TNA Desperately Trying To Re-Sign Long-Time Name They Fear Could End Up In WWE After The Lawsuit Is Settled

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Velvet Sky is gone from TNA Wrestling but I'm told the company has been "desperately" trying to re-sign her. The issue is she does not want to re-sign until Chris Sabin's deal expires as well and both of them can see what kind of interest there still is from WWE (as the two are an item in real life).

Both received feelers from WWE previously but TNA's lawsuit against WWE makes things tricky and is preventing WWE from signing anyone from TNA. My source cautioned not to be surprised if Velvet returns to TNA but she's in no rush to re-sign and doesn't want to end up in one company with Sabin ending up in another.

TNA continues a "full court press" to get her to sign a new deal but so far, she's not caving. Another reason TNA wants her back is they feel if she re-signs, Sabin will re-up as well. I'm told company officials do not feel one will go to WWE without the other, which currently, is not even possible.

  • Patrick Peralta

    the whole issues is just stupid..if she wants to wait it out and wait for Sabin then so be it.. one of the issues of her so far not re-signing is not just Chris Sabin but the money they offered. she wasn't happy with it.

  • PainOfDemise

    Why would she want to sign with WWE? Maybe for more money, but sure not for air time. The only reason we have seen the Divas in action lately is because Kelly Kelly came back.

  • LeftyTosser

    My question would be more along the lines of "why would Chris want to go to WWE?" He will be buried like most other smaller guys and especially since he comes from TNA. Let's face it, VKM has not done much with anyone that was in TNA except to try and embarrass them. I enjoy watching both Chris and Velvet do their thing in the ring, but neither is a match by themselves. Great performers, but not superstars.

    • StephenSnel23

      Chris and Alex would be brought in as a tag team or brought in for their new Cruiserweight show on their network.

      • LeftyTosser

        So in other words, buried. WWE doesn't do tag teams worth a flip anymore and the network will be just like the Oprah network. Big splash and then sink. Chris and Velvet can make more money with WWE, they just need to realize up front what they will give up also. VKM has built a great empire, but he has not and will not promote someone else' talent. By the way, since you mentioned Alex. Why would VKM sign a performer that has an obvious injury problem to anything other than a minimum contract? Shelly will make the same money or more, plus have an opportunity to shine in TNA. In less than 13 months Alex has gone from great potential to blowing both knees out. That's not good for an aerial performer.

        • Patrick Peralta

          what is with all the talk about the Oprah network. if it is such a big failer as people think then why is it still around? I have Direct TV and it's still up and runing.

          I thought it was Chris Sabin who blew out both knees he came back from a knee injury then in his second or third match blew out the other knee and is out again……

        • Stephen

          Actually WWE has been doing more in their tag division than TNA and are actually slowly rebuilding theres. Every week on both RAW and SmackDown there is matches involving the tag division with storylines. Unlike in the past where you see the tag team once a month. Im not saying it's perfect but it's so much better than last year. WWE has 3 tag teams in NXT that they are developing. With all the shows WWE has, they would atleast get on TV more then they did with TNA and Im pretty sure that matters alot more. More appearences means more money which means an easier life when it comes to bills. Also its Sabin who blew out his ACL's, not Shelly. Now Im not saying for 100 percent they wont be burried, Im just saying i think they'll chose WWE for the money and a chance to say they worked for the biggest wrestling company ever. Which Im sure most wrestlers hope to say some time i their careers.

  • Alex Barie

    This thing gets me pretty worked up. Everyone knows how the divas are treated in the WWE. We seen Gail Kim go and Kharma. Yes, Kharma was in a different situation, but both left the company. Gail came back to TNA. Sky has the looks to be on top of the diva division, but she is more than looks. She is talented in the ring. Money is almost everything though.