champions)?

            Just to illustrate how ridiculous it is to base the worth of talent solely on what the ratings say (so no “but times were different then” rationalizations), look at how much John Cena draws today compared to Austin and Rock during the Attitude Era. Those ratings blow the highest ratings Cena has ever drawn out of the water.

            However, yes, at this time Cena is the top draw in WWE, even though he has been overexposed over the past five or six years. It’s in WWE’s best interest to allow other names the opportunities to become draws, potentially on par, with Cena as he won’t be able to keep that spot forever. It happened with Hogan and he was the biggest name in wrestling.

          • Steve pritchard

            I never said he would be no1 guy forever. The guy I’m debating with said Bryan has already surpassed Cena . And that couldn’t be further from the truth. And yes ratings on do indicate who people like and who they don’t . I change the channel when I see someone or a match I’m not too interested in. Yes if they chose to push Bryan like they did Cena he would be just as big. But I can’t help but believe if they saw something there they would push him to the moon and not make him a member of the Wyatt family. We in the iwc may think Bryan is the man . But Vince disagrees . He will do what draws the most ratings and makes him the most money . And right now that’s Cena . As much as I like Bryan . I just don’t see him filling that role. At least not anytime soon.

          • Snap

            While I do the same as you, in regards to switching off when the spotlight is on someone I have no interest in, that doesn’t actually count when it comes to the ratings as I do not have one of those ratings monitors.

            So, really, the ratings which WWE is so obsessive over are basically the IWC of the overall television viewership, unless we are really to believe that of the 300 plus million people in the United States, only a small fraction of them actually watch TV.

            It also doesn’t help that I don’t live in the United States, so I doubt my viewing habits would be reflected in the commonly reported ratings anyway.

            I will agree that I don’t think Bryan has surpassed Cena in terms of being “the guy” in WWE, but he has clearly surpassed him in terms of being over with the crowd and that’s really WWE’s own fault, the apathy towards Cena, that is. With that said, however, I think the whole “face of the company” thing is an outdated and archaic concept. It takes more than one to put on a match and a strong core ensemble is better than putting all of their proverbial eggs in one basket.

            But I guess Vince is just too set in his ways to consider breaking the mold and doing something different.

          • Steve pritchard

            Exactly. ! He’s more over than Cena with the crowd . That I will agree. I’m not any more of a fan of Cena than the next guy. But I’ve been watching this and following it long enough to know Vince will do what makes him money . He could care less what we the iwc think should go down. Maybe they will push Bryan beyond Cena . I would be more than happy. But I know when it comes to Vince , all he see’s is dollar signs.

          • Steven Robert Gill

            But this is a catch 22 mentality. As long as he’s the top guy, nobody else is going to get the big push that might ‘pop the territory’. Every time they look to be moving in a new direction, they don’t give it any time to build steam because they panic and reinsert Cena. And because he won’t change or stay away, nothing seems to really matter.

          • Steve pritchard

            I totally agree ! I just don’t know if Bryan is the guy to take that spot over . People talk about how big he’s been the last two years . But I disagree. . His catch phrases have been big for two years . But fandango has had the crowd fandangoing for about a year now. But that doesn’t mean fandango has surpassed anyone . I want nothing more than Bryan to surpass Cena. But I just don’t see it happening. Being that they put him in the Wyatt family. Vince must think the same thing.

      • Jbreed

        The ratings dropped when Cena was absent because the preteen fanbase stopped watching. And they’re not the ones who understand who and what actually is better for the WWE and for pro wrestling. But unfortunately we’re living in the PG era and us adult WWE fans have to put up with whatever makes the little Jimmies happy. Or at least it’s the only explanation with what’s going on, because when you look at it very little makes sense. There’s John Cena who as a babyface gets booed out of the arena then there’s Bryan who gets probably the biggest pop than anybody ever. But yet it’s the guy who people hateand who are tired of who gets better ratiings.

        • Steve pritchard

          I see your point but in the end it’s a business . So they’re going to do what makes them money . Cena sells more merchandise and draws better rating than anyone. His absence proved that.

