TNA Announces Their Own Hall Of Fame; First Induction Coming At Slammiversary

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TNA President Dixie Carter announced on tonight's live Impact Wrestling that TNA will introduce their own Hall of Fame. The first inductee will be inducted at Slammiversary.

TNA Slammiversary 2012 will take place Sunday, June 10, 2012 from the College Park Center in Arlington, Texas on the University of Texas at Arlington campus.

  • TheeFinalFlash

    I'm sorry, but. Lol.

  • AJG316

    I really gotta wonder who their first inducte will be, any suggestions anybody??????

    • Hugh Jass

      Hulk Hogan??

      • Alex

        I hope that was sarcasm.

    • Evo

      The Six Sided Ring!

    • havoc525

      Really? Jeff Jarrett, of course.

      • Evo

        Really! PAC Man Jones for the celeb wing…

    • David

      Jeff Jarrett

      • Johnny

        The “Red Rooster” Terry Taylor

    • Sam the Man.

      Thé Jarett family.

    • Jeremy

      Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett maybe?

    • bejealous

      Knowing TNA, probably the founder Jeff Jarrett or Vince Russo

    • Zatch

      pribably sting or Kurt angle or Jeff jarett

    • Jeremy

      It's either Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, or Sting. If Flair got inducted, then he would be the first if not the only wrestler to get inducted into the Hall of Fame of both the company he currently works for as well as the former company (WWE) he once worked for.

  • cornb31

    Ken shamrock? Jeff jarett or AJ?

  • Evo

    Vinny Mac must be Pissed Off!

    • vickie's lover

      NO. he's like LMFAO

  • Karl

    It will be…Richard Gray!

  • meckilz

    Christian cage

  • Ian P.

    Vince must be rolling his eyes as I am now.

  • DC


  • Richie

    First off HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Now I bet they induct Jeff Jarrett first since him and his dad started the company.

  • Maxx Stylez

    Considering they get a talent exchange from wwe and the video package tonight, I predict Cristain.

  • SRP

    Randy Savage

  • BigMike

    it will prob be the egomaniac Jeff Jarrett but it SHOULD be the FIRST NWA-TNA Champion – Ken Shamrock

    • christopher525

      I don't think they would want to put over someone who's been popped for PED's so many times, then again this IS TNA. That being said, I say John Cena.

  • Justin

    You gotta be kiddin' me… lol

  • Phillip


  • GLabine

    Randy Savage

  • robert0110

    They may do christian as a response to flairs second induction

  • nails

    this is a JOKE!

    • Rofn

      Shark Boy!!! Lol

  • Matt

    GORE!!! GORE!!! GORE!!!!

    • christopher525

      What's Al Gore got to do with it?

      • Clark

        Umm…not Al Gore! RHINO!!! Rhino’s finisher was the Gore.

        • Dangerous Lee

          Oh…..I thought the gore was Al Gore’s finisher?

  • James M>>>

    I second all the Lol’s and hahaha’s. I think they will induct, b… Hul…. Jef…. Hell, I truly don’t give a crap

  • Ricky Valdez

    I love how everyone is getting a kick out of tna having a HOF, I can’t think of anyone getting inducted first, maybe tazz lol, but it will probably be Jeff jarett, tna is not old enough yet to have a HOF.

  • Bault16


  • jeb

    Guys, it really obvious who they'll induct, tna is obsessed with him – Vince Mcmahon

  • Evo

    How about Cheex!…lol!

  • ol skewl fan

    it will be Sting, so they give him another reason not to leave

  • Matt

    A Hall of Fame? Do they have anything to be proud of?

  • Liamg90

    It has to ne scott stiener

  • Mr.Love

    Hahahahaha…….. Oh wait your serious about tna having there own hof? Lol hahahaha

  • Matt

    They should worry about ratings before even thinking of a HOF

  • George

    I agree, TNA not old enough; however since they’re doing, I hope it’s based on TNA stats only. So, I don’t expect Hogan to be in it as a wrestler.

  • Kleck

    Who cares, nobody watches it…

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Exactly and if you want to know who is going to be in “their” Hall of Fame, just take a look at who Vince will be putting in. Please Dixie save a MAJOR annoucement only to “we are closing our doors”

  • This is just a ploy by tna to induct people who are in wwe that were once affiliated with tna. They are trying to get back at them for getting nothing when wwe inducted flair.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Maybe tna will induct former wwe reff earl hebnar into there HOF first he is old enough and he is the only one that I can really think of getting inducted, he is the reff that with Vince’s blessing screwed Bret hart incase you might not no who I’m talking about. I’m just trying to figure out who tna will induct first, earl hebnar is the only one that deserves it, he has put in so many years as reff that I don’t even no how many years he has put in.

  • Stav


  • Latino

    Lol hall of fame, what a joke, they should’ve at least waited a few more years to start planning a hof. It’s too soon, for all we know TNA could be gone in the next couple years but it’s w/e. since they are going through with this, the only 2 ppl I could see chosen to be their inductee would be either Jeff jarrett or a.j. Styles. Jeff for of course being the founder, a.j. Of course being there since day 1

  • Ricky Valdez

    Active tna wrestlers should not be inducted into HOF, it looks like its perfect for Jeff jarret, hogan and flair have no buisness being inducted.

  • hurrigame

    The Brooklyn Brawler

  • Msuth

    Lol of fame more like!

  • Skitzo

    Jesus.. you haters REALLY need to get a life. TNA hall of fame is great! Wwe is not the only company that is allowed a hall of fame. I don’t understand how most of you could be so ignorant. It’s a tna hall of fame.. for talents that obtained FAME in TNA. Why not? There is NO reason why not. TNA is going to be around for a LOOOONG time and I am glad that people like A.j,Joe,Daniels,roode,storm,Jarret,kaz etc will have a place to cement their history. Face it.. Sting will never go to Wwe. As a lifelong Sting fan I’m so happy he will be in a hall of fame that means something to him and his fans. Tna is making the right move here.. you’re all just too simple minded to see why

  • Alex

    It'll be Sting, AJ, or Jeff Jarrett

  • Austin

    A Hall of Fame from TNA. How original. The next thing you know- TNA is going to replace Final Destination with Wrestlemania