Titus O'Neil Discusses Darren Young & The Future Of The Prime Time Players

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Sam Roberts caught up with Titus O'Neil yesterday to discuss Darren Young coming out, what that means for The Prime Time Players, and more. The video is available at this link, or embedded below:

Just after Young made headlines, O'Neil tweeted his support of his tag team partner.

  • Skip Mathias

    The segment with Rufus “Pancake” Patterson comes up every now and then when I watch the Prime Time Players with my mom. There are some segments that just stick in your mind no matter how much you try to forget.

  • Rus

    Ok Im gonna be the unpopular one and say I am already over all this, I don’t hate nor wish any harm on gay people but I am against it and believe its not normal and just wish this stuff should not get the publicity it gets, its their business no one elses

    • PegLeg1069

      I agree 100%!! Darren Young is a talented entertainer. He should get noticed for that, not for who he chooses to have relationships with. That is a completely personal matter.

    • Tony Rankin

      I share your same sentiments. All this publicity really isn’t necessary as it makes it seem like being openly gay is a great huge deal. If anyone from Heath Slater to John Cena said to a TMZ employee “I’m straight”, no one would bat an eye. Homosexuality isn’t a rare once in a lifetime trait nor a disease so it shouldn’t be treated as such with all this awareness and publicity. I understand people want to show their support as homophobia is present today as well, but it doesn’t have to be blown up to be the center of attention.

      • Franco

        If Cena or Slater came out and said they were straight the Liberal media would try and claim that they are racist. That’s the society we live in now. If your not gay or a lesbian they label you racist

        • TheBigKing1

          What??? Never heard that. Wth are you talking about?

  • Nathen

    Rus, you’re right, you are being the unpopular one. Bigotry isn’t popular these days. Grow up.

    • Kleck

      Being against the gay lifestyle doesn’t make you a bigot. Rus clearly stated he doesn’t have hatred or wish harm on a gay person.

      • Franco

        Exactly, but according to race baiters like Little m, being pro-straight makes you racist smh. People like him are what’s wrong with this nation

        • Nathen

          What are you talking about? Who made this claim?

          • Franco

            Some dude on here who calls himself Big M, I prefer to call him Little m though.

      • Nathen

        It isn’t about pro-gay or pro-straight, it is about being pro-human.
        Rus, nor anyone, needs to support gay rights. Feel how you want. But I
        caught the thinly veiled insult there. Gay people are just as normal as
        straight people, saying otherwise is a attempt to separate one group
        from another. Nobody is not normal because they choose to be gay.

        Furthermore, one should not be against the gay lifestyle just as they wouldn’t be against a vegan lifestyle. I am not saying that you have to partake of course, if the lifestyle isn’t for you then great, each of us is an individual who is able to make their own life choices. But calling someone not normal for being gay reveals the underlying bigotry, even if one prefaces it with ‘i’m not against it’ or ‘i don’t hate them’. And that is a fact, like it or not.

        • Rus

          Look I said I have no hate towards them or want to see them hurt but NO its not normal, if it was normal the whole world wouldn’t have a problem with it, if it was normal the governments worldwide wouldn’t say no to same sex marriage, if it was normal this wouldn’t get any attention at all, if it was normal 2 people of the same sex could have a baby,if it was normal it would have been 2 people of the same sex in the garden of eden right at the beginning. You can call me a bigot that does not matter to me in the least

          • Rus

            Now you can call me a bigot I don’t know why you kept trying to insult me even after so many people told you I wasn’t a bigot and you can obviously see that I didn’t post the comment trying to be insulting

    • Chopper

      Ur a gay boy!!

    • Rus

      And if your not down with that I have 2 words for ya…………

      • Nathen

        Down with what? Your bigotry?

  • dude

    oh for crying out loud…. okay its the first openly gay guy… geewhizz! I respect anyone who says that they are gay etc… but at the end of the day …. his only gay? I don’t get all the hype … check out all the gay people in football, tennis, films, stage work, everything else that is “entertaining”… his only gay lol…. If he won the WWE championship and then came out he was gay maybe … just maybe I could get why its such a big hype….

    • dude

      I respect him for coming out his gay… just not the hype incase people think im giving him major heat… as I am not… its just hype though over nothing.

  • Charles

    What does “openly gay” mean exactly? Is Darren Young going to start skipping to the ring like AJ Lee while wearing a pink bandana? He was never hiding anything.
    Someone asked him a question and he gave an honest answer. Surely he could do without all the hype and congratulations just like the rest of us.
    It’s kinda silly how these stories make major headlines like it’s so bizarre and unfathomable.

  • Phil D. Garrie

    If you look back at how he dressed as a member of the nexus them you would already know he was gay it was obvious!