TNA Is Asking Fans Which Ring They Prefer

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TNA Wrestling is running a poll on their official website asking fans which ring they want TNA to use going further. Voting will end on Thursday at Midnight after the airing of Impact Wrestling. TNA will make the results known Friday. TNA will begin using the ring at the NYC tapings start on June 25.

TNA states the future of the Impact ring is in the fan's hands.

To vote you can visit TNA's official site by clicking here 

  • Michael

    Six sides set them apart from everyone else. I dont care as long as it sets a positive fire in the company. We need another boom. The business is stale without.

  • Bob’s Diner

    The shape of their ring won’t help them now

    • John

      They just had a great PPV 3 nights ago so they clearly still have the talent to deliver a great show despite everyone forecasting there demise! Perhaps they are now showing commitment to making changes and moving forward with what they have.

      Maybe wrestling fans should support them instead of bashing them for everything they do! There has been times when WWE has been awful for long periods of time just like there was a time when TNA was easily the best wrestling show on TV.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I don’t support them any more because I believe they have no chance of offering anything worthwhile to any wrestler out there; the talent aren’t being paid well and the general health and well-being of their workers means nothing to them. They prove this time and again. This company will take a while to die, but someone needs to just put it out of its misery so something else that is better can take its place

        How do you feel about the fact they seem to lie to their fans a lot? I mean, they promoted a Kurt Angle match that was never going to be possible. And now they kept promoting MVP/Eric Young when it was pretty clear for a couple of weeks that MVP couldn’t wrestle. As a fan, how do you feel about TNA constantly lying to you?

        • John

          The Impact shows that aired leading up to Slammiversary were all taped weeks before MVP’s injury happened so they were put in an awkward position that they couldn’t do anything about, which i guess shows a major flaw in taping so many episodes ahead of time. (Something i hate personally.)

          What something better is going to take TNA’s place exactly? You mention TNA not paying there talent well, yet they still pay a lot more than ROH or any other popular indie promotion. They’re also the only wrestling promotion outside of WWE that has a national tv deal, so I’m not sure how you can say TNA doesn’t offer anything worthwhile.

          Personally i’m not thrilled about TNA letting go talent like AJ Styles, Bad Influence, Chris Sabin etc. however they still have a pretty strong roster in terms of ability, and Slammiversary was evidence of that.

          • Bob’s Diner

            When a guy like Christopher Daniels, who is let go because he is someone they consider to be paid too much, goes on the record saying he wasn’t getting paid all that much at all then you have to question what these people are getting paid.

            Remember, Taylor Wilde had a part-time job at a sunglasses store while she was the knockouts champion.

            As for what can take the place of TNA, I’m not sure but something else WILL take its place. I mean, Once TNA is gone, the attention that was once on it can then go elsewhere. I’m not saying Slammiversary was bad or anything, but that was one show. People can’t get false hope because they’ve managed to put together one solid show in about 18 months.

  • Whammaster

    I know what the argument is going to be, 6-sides makes them feel indy. Bah, it makes them feel unique. It also promotes the x-division more, something that put them on the map in the first place.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Sure, TNA did care to ask. But if the six-sided ring beats the poll, does TNA care to change?

    • Mysterion

      “TNA will make the results known Friday. TNA will begin using the ring at the NYC tapings start on June 25.”

      Read the whole article.

  • Levi Aldebol

    This should have been done YEARS ago when Hogan and Bischoff started running things, instead of arbitrarily switching to the standard 4-sided ring. They’re doing it now because they’re desperate.