TNA Considering Pulling Impact Wrestling Off The Road, Return To Orlando?

TNA Wrestling is considering pulling Impact off the road and returning to a regular taping location. The move would be a cost cutting measure that would likely go into effect next year.

We reported here on Premium early last week that one of the hang-ups on a physical WWE Hall of Fame at Universal Studios is that WWE wants exclusivity to the park, meaning TNA would be unable to return to the Impact Zone. We're told Universal Studios has been reluctant to offer that exclusivity unless WWE is willing to tape a show there.

Sources within Universal have told us they were happy with TNA's deal and do not want to shun their return to the park. In fact, TNA recently inquired about possibly returning to theme park for future tapings. At the time, I was under the impression it was for possible "One Night Only" shows but it looks like they are seeing if they would be welcome to return to their former taping location.

In total, the expenses of taping Impact Wrestling on the road are becoming more than the company can handle.

  • Chris

    Not good…

    • dean

      tna is all hype and zero substance. has been Hogan and middle aged sting are not the answer in 2013. wwe does not “fear” these guys anymore. it is not 1998 and tna does not have ted turner’s money and his cable networks.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I think it’s a mistake! If they want to cut cost, they really need to start at the top! Cut Hogan, (as much as it pains me) cut Sting, cut all these high paying guys who are not really making any change in the ratings and deflating their budget. It’s that simple! Stop cutting good talent who actually make a difference and start cutting the ones who don’t! I can’t believe they don’t see this!

    • Tony

      I think Dixie Carter and her team are too ignorant to notice this. I doubt that TNA will last 5 years let alone 10 years. This is spitting in the face of Jeff Jarrett and his father who worked hard to create TNA surely this is not what they had in mind when they created TNA initially.

  • LBP365

    Well hate to say I told u but, I told u the better way to go was to do a once a month location like 3 Orlando , 1 Vicksburg ms. that way it was a balance that didn’t cost much. And I agree bring in a cheap no name suit make him more of a vince like (make sure he has ring presents in speaking) and let Hogan go!!!!!

    • Nostaljack

      Also, no more workers whose best days are behind them. Get rid of them all. TNA doesn’t need them. Why are we the only ones seeing this?

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    First, they move Impact to Monday nights opposite Raw, then quickly move it back to Thursdays. Now they’ve gone on the road (like WWE does), but are considering returning to a taping location full time due to the high cost. I thought they had a chance to at least come up to WWE’s level; instead, they keep slipping backward. How long before Dixie folds up her tents and goes home for good?