TNA Changing Their Philosophy On Where They Look For New Talent - Details On A Well Known Name That Could Be Returning To Impact Wrestling

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We're told there has recently been a shift in philosophy in TNA Wrestling regarding where they look for new roster additions. Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations Bruce Prichard feels there is equity in former TNA performers and he wants to continue to look into bringing some of them back. The idea is there are guys TNA invested a lot of television time in and they are available and inexpensive, so why not continue to explore some of them and see which ones stick?

So far, TNA has been happy with Petey Williams and his return to the company. Another name the company is looking to bring back is Jesse Neal. He's been hoping for a chance in WWE but TNA has reached out to see if he would be interested in returning.

Throughout TNA's history, a lot has been invested in talent from WWE or ROH but Prichard feels if there are some "homegrown" TNA guys the audience is already familiar with, it will save the company money and they should begin to look in that direction more when spots open up.

  • Gesus Oliver

    Not going to lie, this got me excited. there are many faults within TNA, but bringing back older talent is a good idea. While there is a need to develop new stars there also needs to be older stars to build the product around too. A good way to bring back older fans. Petey is why I started watching TNA again. I am a huge fan of Maple Leaf Muscle. They also need to bring back Sharkboy for good.

  • Nostaljack

    Bring. Back. Jay. Lethal. And. D’Angelo. Dinero. They royally screwed up with both of them and both made for some really compelling television (Jay doing his dead-on impressions and D’Angelo when he was about a month in to his TNA television time).

  • Clint

    I would love it if they brought back monty brown and triple x. Elix and low ki could feud with bad influence. That would be awesome