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It really seems as though TNA is in such limbo right now that I honestly don't know what to say about TNA right now. I hope that getting off the road and returning to Orlando helps TNA. As cranky as I seem some days, I truly do love TNA, and I want them to succeed. Even though WWE claims they don't pay attention to TNA, they do, and that little bit of not even competition does help WWE in the long run, and it's a good thing for all involved. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that TNA will flourish back in Orlando. I will keep my hopes high as I know it will take them some time to readjust to Orlando, so I might be a little nicer for the next couple weeks, but not for long.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > C-

Dixie looked older than her years in that red turtleneck and horrible studded skirt. Her rant at AJ was just ridiculous, as was the X-Pac heat! That crowd was not impressed, and I don't blame them, as they had listened to her for almost a half hour by that point in their live show. I am not sure I wouldn't have gone ECW on her and started throwing things into the ring – other than the getting arrested part of it.

Storm, Joe, Angle, Hardy, Aries, Roode, and Sabin all make sense, and I love that they're in this match, but the promo for each was a bit silly. I felt like I was watching Nickelodeon Games & Sports channel again. Something about the narrator's voice, and how he speaks brings me back to that network. Also, it is very strange that Bully isn't put into this match as he should be close to the top of the list, even though he couldn't beat AJ the second time. I understand that Dixie is blaming him, and Bully has to be out of it for his feud with Anderson, but it comes off as quite strange to me.

Loves me some Anderson, and loves me some Jesse for sending me his autographed Anderson A**hole hat! Jesse is a great co-worked, and a sweet friend who is deserving of some serious maple syrup for that lovely gift.

Backstage Segment > D

That wasn't a great segment between Bully and Anderson.

Backstage Segment > F+

Garett was just sucky here. That man doesn't emote, or know how to handle himself on mic, which is shocking considering who his father is!

Bromance vs Storm & Gunner > B

I thought the eye of the storm was going to be landed really badly when Storm launched Jessie, but he landed it quite well. What I didn't like was how Bromance got the upper hand on Gunner. That's not at all believable, no matter how muscled they look. They just don't have the skills, or mental acuity to really go over Beer Guns. Sorry, we discussed that these two really need a team name, and that's the best that came up. Honestly, that these two have been tagging for as long as they have, and don't have a team name is just wrong!

Winners – Bromance (4:15)

Backstage Segment > C

My newest child, Ashlyn, thinks Sting looks scary sitting there that way with Dixie. It's interesting to hear someone think Sting looks scary. Personally, the only scary person in that segment was Dixie when she opens her mouth.

Backstage Segment > B

I love BI! Daniels' hat didn't match his coat, so for the first time Kaz looked more put together! They were really cute here though, and onto a very interesting mystery. If they carry this through the show it could be great!

EC3 vs Norv Fernum > C-

I'm already over Bateman, I mean EC3. At least Eugene was interesting, he's not even fun to look at right now as he's boring. The only time EC3 is interesting is the comical facial expressions he gives just before he finishes off his jobber. I know he's better than this, but he's killing me with how boring he is.

Winner – EC3 (3:07)

Backstage Segment > B

So Angle went to the ring last week in ring gear, but couldn't compete. Now, this week, Roode is trying to make sure Angle can compete. But this week was last week, and we all know that, so Angle could have competed last week and it was all storyline. While we know it's all storyline, I just cannot suspend my disbelief for something like this. If someone 'cannot compete' then they shouldn't end up competing during the same live show. Just my feeling behind it all. All that being said, Roode was solid here. Not his best, but solid.

Backstage Segment > B+

Overly Developed Bosoms! Kaz had the line of the night! I love ODBEY, but everyone knows that. Their chemistry is lovely.

Gauntlet Match > B

Gauntlet Match FAIL! TNA, gauntlet match doesn't mean what you think it means. Some of the work in this match was solid, but it was a Battle Royal, not a Gauntlet Match. Things like that just irk me, and show me that some of TNA still don't have a clue about the wrestling industry. I know I should be paying attention to the match, but I'm so annoyed by TNA announcing one type of match, calling it one type of match, but then giving us something very different.

