TNA Bound For Glory Results (10/14/12) - Jeff Hardy Wins The TNA Championship

TNA Bound for Glory Results
Sunday, October 14, 2012
From Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona
Report by Sean Hopkins of

The show opens with a video package highlighting the history of Bound For Glory as well as various talents talking about the importance of the night.

No pyro, but Mike Tenay welcomes us to Phoenix, Arizona for the biggest PPV of the year, Bound For Glory. The crowd seems pretty hot, and ready for some wrestling. Tenay immediately begins hyping the main event which will see TNA World Champion Austin Aries defending against Jeff Hardy. He also highlights the match that will see Bully Ray and Sting teaming up to take on Aces and 8's.

TNA X Division Championship Match
- Zema Ion (c) vs Rob Van Dam

The entrances:

They're heading straight into the matches though, as Rob Van Dam makes his way out for the first match of the evening. Zema Ion is out second, and he gets a good bit of heat, mostly because he's not RVD, on his way out to the ring.

The start:

The crowd is solidly behind RVD as the bell rings. RVD and Zema lock up and RVD goes behind Ion. Ion turns things around, but RVD is able to take him over. Ion backs off and says RVD pulled his hair. Zema jaws with the crowd, and RVD pulls him back by the hair before slamming him into the turnbuckle and jumping off the middle rope with a single leg drop kick the sends Ion to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

RVD teases a dive, but Ion gets out of the way before he can leap. Ion gets back in the ring and is able to lock in a head lock, but RVD fights out, only to take a dropkick to the knee. RVD sends Ion into the corner, and Ion hits a crazy twisting press for a two count.

Ion mocks Van Dam, so RVD crotches him on the top rope, and wipes him out with another dropkick that sends him to the outside. Ion catches RVD with a shoulder to the gut, then a second. He leaps into the ring with a crazy DDT that's good for another near fall. Ion beats on RVD in the corner with a series of stomps before sending RVD across the ring and running into a back elbow. RVD heads to the top, but Ion pushes him off into the guardrail. Ion dives over the top and wipes out RVD before mugging for the crowd.

Back in the ring Ion gets another two count. Ion chokes RVD on the middle rope before kicking him in the side of the head. Ion drives his shoulder into RVD's back before blasting him with a big forearm to the side of the head. RVD reverses a whip across the ring and tries for a monkey flip, but Ion drops him down face first into the top turnbuckle before heading to the top and taking out RVD with a missile dropkick. Ion gets another near fall.

The finish:

Ion sends RVD into the ropes and catches him in an abdominal stretch, wrenching away. RVD fights out of it and he and Ion trade rights. Ion kicks RVD in the gut, but ends up tossed up into the air and hit with a dropkick to the gut. Van Dam hits rolling thunder and heads to the top. He hits the five star frog splash and goes for the cover. RVD gets the three count.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

JB is backstage alongside Magnus. A fan from Twitter wants to know if it's the most important match of Magnus' career. Magnus says it's the biggest night of the year for the company. The night when he gets the chance to become the World TV Champion. But tonight, he's free, broken out of political prison. Joe can't hide behind Hulk Hogan anymore. He asks how Joe can follow up his most disappointing loss.

TNA TV Championship Match
- Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

The entrances:

Magnus is out to the ring first for the next championship bout, and he draws a fair amount of jeers from the crowd. Samoa Joe is out second, and he definitely seems to have the support of the crowd heading into this one.

The start:

The bell rings and Joe and Magnus begin circling each other. They lock up and Magnus goes after Joe's arm. Both men wrestle down to the mat and reverse each other's hold. Back on their feet we get another lock up. Magnus backs Joe into the corner and breaks clean. Yet another lock up and Magnus backs Joe into the corner again, trying to whip him across the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Joe reverses and runs in with a back splash in the corner, and a huge kick. Joe peppers Magnus with right hands before it's broken up by the ref. This allows Magnus to sneak in a sucker punch, which allows him to score with a couple of uppercuts. Joe answers back, but runs right into a big clothesline from Magnus.

Magnus beats down Joe in the corner, but Joe comes back with a series of jabs. Magnus responds with a jumping high knee to wipe out Joe before choking the big man against the middle rope. Magnus leaps in with a running elbow to the back while Joe is propped against the ropes which sets up a near fall for the brit. Magnus hits Joe with a couple more uppercuts and Joe comes back with a series of slaps. Joe hits the ropes and runs into a Michinoku driver which is good for another near fall for Magnus. Magnus backs Joe into the corner hard, but when he comes off the middle rope and jumps into a Manhattan drop, big kick and back senton. Joe slams Magnus to the mat hard for a two count. Joe hits Magnus with a powerbomb and locks in the stf.

