Member Of TNA Impact Wrestling Management In Danger Of Being Forced Out By Co-Workers

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While he hasn't been around long, I'm told Dave Lagana is already rubbing people the wrong way backstage in TNA Impact Wrestling. Brought on to help launch the Ring Ka King project in India, Lagana is a former member of the WWE creative team.

My source tells me there has been some talk of trying to replace him although I was cautioned that it's doubtful Lagana is aware of that talk. The position hasn't been described as particularly desirable as Lagana basically got a job no one wanted. Nothing is set in stone that Lagana will be forced out, however, it certainly seems like he made the wrong person mad and they are lobbying for the company to replace him.

  • snuggle


  • Patrick_Peralta

    Petty people who frown on others who do not share their thoughts on how to improve TNA. thy get bent out of shape like a bunch of immature children.

    • XKonn247

      Why petty? Can it not be that Lagana has gone in with a “better than this” attitude and upset the working environment?

  • eurosario

    I bet it was either Hogan or Bischoff he rubbed the wrong way