TMZ Reports Randy Orton Is Divorced, Makes $291,666 Per Month

TMZ is reporting Randy Orton has gotten divorced. The publication reports he and now ex-wife Samantha separated in 2012 but the divorce order was signed just last month.

Perhaps the thing that may surprise wrestling fans is the claim that Orton makes $291,666 per month in salary. The assets mentioned in the TMZ report are hefty but I almost feel dirty reporting them as it's really none of our business.

Randy and Samantha have a four-year old daughter, who Samantha gets sole legal and physical custody of, but Randy gets visitation. He's agreed to pay $4500/month in child support.

Click here for coverage by TMZ.

  • Avalanchian

    I really hope the $4500 a month for child support will be enough for this poor child.

    • God

      In what country is 4500 not enough? The kid could live a comfortable life with that. You must be some rich snob.

  • Miikka

    Why should that surprise?
    The man is worth every penny.

    • Batman


      The man is worth *a* penny.

      • 1degenerate

        Which is a penny more than your worth.

        • Batman

          Funny, coming from a guy who has the spelling ability of a five year old.


  • Loren Goldstein

    So he only has to pay 1.5% of his income to child support? Man I wish I could get away with only paying $75/month for child support!

    • Alexi

      While it obviously is no one’s business I have to say that Orton has gotten off extremely light on the child support payment part (relative to his salary) as well as the divorce overall as, I guess, he keeps a good chunk of his money and assets.

      • WrestlingFan4Life

        As opposed to Hulk Hogan, who, upon divorcing his 1st wife, had to sign over 70% of his assets. Saw that on the E! True Hollywood Story episode, “Hulk Hogan and his family”.

  • Batman

    “but I almost feel dirty reporting them as it’s really none of our business.”

    I’ve seen you say this at LEAST half a dozen times in regards to NEWZ like this…yet you still post it. Just because you reference that you shouldn’t, doesn’t make it any less trashy, especially when you KEEP doing it.

    • Kevin

      Amen. Just stop posting personal stuff, Richard. People can find that crap if they want to. Keep your site clean.

    • Simon Veitch

      You did kind of take his statement out of context. Prior to the bit about feeling dirty it says “the assets mentioned in the TMZ report are hefty but I almost feel dirty..”

      As such he did not report the actual assets mentioned in the report on TMZ. So its not like he totally went against what he was saying. I do however understand where you’re coming from as Richard has posted numerous articles with that tag line before.

      • Batman

        “Orton makes $291,666 per month in salary.”

        He should feel dirty reporting THAT, even if he doesn’t mention the cars. It’s not taken out of context at all. He’s reporting NEWZ that he should feel dirty about, but he continues to post it because page clicks > integrity.

    • We can’t ignore a widely reported story involving a top name. If that offends you so much, don’t click it.

      • Nostaljack

        If its widely reported, why bring it over here? You had the info in the title of the article so we can’t avoid it. It doesn’t belong here.

      • Batman

        If posting the NEWZ makes you feel “dirty” so much, don’t post it.

      • Shy Guest

        You did nothing wrong, Mr. Gray. In addition, the fans pay the salary
        of the wrestlers with purchases of tickets, merchandise, etc. They have
        a right to know where their money is going and the lifestyle they are supporting. Keep up the good work.

  • Chris

    Why? Every other athlete in the world has their income known except pro wrestlers! Whats the big deal?

    • Batman

      Probably because of the RIDICULOUS payscales. They don’t want people to know that Randy earns twice what Punk earns, who earns five times what Kofi earns, who earns three times as much as Drew McIntyre earns, who earns five times what everyone in TNA earns.

      There are huge discrepancies, and they want to keep it quiet.

      I mean, look at those guys on TNA who had to go on Food Stamps because they didn’t earn enough at TNA and qualified as being in poverty. Or Xema Ion who lived in his car WHEN HE WAS A TNA CHAMPION.

      Sure, the top NFL stars earn more than the average, but at least the average are paid enough to live on.

  • Nostaljack

    What Orton is being paid is none of my business. Richard, you’ve said as much in the past. You’re being really inconsistent.

  • Matt

    Everyone is missing the point here. A little girl, a daddys girl is going to be missing her father more and more. The fact he gave up legal custody is huge, there is much to be sad about and talk about and its not the sites reporting style.

  • MonstaHeel450

    Hey Viper… spare some change?

  • Dale

    Richard just posted this article to stir up the trolls.