I also have to say that the ending was rather predictable. I think we all knew, even those of us who avoided spoilers, knew it would be Magnus eliminating Sting in the end. That way their issues could be pushed even further, but Magnus would be in this newest tourney. And, after all my complaining, I will admit that there was some decent work in this match. Some of it was quite strong, but they made themselves look bosh league not knowing what type of match they were throwing. I'm not shoveling all this on the wrestlers, this crap is all on creative/booking.

Winner – Magnus (19:39)

Backstage Segment > F

Wheel of Dixie? Please, can we have something even slightly original?

ODB vs Kim > C+

I am so over Tapa and Kim running around like Tamina and AJ. People have called TNA bush league, and the way they're following the WWE so closely these days is showing how hard up they are for ideas. Alex will probably call me on this, but all you have to do is watch both shows and see how the storylines are following each other. I'm not saying it doesn't go both ways as the WWE has done the same thing recently (can't pull up what it was in my memory, but it was obvious at the time), just that it's time they stop!

All that being said, I expected so much more from ODB and Kim. Don't get me wrong, they were solid, and much better than what we saw from Summer Rae this week, but we know those two are so much better than that, and I'd love to see them give it.

Winner – Kim (6:22)

In Ring Segment > B+

Daniels And Kaz are funny,but EY does a great Joseph! The way he worked around the ring, he was so Joseph! I loved how he had no trouble attacking BI by himself, even though he knew Joseph wasn't there. Yes, of course Abyss would come out, but then EY sold his caution then. Honestly, I'm thrilled Abyss is back, and I'm loving the direction his characters are going.

Backstage Segment > C

Ugh! Wheel of Dixie? At least it should be an interesting match!

Roode vs Angle > B+&F

Roode and Angle, of course looked fabby in the ring. They are two who don't half-ass anything they do, and because of it they give some of the best in TNA. Their intensity is jaw dropping, and they always captivate. All you have to do is listen to the fans who have been watching a lot of crap for a couple hours, but they were HOT for this match!

But then the match ended. It seems as though after every match Angle is left laying on the mat, or even on his feet, but with his left hand curled, and his right hand twitching, both arms curled up to his body. To me that's a serious issue that this happens on a regular basis. I truly wonder if Angle would be working the ring if he was with the WWE. Would he pass WWE's Wellness with his body the way it is right now? I'm not talking about any demons he's been dealing with, I'm talking about the condition of his physical body. Is he really healthy enough to be working the ring? I honestly don't know how scripted the end of that match was, and if it was scripted, Roode sold really well. If it wasn't, then Angle should not be working the ring. Angle either sells better than anyone I've ever seen, or he really didn't know what was going on. The whole thing was really strange, and if that's storyline, I'm not at all impressed.

Winner – N/A (16:16)

Post Show

The main event left such a bad taste in my mouth that I don't know what to think. I didn't hear that Angle was injured, or in bad shape after the taping of Impact last week, so maybe the whole thing was a work, but if it was, I'm not at all impressed. I hope things get better when they move back to Orlando, and I will keep my chin up, but right now, after this episode of Impact, I'm quite worried.

I mentioned in the OTP that there haven't been a lot of comments to the BZ recently. I was wondering, who really is reading the BZ? Could you please just say hi, or something, if you're a regular reader. I know there's a bunch of you, but I'm wondering who, and how many of you there are. Okay, I know I could find the numbers through Richard, and I might be able to find out if I go digging enough, but I wonder who you all are! I'm interested! I know David, Ed, Breaker are reading, but who else? Who are you?

Queen of WNW

  • Jeff Britt


  • joel manjarrez

    I saw the ending. It looked like it might be a “stinger” Could be wrong though.

  • Stuart J Mills

    I’m addicted to the TNA blog even as just a casual watcher of TNA 🙂 from little ol’ NZ

  • Jamie

    I’ve mostly given up on watching TNA, but ill read these blogs to see if there is anything worth tuning in for. Also from little ol’ NZ 🙂

  • SwipeManMcNasty

    I dont watch TNA a lot nowadays because I got frustrated with how things were going. But Im going to start watching more frequently.
    I like to read these blogs to see if other people are thinking the same things I think while Im watching.
    Theyre always well done pieces, enjoyable.

