TMZ TV's Video Report On Chris Jericho Brazilian Flag Incident

- Below is TMZ's report on Chris Jericho's Brazilian flag incident that resulted in his 30-day suspension from WWE:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for his help with this story.

  • AJG316

    I wonder if theyll ever be going back to brazil because of this???

  • Chowder

    I understand the reason for them to be upset, and it wasn’t smart on his part, but I still can’t help but ask: Really? Really? Really.

  • Daniel Moreno WWE

    I was there and I can say that very few people are aqare of that policy. however, laws are laws and his actions cannot be denied. but it happened only because the police did not know wwe enough to know that it’s all part of the show and no disrespect was meant by Christopher’s actions.
    I just wish that the superstars had been noticed about this policy before, since Jericho tweeted that he does not intend to come back to the wwe after his suspension…

  • dddddd

    kinda reminds me of when vader was held as a "POW" back in '97 in afghanistan or iraq for attacking that reporter.
    surprised jericho wasnt held prisoner for this. lol