          • Bob’s Diner

            His absence didn’t prove anything – since he has returned, the highest rated episodes have been ones where he hasn’t even featured and the lowest of 2013 was an episode built entirely around Cena vs Orton. WWE the product is the draw and all it proves is that things have been terrible since SummerSlam. Ratings will no doubt increase over the next 3-4 months but that is because of ‘The Road to WrestleMania’ – anyone can be in that top spot from about December/January and WWE will draw the same

  • David F.

    I would rather see Undertaker v Daniel Bryan. I saw other online reports of Taker requesting to wrestle Bryan and Bryan can carry most of the match given Taker’s age and recent hip surgery. Plus I doubt if Taker can handle such a physical match with Lesnar at this stage of Taker’s career. So come on WWE Taker v Bryan at WM 30 would be awesome

    • Bob’s Diner

      Even with his surgery and age, I don’t think Undertaker needs anyone to carry him in a match. He is the REAL Mr. WrestleMania

    • Jbreed

      It sounds great in so many ways but big picture wise I’m not sure it would be a good idea. Wrestling The Undertaker at WM could mean you’re just another victim of the streak (and we all know Bryan wouldn’t have a chance of ending it) and we saw what happened to CM Punk last year. He was never the same.

      • Steve pritchard

        Really! I thought the match between punk/taker was amazing. And actually proved he should have main evented . Bryan is awesome. I’m not debating that. I’m just saying to give it time . Rome wasn’t built in a day. Automatically putting him in the main event at mania is putting the cart before the horse a little bit. I think facing taker at mania would be well suited for Bryan. Facing Taker at mania is just as big time as main eventing. I don’t see how it could hurt his momentum anymore than joining the Wyatt’s .

        • Jbreed

          I never said The Undertaker/Punk match wasn’t great but the match has nothing to do with the point I’m trying to make. And I never said Bryan should be in the main event. But Daniel Bryan does need a big WM moment. And although wrestling The Undertaker puts him in the limelight, he’ll still come out the loser, He’ll be more remembered for being the 22nd victim of the streak than anything else. CM Punk went from a 400 plus day title reign to losing at WM and eventually going on to lose his number 2 spot in the company. The last thing Daniel Bryan needs right now is to be fed to The Undertaker. Losing at WM will only break any momentum Bryan has.

  • Bob’s Diner

    This is the same company that thought when CM Punk was the hottest thing in wrestling it would be a good idea to put him in a feud with Kevin Nash and HHH. So they are either doing it intentionally or they don’t learn from their mistakes

    • Jbreed

      I’d say it’s the former. There were only two possible directions CM Punk could have gone in, either as the number 1 guy or down to the mid-card/upper mid-card division. So of course they decided to stay with John Cena as number 1. And what better way for a guy to go down and stay down than to throw him to Triple H.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Don’t forget about the talented Kevin Nash and his “cellular telephone” getting the best of CM Punk with no repercussions. Oh no, that’s right – HHH got revenge for him! What a swell guy.

        Actually, that could be the biggest proof of no Daniel Bryan push – he hasn’t had to put over anyone in the Kliq yet. Even Edge got the honour of putting over Shawn Michaels in a pointless non-title match

        • Steve pritchard

          Exactly ! If they planned on pushing Bryan . He wouldn’t be a member of the Wyatt family.

  • Tim

    Two problems with old school raw. Is that it’s always the same legends over and over. Two is after the show people never shut up about them being in this feud or that feud.

  • Padres4life

    so you don’t think they’re sabotaging Bryan? But you also say people within WWE think he is being sabotaged….so which is it?

    • Mysterion

      It’s two differing opinions?

    • Steve pritchard

      No I don’t think they’re sabotaging Bryan. What could they possibly have to gain by doing that? When they feel ready to unleash the enigma known as Bryan on the world , they will . Just give it time. It will happen . Benoit waited 15 years for his moment. I don’t think Bryan will wait that long. He still could main event mania as far as we know yet . The rumble hasn’t even got here yet. . People need to just chill.

  • j sal

    Just give me Jo Mo as a surprise entrant already so I can mark out.

  • Jay El Bee

    I watched that Daniel Bryan Revolution video and at no point did they mention Bryan or wrestling. I’m guessing 99% of the people doing it have no clue who Bryan is or that they were doing something wrestling related at all.