Titus O'Neil Explains That He Wore A Hoodie On NXT To Support Trayvon Martin's Family

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The official WWE website has the following quotes from Titus O'Neil, in which he explains that he wore a hoodie on NXT this week to voice his opinion on the ongoing Trayvon Martin case:

“The hoodie symbolizes my support of justice being served in the Trayvon Martin case. As a father of two – whether I’m a good guy or a bad buy in WWE – I’m a father. I can definitely understand the value of our children. I wore the hoodie in support of Martin’s family, as families around the world have done.

"The lettering on the hoodie is my fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, Inc., the largest black fraternity in the world and, in my opinion, the greatest. We have members as notable as Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Bill Cosby, Rev. Jesse Jackson amongst many others in the sports and entertainment field, as well as in business and  every other field. I’m a proud member of Omega Psi Phi, and I’ve been a proud member since 1999. It’s part of who I am, so I’m just being Titus O’Neil.”

Click here to watch this week's episode of NXT.

  • Basknata

    Good for him!

  • kevin

    A young kid died that’s a shame as a father my heart aches for his family. It’s 2012 black, white, Latino, it doesn’t matter what your race is (sorry for the pun but its true) we are all humans and need to treat people with respect. Good people come in all different colors unfortunately so do bad people.

  • snuggle

    Justice for Trayvon Martin I hope that Vince and the rest of the Wwe join in and voice their opinion in favor of Trayvon and his family.

  • mr shwo

    why don't people wait for the truth in this story instead of jumping to conclusions, this has become a very anti-white racist drama

    • kevin

      He’s not white he’s Latino. No one said white hr doesn’t look white.

  • Good guy well done

  • Tyler Bowles

    Too bad no one watches NXT anymore. It hasn’t been good since season 1, the only good season, and NXT has gone on for too long.

  • T-Bone

    Little late huh. I think everyone is taking this a bit far for something everyone know very little about.

    • Terra Ryzing

      You obviously need to be up to date. A grown man followed and killed an unarmed kid. Tell Trayvon’s parents that people are taking it “too far.”

      • T-Bone

        I live in Miami, I have to hear about it every day. So yea, taking it too far? I'd say so.

        • Abe

          excpt evidence says that the martin kid attacked zimmerman, stop buying into the media

  • Angus

    Don't type "Trayvon Martin"….his mother trademarked his name to cash in. Let's make no mistake about it, this was Al Sharpton's idea.