    Also, I think the ending was all worked. If it were legitimate, I think we wouldve heard something about it and people would have had more of a sense of urgency with caring for Angle after the bell.

  • 3D triple d

    I love reading all the blogs. I’ve pretty much gave up on tna but I do still keep up with them.

  • David Jr.

    I read your blogs every week.

  • The Breaker

    I loved where you said the announcer’s voice reminded you of Nickelodeon Games & Sports. That part of Impact was so funny to me, but I couldn’t pinpoint why.

    Them calling it a Gauntlet match really annoyed me too. For some reason, this same sort of thing happens a lot in TNA. Anyone who’s watched a decent amount of wrestling knows the difference between a Gauntlet and Battle Royal, so it’s perplexing that no one corrected it.

    The thing with Angle has to be a work, because we saw Angle deciding to take the match with Roode despite the doctor’s strong advisement not to. The question is, where are they going with this? Is Angle getting more time off?

  • Ibra

    Hi Kendra I read your blog every week and always enjoy reading ur opinion on impact. But for this blog I think ur to critical of tna. Like sure tna copies wwe storyline and wwe the sam but its wrestling where storylined get used over and over. Like at least tapa isn’t botching kicks to the stomach just like tamina. An Aj is actually defend the title in other promotions not like punk who only left for like two weeks. Just give tna time for the story to develop cause their doing a better job than wwe with there story’s. I find tna much more entertaining than raw every week. But they do have their faults. Sorry bout all the rambling but the tournament sounds really good. Angle for Aries can’t wait for that. I hope aries could win the tournament and then face Aj with a really story. Who’s the real tna champ. Let me end this by saying Kendra I really respect ur thoughts on wrestling as well the rest of the staff at world wrestling news, tna, and Thank u for reading my comments and have a blessed day.

  • Ralph Weaver

    I’m on the WNW Insider mailing list, so I read your articles on a regular basis. Don’t always agree with what you say, but I don’t always voice it either. However, since you asked for a reply, here’s my two-cents…

    I agree with just about everything in this article, with one exception. the Daniels/Kaz thing is well… sucky… imho. Fortunately, I DVR the show so I’m able to fast-forward through their lame mic work, which does not improve as time goes on. Sorry, but for me those two are just getting repetitious and rather predictable. Unfortunately, this is becoming the norm for the Impact show in general. I don’t normally read the spoilers, but even so, I’m pretty much able to predict every match. It’s gotten so bad lately that, unless there is at least a little talent in the ring for a match I’m looking forward to seeing, I’ll just fast-forward to the end of the match; then I’ll say: “See? I called that one too!” TNA is gradually losing me, with the few matches I still want to see being so predictable. However, I haven’t given up yet. I still have hope they’ll succeed. If the franchise is actually up for sale, maybe someone with some sense of the buisness and good financial backing will take it to new heights. Only time will tell, but Dixie? She’s gotta go!

  • Nostaljack

    As I said last night, I read and agree with you by and large. TNA is in serious trouble storyline-wise and in every other way. They ape WWE at every turn and it’s really repulsive. The ending was quite unsettling and, even if it was worked, it wasn’t done well as Tenay and Taz wouldn’t shut up and let it play out. Not a great show at all.

  • J Money

    Read your RIBs and BZs every week. Though I don’t follow tna personally I still enjoy reading your thoughts on it. Might not always agree with your thoughts on the RIBs but still read them word for word. Unless you’re going off about wardrobes then I’ll just scroll down. Lol.

  • Braxton


  • Kendrick Collins

    Hi. I read these blogs that you do every week. It is interesting to me to hear someone else’s perspective on the wrestling world and tna in general. I thought the intro videos for each person in the tournament were stupid because the people who are watching tna obviously already know who they are lol only thing i got from it was that i didnt know chris sabin was a 7 time x division champion