TNA Day In Little Rock, Roode Aligns w/Bad Influence, Tito Ortiz Smear Campaign

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TNA Day in Little Rock

TNA held a press conference in Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday to promote the September 26th Impact Wrestling tapings. TNA Champion Chris Sabin was the featured guest and you can watch video footage at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

Roode Aligns w/Bad Influence

Video footage of Bobby Roode aligning with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian from this week's Impact Wrestling is now online at this link. You can also watch it in the video embedded below:

Tito Ortiz Smear Campaign

TNA/Bellator crossover star Tito Ortiz believes he's going to be part of a smear campaign from his estranged wife Jenna Jameson. TMZ has the story at this link.

  • _JIM_

    I feel bad for Tito’s kids. Any parent who would do what she’s doing to the other, when there’s kids involved, isn’t a very good person. Its been pretty common knowledge that a lot of woman who go into her industry have serious issues. Unfortunately for Tito and his kids it looks like Jenna happens to be one of them. When a father is given sole custody of kids in any divorce, that should tell you that there is something seriously wrong with the Mother. Because Mother’s are awarded custody an extremely high percentage of the time. Sometimes even when they don’t deserve custody but they are still awarded it just because they are the Mother. That’s just how most Judges rule. Follow the two of them on Twitter and judge for yourself who seems to be the most responsible and deserving of custody of children.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Personally, I wish I could have been at the conference and go to the Impact in Little Rock, but unfortunately it isn’t in the cards at the moment.