TNA Executive Claims They've Surpassed WWE In The UK & Germany

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TNA executive vice president of licensing and international TV distribution Andy Barton was recently in India on a promotional tour along with Kurt Angle and Gail Kim. While there, he was interviewed by Below are the highlights:

  • The article opened by claiming TNA had emerged as a "strong competitor" to WWE, drawing suspect to the piece's credibility.
  • Barton discussed the importance of building a brand in India with WWE airing in the country for 15 years. He admitted WWE has a substantial lead over TNA but for every Home Depot there needs to be a Lowes.
  • Barton claimed TNA has surpassed WWE in the United Kingdom and Germany, saying their show is watched by more people in comparison week in and week out.
  • He talked about Ring Ka King and said TNA opened a wrestling school in India.
  • Barton reiterated the company's commitment to international growth.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Mysterio

    The bit he’s unsurprisingly chosen to omit is that WWE RAW airs at 2am on a channel in the UK you need to pay monthly to receive. TNA airs on a midweek time slot at, I think, 9pm on a channel available for free nationwide.

    • Anthony

      It’s true WWE is on pay tv and impact is on a free channel. However more people watch impact, it goes out on sunday night on challenge. Britain has a strong wrestling heritage and the fans want that little bit more. We want wrestling not entertainment. We don’t want cena keep being thrust down our throats. We went through the change from wrestling to entertainment and british wrestling died because of it. Its a fact that if Greg Dyke didn’t cancel british wrestling of our TV screens it would still be going today…

      • peter

        Anthony your surely having a laugh.TNA is still treated as a joke in the UK ,it’s shown on a free channel, do you honestly think that if you had to pay to watch TNA anyone would. I can’t stop laughing.

        • Anthony

          If you cast your mind back WWE was free on British TV. Raw was on a number of channels before it took a permanent home on sky sports. The PPV views were free.. The WWE ppv don’t do that great when it come to actual buys. I do agree Tna has been a bit weak when you compare it with WWE. However when it actually comes down to wrestling content I have to seek that else where including TNA and indeed the indy circuit here in Birmingham. WWE in my opinion is now geared towards the kids. The woman are a joke in WWE, no talent sloppy in ring work.

  • Matys

    What a joke! In Germany it’s as followed to clear things up: WWE airs on Sky (pay-tv) and til March on Sport1 (free-tv). While Sport1 is financially struggeling for a while, they needed to cut here and then. And while TNA LOST it’s deal with Sky by the end of 2012, they of course reached out to Sport1, too. In the end, Sport1 took the TNA offer – as we all know, TNA’s tv licenses are cheaper than WWE.

    Since then, WWE is no longer on german free-tv – except for their programming on Eurosport (This Week In WWE & Vintage Collection) while ALL the other tv content (Raw live, SmackDown on Fridays, NXT, Afterburn, Experience and of course all of the ppv’s, including the live kickoff shows) remains on Sky (about 3,5 mio. subscibers)! WWE reached a deal for Superstars with ProSieben FUN, also a pay tv program part of the Sat1ProSieben Group (second largest private tv company in Germany) and are in good terms to return on german free-tv (probably the new started ProSieben Maxx, which is very male and young oriented) in early 2014. Sat1ProSieben openly says that they are very happy doing business with WWE and are in talks to air more WWE content.

    Now on TNA: They really started well in March this year. They produced and presented the TNA product like in the old WCW days – they did a good job in fitting their product well to the german market. Part of the TNA-Sport1 deal is that TNA’s airs their full iMPACT versions on, an pay-on-demand service. That’s their concept. With no WWE on free-tv, except for two shows on Eurosport, which ain’t what the main fanbase seem to be interested in, TNA has kind of a monopol – just like in the UK, because Challenge reaches far more british people than Sky.

    For a couple of months and ever since they changed their tv schedule from Wednesdays to Saturdays you can by far tell the few airings TNA had ever since on Sport1! Because in 8 out of 10 times IMPACT had to pass on Saturdays due to live sports. With other words: TNA isn’t on free tv, except for very rare dates, like once a month or even less. TNA’s facebook page, which used to be a very interactive platform between fans and the german TNA team, became the absolute opposite – fans are pretty upset and you can feel that the TNA-Sport1 experiment didn’t turn into the direction they thought it’d be.

    And now to still say they are the #1 on the german market is a joke! They totally blew it, sadly.

  • live1213

    its true but misleading however, don’t wake a sleeping giant

  • oooole

    TNA is doing better numbers internationally, if RAW airs at 2am on UK is due to WWE’s lack of commitment and attention, while TNA actively works with challenge TV to give their fans new products. I fail to see why WWE marks are so butthurt over this, you are still the be all and end all thanks to a great marketing brand in the states.

    • Mysterion

      RAW airs live in the UK at 2am on a Monday. You get time differences right? It also airs about 4 times during the week.

  • Alexander

    I am highly doubtful of this being true. In the UK WWE is still watched on Thursday at 5pm which is when many of the children watch it, sure the live show might not get huge numbers, but Raw is seen by plenty, week in, week out. Of all my friends who are fellow wrestling fans, less than 1 in 10 watch TNA, most laugh it off.