Magnus wont tap, so Joe tries for the rings of Saturn. Magnus fights out of it, so Joe tries for the muscle buster, but Magnus sends Joe to the mat and hits a top rope elbow drop for a two count. Magnus and Joe struggle for positioning, Joe tries for the rear naked choke and Magnus drops him down with a chin breaker.

The finish:

Joe is able to lock in the rear naked choke and take Magnus down to the mat, and Magnus is forced to tap out in the middle of the ring.

Winner and STILL TNA TV Champion: Samoa Joe

Backstage, JB interviews Bobby Roode. Roode says this hatred can change lives. They've hated each other their entire careers. If King Mo thinks he's going to get in the way he's got another thing coming. Roode reminds Storm that he's never beaten him, and after the last time Roode won, he took his ball and went home, and after tonight, he'll send him home forever.

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  • SMB

    nice ppv…no one expected Devon to be there

    • vmagic

      Yes but WWE already did that when they surprised everyone with a Daniel Bryan return on ppv.

      • SDD619

        This was way different from Daniel Bryan. Everyone saw him returning to Summerslam that year. Nobody expected Devon

      • with your logic, every surprise return is a rip-off of the last one?

  • Brad

    How hot was the crowd tonight!
    And that's exactly what the biggest PPV of the year should be like- hooked on every match and loving the whole card. Much better than WM

  • TheTruthSetMeFree

    WWE has super Cena.. Jeff Hardy just proved to either be TNA's super Hardy, that they put the belt on him to keep him from leaving when his contract is up, or that you hit rock bottom with drugs and you get rewarded with a major title belt after almost 3 years of the screw up… I pick all 3… Sadly I'm a Jeff Hardy fan and I'm dissing him like this!

  • Swanson

    Honestly I think Aries could have retained but the fact Hardy has worked back from his downfall is actually pretty cool in my option. Aka he proved that he deserved it backstage. It shows hope for him and sets up a good feud

  • Benjs

    Where’s Christian tho?

  • Whammaster

    Why would they make Austin look so weak coming into the ppv, and then have him lose. Its like pissing all over the story going into the match. Made Hardy look larger then life, and made Austin look like the guy coming in for the job from a local indy show. Yeah Austin put on some serious offense during the match, im not saying during the match, im saying the build into the match was weak.

  • Andres

    That ending to Aries and hardy was stupid Aries should still be champ !!!

  • Chris

    Devon? Really? I truly see now why TNA ratings are so low.

  • phil

    Not hardy again

  • Kleck

    Happy that Devon still has a job

  • smithmiester

    Wansnt Christian supposed to appear?

    • _JIM_

      Only at the HOF ceremony I think.

  • Voice_Of_ Wrestling

    this has just got interesting

  • Enforcer

    Yeah, Devon as someone high up in the faction really gives it major wow factor lol. Maybe Disco Inferno and Alex Wright will also be in the group. Oh yeah and Shockmaster!

    • Phill

      Devon is one of the greatest & most decorated tag team champs of all time… and after all these years is still in the spotlight

      It was a great swerve by TNA – no-one saw it coming. Much better than the s*** WWE is giving us.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Tna did a good job last night… Although it remains to be seen who the leader is of aces and eights because I know it’s not Devon…

  • chris

    The endings to both the A&8s match and Hardy/Aries seemed so abrupt and anticlimactic.

  • Nick

    With the matches TNA delivered last night I feel bad that they can’t crank up the ratings. It’s obvious that they are trying to get better, I have enjoyed a lot their impact shows and last night’s BFG was perhaps the best ppv they’ve put up in a long time! Some of the matches results I don’t agree with like RVD winning the Xdivision title. Zema Ion has been red hot as a heel and I really think if they kept pushing him, he could have been another Austin Aries (moving up to the main event) but f course RVD is Hogan’s boy so he has to have his pecifier to keep him from bitching. One thing that puzzles me, seems like Jeff Hardy gets a new theme song every year while Aries gets nothing. Hardys entrance last night was epic and Aries for being the champion should have had an epic entrance too, but it was the same
    Old thing. DVON, I’m still shocked, DVON the happy-go-lucky television champion who was a damn good babyface is now with aces and 8’s. I am hooked! Can’t wait till Thursday!

  • Last nights ppv was pretty solid. The ones who are complaining about Devon are the same ones that will complain no matter who it was. They’ll just bitch about how obvious it was….

  • Fanfan

    Storm v Roode is the match of the year hands down.

    • Chuck Long

      Mos def

  • Stan

    Hellow. Iam. Sorry. I. Missed. That. Pay per. View. What. Was. The. Out. Come. With. Ace&Eights. Did. They. Lose.