Titus O'Neil Drops The "F-Bomb" Live On Monday Night Raw

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Titus O'Neil dropped the "f-bomb" loud enough for the camera mics to pick them up during his match with Sheamus on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. The word was censored due to the delay WWE has on the USA Network.

Mick Foley, O'Neil's broadcast colleague from Extreme Rules, wrote the following on Twitter:


  • Michael

    They should pair them with Mark Henry and reform the new nation.

    • Win


      • f_caus


      • Joey

        Because that would be sweet i would love a new age nation of domination

      • Michael

        Because it would give the wwe another faction that’s what’s missing from wwe more factions. Look at the attitude era they had d.o.a,, savio Vega faction, the hart foundation, the nation, dx, the corporation, the ministry, etc. it also gives wrestlers who don’t have a storyline that people keep fussing about seeing air time.

    • Xavier

      Yeah, what Win said, why?

  • Nostaljack

    I saw it and just know he got reamed for it. I’m sure there’ll be repercussions of some sort. He clearly just got carried away but it just can’t take that form on a PG show.

  • Xavier

    I really hope he doesn’t get into to much trouble over this. It’s not like he cut a promo and dropped the F-Bomb. It was during his match where the mic/camera just happened to be in position to hear it. He had a solid showing yesterday and was even put over quite a bit on commentary, was kind of hoping that was leading up to a singles push possibly.

  • When I was writing the RAW Results last night I was in shock when I realized he dropped that f-bomb. I immediately asked Jesse Sherwood to go back and check on it for me so I wouldn’t be reporting erroneously, and didn’t want to hold up the results. I am sure McMahon went up one side of him and down the other!